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  1. You are right on this. Its not only easy, its minddumbingly easy
  2. Well, I would say that there a s plenty of such veterans looking for a challenge. Majority of the people I know and knew in WoW are IT guys, programmers, managers, people with good education... so I do not really agree with the statement that half of the population is just "dumb"... There are many kids, thats for sure, but even those kids cannot be named "dumb"... a lack of experience in real life as well as a lack of education because of low age do not make someone dumb... childish behavior is simply a part of being a child... but well, this a topic for a long discussion
  3. Well yes, it sounds like /attack I admit. But that's just the fear speaking out of me... because many good MMORPG which had huge potential, simply got broken, fell apart... and each time I was really disappointed and basically pushed back to WOW - as it was the only one where my money wouldn't be completely wasted (Age of Conan, Warhammer online, ESO, SW Knights of... and so on...). But now even this is gone... seeing the way WoW goes, I am really looking for something fresh.. some healthy salad after those candy bars...
  4. Well I myself am a long term WoW player. During those 10 years there were always times when I tried something different.. other MMRPGs... all of them somehow tried to beat and copy WoW... and they failed badly. What I see in Crowfall is the potential to really bring innovation and re-play ability to the MMORPG genre. And I am sure I am not alone from the huge WOW player base who is fed up with constant "more of the same" content making there. WoW has a large PVP community and its not only PVE oriented... but the constant development errors made PVP so much unplayable and undesirable, that the majority of players just focues on PVE... and even that is now lacking content. I am not saying that Crowfall should be a WOW killer, I am not saying it should be released unfinished or rushed... There is just a finite number of MMORPG players in this world... there of 10 millions are WOW subscribers... and the chance for other MMRPG to become large/huge is depending on the number of WOW players leaving the game because of a search for something new... If they find what is promised by the Crowfall devs here, in this game... I am sure, many will stay... or even pay monthly sub fees as they are used to, I would do that as well if it would ensure that the game will get regular content updates and the concept will be developed even further - because it is good, the idea is good and its a needed change for many of us.
  5. Hello, from what I've seen and heard about Crowfall, this looks like a game which could have the potential to take over thousands of players from WoW... I myself play WoW for 10 years and have to admit the the current expansion is the worst one ever, players suffering from chores and absence of actual playable content... players cancelling accounts, leaving and searching for something new - me included. THIS is the best time for you to strike and deliver whats promised. Do not wait, do it, run it, launch it and advertise this concept as good as you can, I am really looking forward to see Crowfall as the concept and the graphics are just perfect. Fingers crossed. Robert
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