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  1. New Star Wars Teaser!

    I can't wait for this to be released. This teaser has Star Wars written all over it, it's gonna be so good!
  2. Backers Email.

    Just got mine about 20 minutes ago. Submitted the code successfully!
  3. Swgemu

    I tried emu, i played it for about 2 hours and haven't picked it up since. It was fun for a little bit but 99.9% of that was because of nostalgia from the old days. I couldn't tell you how many hours I spent playing it. SWG was the last game that I remember getting excited about, just like I am with this game so that gives me a lot of hope that I'll be in for the same excitement I had with SWG. Realistically, Ill probably give the emu another go before this comes out but again, itll just be for the nostalgia and i can just run around in my ribbed jacked and CDEF pistol listening to the random zips and beeps of droids in the big (but very empty) cities.
  4. I'm not completely against telegraphs, I think they hold some value and if displayed in a way that isn't totally offensive and in your face, I think they could be ok. But then I think about about games like Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy and those games were largely all about saber combat (sans the force lightning spam, or force choke drops over chasms). These games didn't have telegraphs and it was about just knowing how to counter or waiting to attack. If there was a telegraph for every saber swing and everyone in those tiny servers were in the same room, I'd have had a seizure. I get that crowfall will be a different game, and probably wont be as fast paced as the games I mentioned which would make the use of telegraphs alright. But i just can't imagine running toward a huge battle to just see lots of people battling it out atop a sea of blue triangles. Truthfully, I don't know how to find the middle ground so I don't envy the devs having to make decisions like this. I trust them to do what's best the devs we trust!
  5. Single Use Epic Power

    Maybe you could do it like once per lifetime, per account? That way rerolling characters wouldn't work at that point. You'd have to purchase a new game and create a new account in order to do it again. I'm sure some people would do that but very very few considering most people wouldn't want to play full price for the game again just to do this one attack. Just playing devils advocate!
  6. ^This sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I think if you're going to do some kind of permadeath ruleset, this is probably the best way to do it because you're encouraged to throw yourself into the thick of it and you wouldn't be rewarded for just playing it safe.
  7. I would really love to see a ruleset like this, I think it'd be a lot of fun. The only thing I didn't understand was the solution for players logging in then out to wait it out. For example, a person logs in then runs into the center of the map and logs out there then waits about a month before logging back in. By the time they log back in, most of the pop will be killed off giving them a huge advantage. It's no fun for the player because they won't be able to play for that whole month but you have to imagine someone out there would do this, right?
  8. Ama On Reddit?

    Awesome idea, and surprised it actually hasn't been done yet for this game. It would be a good way to hit those last minute goals and get a lot of new people involved with it!
  9. Fast Travel: Reframing The Discussion

    Nakawe, You should give the thread a read. Between Joziah and KJDavid, they both have good arguments for and against the topic. I went into this thread feeling 100% no fast travel but there's some good ideas here. It could lead to some interesting battles and logistics, but then you may end up with just portal battles. I can't wait to see what the dev's eventually decide to do but this'll be a big thing.