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  1. You what's the MMORPG problem? The people. The community. YOU There is a custard enormous quantity of mmorpg players, yet, we think we are all the same. This is like if you were trying to make a pie. And, because you have a little bit of experience, and, lets say, cranberries pies are your favorites, you decide to do sell them for the people. And then people start approaching and tasting " mmyeah, not bad" , " tastes like cranberries, I like cranberries I like this ", " I like pie, I like this " And then, there's the custard kid who goes with " I don't like cranberries " On which the normal response would be: then don't eat it, you piece of s.. But, what happens? You try to please every one, so you decide that, to please the little kid that doesn't likes cranberries, you will make strawberries pies. Then, of course, pie lovers are still around, those who like strawberries are pleased, and those who prefered cranberries are let down, but they are still hungry and there isn't much more on the table so they eat it. What happens? than there is another kid that say " I don't like strawberries. I want chocolate " But, man you know there are a lot of red fruits and berries lovers. You want to sell, so you do a strawberries-chocolate pie. But then you see a group of banana lovers. Strawberry banana chocolate pie! What? there are people who are saying the flavour starts to feel cloying. Lets add kiwi for some refreshing acidity! strawberry-banana-chocolate-kiwi pie! And after months of wimps, you get the same as when you blended all the colours to make an awesome new color when you were little: excrement brown And in the same way, we have had gw2, with a pve system totally free of pvp to please the gonzos, a world vs world to please the hardcore pvpers, and arena to please competition. Or archeage, with safe zones for gonzos, pvp zone hardcore players ( but you can play the game without stepping on them ), and labor point system to limit the time you can spend on the time to please those who have a life. But then those who don't, want lp potions, and to please them they put p2w potions, and etc Or tera, with an amazing combat system to please everyone... and nothing else. And you can blame the producers all you want. How many gonzos/hardcore players have we seen in this forum? Why don't we finally got some balls to say, we are not the same, we don't like the same things, we are not the same kind of gamers And, most important: WE DON'T NEED EACH OTHER Really, i'm tired of seeing a game, that seems, lets say, hardcore, and hear people braging it's too hardcore* THEN WHY DO YOU COME HERE Or people in this forum, forum of a game that is suposed to be diferent, yet make suggestions to have the same thing other games have. THEN WHY DO YOU COME HERE * The same applies to pve games like gw2 who are almost only pve, and yet we hear problems with not enough pvp. THEN WHY DO YOU COME HERE Or people who like progresion going to an arcade, or people who doesn't like progression, yet enters a game and blames it is too hard to level up. Or those who comes to a pvp game, and say they want to farm without being ganked.... Really, stop it. We people are destroying the mmorpg industry only by fear. Fear of failing, fear of diversity, fear of changes.... The best game that existed until now ( eve, lineage2, wow, uo, more i don't know/remember ) where games that weren't created following the community opinions. They were created by a group of friends, who wanted to share something. The genuinity of their creation is based on their talents AND their taste and criteria. If you follow the taste and criteria of the average, you will have an average game. You will have a mediocre game. And btw, if you really think mmorpg are failing, you are clearly blind. They make a lot of money. And they are making a lot of money from us.
  2. breasts or gtfo now seriously, breasts or gtfo PS: I allways wanted to be the leader of a clan who only accepted members who could win in a duel at least 3 of the actual members. Not at the same time obviously. That would be top notch
  3. Again? I sincerely don't care anymore. I just fear having infinite will lead to the same playstyle than Wow or wildstar, instead of having something diferent.
  4. Well, they could have put " fantasy" eve instead of referencing the comercial series made from the books
  5. @Oridi well, I don't know much about music rights. But if the composer sold it for Arcraft to use, and they disposed it publicly for, I guess, personal enjoyement, I see no diference between listening to it or reading it. We ain't gona sell it to nobody. Plus, if people will transcribe it, it will be the same. Ofc, if the composer didn't right anything on paper, I ain't gona ask him to do it. But, offering "for free" a song by auditive media, and then selling it on paper... It doesn't sounds like a prolific moove.
  6. Yeah, that's why I added questions about the program he used, and etc. It's more simple to use fl studio than hire the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra I guess :B But, thank you for the info ^^ PS: thank you to those who will transcribe it
  7. That is like saying you have heard a nice poetry, but if you want it written to read it, you have to rewrite it yourself.
  8. I agree. But there's more progress to do. We shouldn't be satisfied with the progress already made and stop there. It maybe hasn't to be all at once. Maybe little by little. But there's still a long road ahead of us.
  9. english is not my first language. Is there a word for that kind of people who doesn't like to pay attention to thing that aren't within its interests, and adjudges any of that kind of ideas, situated outside his range of understandement, to an act of superiority show ? Yes, those people who, when faced the incomprehension of the minor details, takes out its stubbornness to avoid and resist any kind of new point of view that another person could bring. Those who are afraid of change, and bet on the comodity of the already existing, since they doesn't feel able to improve themselves or anything, and projects its incompetence to the others? And of course, use clever and originals puns that we haven't see before like citing a diccionary?
  10. Nobody's talking about sexism, or acusing anybody of nothing. At least from my part, i'm just trying to bring another point of view, where what we find "normal" is ussually imbued by a condensending sense of disinterest to different points of views, and, more specifically, the minority's point of view. Whether your opinion sucks or is brilliant, we all have the right to express it.
  11. I'll bump this, I'm interested too And add: Can we have more information on composer, program used, inspirations, and future objectives in music?
  12. Television can be considered art too. (edit: and, a definition of art who doesn't take music and sounds in consideration? )
  13. Well, in his defence, this conversation comes from far already. And there have been more than 1 trolI. And finite is better
  14. Well, that's the exact solution I gave 2 times already :B but It seemed like some people got out the " I'm tired of this" when an user with a female avatar appeared :/ seemed odd to me
  15. It maybe a purist class. but: See the sword?
  16. I'm not sure you understand what I am talking about. Well, not only me, but more people. Or maybe yes and you don't care. Or no but you still don't care... Well, anyways, I have pics for this, since I made a work about this, so there it goes simplified, and with images. --- Television says victoria's secret girls ( from now on VSG ) are perfect. They live from their body, everybody says they are wonderfull, and that men are atracted to them. So, VSG are what you must be if you want to please men. And what if you say the contrary? Look up the post to my statement when I talk about the idea of not liking boobs. So, we establish VSG as a beauty canon, and we point out those who think diferently. Yet, how many of you have a VSG girlfriend? So there are other posibilities than VSG, aren't there? And we men like lot more kinds of girls. Some like them chubby. Some tall, other petite. Big bottom with little boobs. Blondes, short hair... so many posibilities. Yet, when we turn on the tv, or open a magazine, we only see this kind of girls: Have you seen the guy in the middle? That's a motorcycle pilot. Have you seen his face and body?? This dude only races, and got that kind of girls as a prize. A guy with that face can be a winner. So we publicly proved that, to be with a winner, you can look how you want. To be a girl that is with winners, you must be a VSG This kind of images, while normal in our society, can be tremendously impacting to the youngers. If you had a son, watching this kind of shows with you, what would he like to become? That dude. If you had a girl, watching this kind of shows with you, what would she like to become? As an adult ( or I least I think so >:/ ) an male, I can be unnafected, and unconcerned about this kind of images. but what about your daughter? what about your little sister, your little niece?... Or as a normal grown woman who isn't a VSG? Of course, we must not forget that we are talking about real life, not a game. Yet, as someone who, from one side, unconcernedly enjoy a little bit of nudity, but from another side, knows that VSG hasn't to be the rule,and is tired of people saying it is, I like when there is the posibility of, the same way a big fat dwarf can be a hero, a big fat dwar... a big fat lady dwarf being a heroine too. I don't want VSG to be the only options. But in tera, for example, it is the rule. So, for us men, this isn't very interesting. But for women who are metrayed everyday with those kinds of images, I think it can get annoying. So, when a new game like crowfall starts, I think it is nice to have the posibility to be like the cute knight: If you pleases too, instead of having only the option of being a sIut (not loose, sIut..) And I'll defend, very strongly, the right for a human being to defend the visual content they receive form a game, even if it's interesting for the others, or not. Am i getting deep now?
  17. We walked for hours in lineage to do the class change quests. Nobody complained.
  18. Well, if I don't know about the princess obsesion with body image, it will be dificult for me to find anything ironic about it. But since I plegde in favor to take in care the consideration of those who doesn't like some sexualization tendence, I think it isn't ironical, but perfectly placed. The problem is not having or no boob plates. The problem is seeing them as a must, like in tera. With no other options. And, I don't find that an ill, but yes a problem. And having known people with eating disorders, why not, adding the diana case, I think when people argue against this discusion because it is " saving the whales", well, it's then when I get ill. It's so simple has giving more options, and not tending to "boobs because it atires men." Just to not influence the youngers. PLUS, as a man, I am utterly outraged to be treated as some sort of pervert that only likes girls with boobs.
  19. Yes, that's what i was thinking too. Apart personal and really meaningfull discusion with anonym people over a forum, the main question of the thread can be easily resolved, without politic or, explanation of people's opinions. PS: I was thinking, -what about females elkens? I want a lady deer. And then i chosed my avatar >.< ...
  20. No, please, explain me, even if it is not funny any more. I might have lost some kind of imformation, or my inteligence isn't enough, less in this hours of the night. so, please, tell that paradox
  21. It is not about saving whales. It is about a game that hasn't some sort of sexual tendence as a rule. This would like a thread stating " the heroes are ussually white, what about black heroes?" And people would fight for white/black, while the solution is both And If you were conscious of all the "normal" thing in our lives that have transformed us, not only women, but men too, you wouldn't take this thread so lightly as " saving whales" But yes, you can live without caring. And it's a very respectable ( and even recomended) stance. But, then, let the ones who care discus about it. I want sincerely to believe there is a high quantity of trolIs in here, to justify the quantity of unheaded arguments I see. What does my avatar has to do with anything?
  22. My motivation from the first post I made on this thread was, as almost everybody here excepting some trolIs, to try to make a better crowfall. ( in the sense that, maybe curing fleas from the society in this game could be benefical. Everybody does what he can to improve this game ) Meh, it's pretty curious how you act like a " I have had enough" when you actually posted before her. It would be fun how you people would act if this was a " can centaurs be afro-americans?" thread. edit: STOP POSTING SO FAST!! and since this is moving so fast, could we moove it to off topic before it is closed?
  23. In fact I think we were about to end in agreement. Lets us not forget that this game, as many other products, are the reflection of our society. Talking about it - calmly, and with respect- can only be good for us as a comunity. It is hard to see how some things can afect others. But, with an open mind, respect, and looking at the problem with diferent points of view, there are always solution. I believe the main problem is not the content ( slutty or not slutty ), but the tendence to some of the content ( In tera, you could only be slutty ). Imho, I think a solution would be, as I said before, allowing every kind of armor, without tending to a concret type.
  24. Ok, argue with me, and let's try to make things clear. For sake of the topic, I am going to restate my position and explain why I hold it, using examples of other games that have have succeeded or failed using a finite or infinite system, and will be focusing exclusively on RPGs. The use of finite or infinite ammo needs to fit the system. It needs to be fun, meaningful, and have purpose. What will allow it to match these three criteria depends on the average amount of combat expected, how quickly engagements play out, until here all right. how many bow abilities a bow build is expected to use in a typical engagement, bows abilities? who talked about bows abilities? Did I miss somethign the devs said? and how finite ammo could potentially impact inventory/encumbrance in the final product. hum, one of the point of a finite system is to not be able to take 9k of arrows with you ( or at least in your pockets ) since that would be the same as infinite arrows Crafting is also important, but the finite vs infinite choice needs to be made first before the crafting impact of ammo vs no ammo can be appropriately addressed.( I personally think you are exagerating the crafting impact of arrows. every market is based on supply and demand. But that's an opinion of an opninion.. let's moove on ) Based on my experience in other MMORPGs and based on the apparent goal ACE has given the revealed class make up and the game's core gameplay, it seems safe to assume that: we will have numerous and consistent combat engagements agree we'll use many abilities and use them often again, is the combat system already settled? what if we don't use abilities like in chivalry? there will be enough build freedom to build a bow "purist" build (no melee abilities except for utility and CC, none for damage purposes) do i have to quote this again?: and the link in case you forgot to read it again, for the 4º time -> link in all likelihood some form of encumbrance, limited inventory, or both for character carrying capacity. mmmyes, but I will say again, the limit shouldn't be a numerical limitation of arrows per player. It's not a "only 10k arrows per people please" we pledge, but a " damn, I can't get more than 20 arrows because I'm poor for only trying to do pvp " kind of things. I remember this game is suposed to be a campaign based game. Not a big pvp arena. I would anticipate that Crowfall will work best with an infinite system as we thus far have no indication of other classes requiring a secondary resource to function in combat. Everyone will suffer from degrading gear.We are not saying bow user should have degradable bows AND limited amo. We say, INSTEAD of a degrading bow, there should be limited arrows. I prefer crafting tons of arrows, than tons of bows. It's also safe to say everyone will have a resource pool like mana that abilities expend. Hum, safe? where do you get that from ? Ammunition would then become a secondary resource that would mean a bow user loses his function as ranged physical DPS without ammo regardless of mana pool. Until we know better, we need to use what we know, and we know what the standard MMO tropes are. You are basing this afirmation on the belief that there is gona be a skill system for bows. Maybe it is only a pointer, like in tera where you need no mana for basic atacks. An example of a poor finite system would be World of Warcraft. World of warcraft is a poor example for pvp in general. Are there sieges where you can destroy the enmy's castle in wow? WoW had the Hunter class that was a physical ranged DPS with some as needed melee skills. Your combat primarily revolved around shooting things with your bow or gun but you needed ammo which took up your inventory. For a minimal fee, you bought stacks of ammo. It wasn't all that hard to burn through over one thousand units of ammo over the course of an hour of gameplay. By requiring ammo essentially to even function, the hunter suffered from a secondary resource no other class had to deal with to function in combat (Warlocks may be an exception, I never played one though, so for sake of argument only hunters needed ammo). Poor hunters, they were so underpowered by this It wasn't fun because it required inventory space that was very limited, especially during the early game. It also had no meaning or purpose, essentially a pointless feature, one that became a burden to players. To my knowledge, they eventually changed it to an infinite system, the funner and more meaningful option in the context of WoW's combat and core systems. An example of a successful finite system would be Dungeons of Dredmoor. This is a rogue-like with tile based and turn based gameplay. You could equip any item but you'd focus on gear that benefited your build, be it hybrid or purist. It was quite possible to build a character that only ever fought with a crossbow (or only ever threw weapons) because the crossbow skill line included passives for ammo recovery, ammunition was rather plentiful, plenty of shops sold ammunition, crafting basic ammo required no crafting skill, and there were a TON of different ammo types. There was real strategy involved with using the right kind of ammo at the right moments for maximum effect and even basic ammo was useful the whole game. These varied ammo types also had value to non-crossbow builds (throwing, too) because of their effects and because it could be safe to weaken stronger monsters before moving in with melee. As well, inventory was easily managed, as you had an on-command "bank" room you could enter to deposit excess loot or pick up something specific you had dropped. Ammo recovery? Seller selling infinite amounts of arrows? and in a game that wasn't even multiplayer? Let me doubt about the finity of arrows of that game, and the quality of the example itself. This is again based on a system with skills that look like magic spells but with arrows. It is again, inside the box. We have already seen that. In the WoW example, we saw finite become a detrimental feature to gameplay that was neither fun nor engaging for the player. In Dungeons of Dredmoor, it's an incredibly varied, fun, and important system. In WoW, finite didn't fit well with the core gameplay. It did, since it wasn't finite. You could take thousands of arrows. In Dungeons of Dredmoor, it fit in like a cracker at a saltine factory. Crowfall may yet prove to make finite ammo valuable, fun, meaningful, and have purpose, but everything we've thus far had revealed, juxtaposed against previous MMOs and other RPGs that wrestled with this same question, suggests that infinite will be the best fit. Yeah well they haven't released so much this far. And there are thing that are gona change, so I wouldn't bet anything for a system that we don't know yet. And, the main problem I see is that you pledge for finite, in the same short range skill based game play of forever. If you have a system like wow, yes you need infinite arrows. And, vice cersa, if you have infinite arrows, you need a system like wow's: -the range of the archer has to be equal to the gap closer of the melees. -the damage of the arrows has to be equal to the melee's damage. -the existance of skill is encouraged, since, being at range, the archer will have advantage. But in close combat, he will need some escape system. -the only diference between archer and mage will be aesthetic -bow attacks will be like a spell: they will have to follow the enemy ( or telegraph ) in order to be efective and most important: - dodging an arrow will be meaningless If you have a finite system, it opens lot of posibilities: - the range of attack can be realistically long. This implies, for example, attacking a castle with arrows. ( hence resource control ) - the way of attacking will have to be with aiming (hence more player' own skill dependant ) - the damage of an arrow in the knee can be high why? - because, with fisical arrows, you can dodge, block them with a shield, a skill, or with an armor. And it will be meaningful -Since the use of bow is complementary, it will give path to diferent combos of combat styles, and not only "ranged, melee, caster, over time caster " - The diference between an archer explorer, and a mage will be HUGE, and not only aesthetics - bows attack will be like bows attacks: from far, and if you aim like a drunk sloth, then you will never hit your target. Besides, i laugh a lot when I hear things like Because arrows are free? One of the purpose of making arrows finite is that, if in a campaing, no crafter makes some arrows, nobody will use a bow. Shocking? Well, what if I tell you: if in a campaign, no crafter makes a sword, nobody will use a sword. Besides, if one of the factions creates arrows and not the other, they will have advantage. So, everybody will have to craft arrows. Without finite ammo, the campaigns would be like a big LoL game. The pvp would be like Wow' pvp. And comerce would be like Starcaft comerce: inexistent. What's your opinion? (apart from the fact that writing in bold and italic at the same time is awesome and tiring at the same time)
  25. Wow, you broke my world. Then the option is to allow slutty boys, slutty girls, serious boys and serious girls. Isn't it? So it doesn't comes to limiting the posibilities, but to enlarge those we have without guiding or tend to one. This way, if you want to wear a burka, or if you are a nudist, you can play this game without any privation!
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