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  1. I think changing the weather in some way is an amazing idea. Sure the impact on food etc would be great but setting thunderstorm to clear a battlefield of easily spooked animals, or forcing one side to fight in mud and cold would be cool. Not to mention the social aspect on EKs, everybody wants a druid to come to the party! Raining? Not on my watch! POW! Sunny beach day!
  2. I like this. I think the simplest way would be to implement the sort of 'smell vision' that they had in one of the old wolverine games. You've activate the vision and see a wavey air trail leading off to the target.
  3. See now, I sort of like that idea. Guy has to stick to the outskirts to be hidden but then can't go back to society for fear of being hunted. No access to medicine, food, clean water, can't buy and sell weapons and items and armour, can't repair. Forced to stay away from the 'honeypot'
  4. Absolutely this. Financials especially, Auctionhouse access at your fingertips would be great for everyone!
  5. Moot point. Both stretch goals will be met. We have 26 days left.
  6. I've always liked the idea of a tracking system that pointed to npc's and players that had recently had the target in view. you go to one, the tracker locks to the next most recent person to see the target and so on until the last witness points you directly at the target.
  7. It's cool, man. I got you. Here's a totally rockin' Sig.
  8. Well that's ok, you can't please everyone.
  9. I thoroughly want to kill people with <love> Or duel wield <hugs> and <kisses>
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