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  1. If classes are race (and gender, for the beast races) locked, then I definitely want more customization options, especially face, hairstyle and makeup/features/warpaint/beards. I really hate finding someone else looking exactly like me in an MMO. If my character can feel unique skillwise, why not visually too?
  2. I'm fine with NC PVP, so long I'm not insta killed while loading. If there's some sort of invulnerability while you load or you load in a "safe zone" then ok. What tends to happen with NC PVP is that it often stops prevents people from getting together and playing, just like DayZ/Rust, where anyone you come across, no matter what they or you have, WILL KoS you. Pretty much what Tyroki said. This will be a fun game for both dedicated pvp'rs and those in-between.
  3. I agree. It's what makes many MMOs fail is that they think that to be successful they need to be as big as WoW and have 11 mil subs. No, what they need is to do what they do right and keep their vision true. There are enough players in the world to enjoy your game and keep you profitable.
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