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alice in wonderland

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    I love anime, cosplay, games and music!
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  1. I think you should write the dev team an email, not sure if they'll reply to that here.
  2. I've never watched Death Note, for some reason I don't think it'll suit me o,o
  3. I don't think it's activated on this forum, nor I know if it'll be activated sooner or later.
  4. Heavy response, literally, every game should do that.
  5. None of your listed mounts, but there still should be some. Just not your listed stuff.
  6. I'm thinking about reading Black Butler, is it worth the money?
  7. I want to start watching Log Horizin too, SAO was okay, but not great. Log Horizon should be better, I guess and hope.
  8. Ye, pretty sad that No Game No Life had such an open ending.
  9. That's cool, even though I don't like Tokyo Ghoul.
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