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  1. I agree with the original poster that this could be somewhat of a deterrent to players used to an XP/leveling/gearing type system. No matter how true or not, just sounds like you'll never catch up. That will turn off some people. I'm curious, though, how this type of progression system will affect what people do with their play time. You will no longer need to grind mobs for XP. You no longer need to be involved in constant PvP battles to progress. Thinking about how I've played previous games, I've always felt like I'm wasting time if I'm not doing the thing that will get me the most progression per hour. Activities like defending a fortress, or scouting enemy positions usually aren't "worth it" in terms of rewards per hour. So running around in giant globs of players mindlessly mashing into your enemies over and over again becomes the activity that everyone is engaged in. I'm looking forward to seeing how people play when they aren't thinking about making it to the next level all the time.
  2. Having 3 factions in a game has long been used to create a dynamic balance in large scale PvP games. DAoC, Planetside, GW2, and ESO are all examples. The idea is that if one faction starts to become dominant they are likely to be attacked by both of the other factions at the same time. A faction that controls a large area is spread thin and they have more locations vulnerable to attack. Each faction is constantly weighing it's options and is trying to determine the best places to defend and attack. That is not the system proposed by Crowfall so far. According to what I have read there will be two factions that are directly opposed to each other (Order and Chaos) and the third faction (Balance) that is not concerned with achieving a victory condition for themselves. Instead Balance wins if neither Order or Chaos achieve dominance. This is a fundamentally different system because Order and Chaos no longer have the choice of which side they are attacking. They will always be opposed to each other. Balance is a unique faction because they alone have the responsibility of leveling the playing field. If I am a member of Order and I see that we are roughly even with Chaos what can I do to make sure that Balance doesn't win? I can only try harder to get points for my team or try to sabotage my faction and let Chaos win. I think this system will be less balanced because as long as Order and Chaos are roughly equal in strength Balance should always win. I also think it will be less fun because only one faction gets to determine which side they are going to undermine. Do you guys think the ideas proposed for God's Reach make sense?
  3. As Bahamut mentioned win conditions against the Hunger isn't part of the lore. It isn't part of the lore because the central mechanic of the game is that campaigns (worlds) will be coming to an end. If you could win against the Hunger that would defeat the point. However, it was mentioned in one of the videos that the followers of Order tend to believe in fighting back against the Hunger. The forces of Chaos believe that the Hunger should be appeased. So it may be that Order wants to delay the end of worlds and Chaos may fight to bring about their demise faster.
  4. I thought it was a special move that the Knight was doing. Perhaps an ability or skill on a cool down that allowed him to do that. No matter what though, we know for absolute certain that nothing in the game is fixed right now. That especially concerns things as easy to change and jumping height. I've been through the hype of many MMO launches and I can tell you that need calm down and worry about these kinds of details at this point in the development.
  5. I could not disagree with this more. There are other building games out there and games focused on building in MMOs. I don't see room for Crowfall to enter this market as well. I hope they focus on creating a fun and enjoyable destruction, but leave the building to be fairly generic.
  6. I don't know what class I'm going to play yet, but this class reminds me of an old Battle Beast action figure.
  7. There seem to be several stealthy/sneaky classes including Guineceans, Stalkers, and Rangers.
  8. I generally have a better time playing rogue class characters in single player games rather than MMOs, but these guys are intriguing to me. I will probably play this race, Ranger, or Stalker.
  9. toltman

    Was It Gaea?

    This is exactly what I thought as well.
  10. With so many players interested in the Dregs, and of course the Dregs being the highest risk, highest challenge, highest reward areas in the game I wonder what will happen to the population of the Shadow (GvG combat) or the Infested campaigns? Of course this doesn't matter so much because if the number of players interested in a specific tier or campaign ruleset isn't high they can launch fewer campaigns there. But it is still interesting to think about how the player population will might be spread out over the campaign tiers.
  11. You know...there are other games called Minecraft and EQ Landmark that allow you to build to your heart's content. This game is going to have limited resources and a finite amount of features will get implemented. I sincerely hope they don't sink a lot of time and money into making this a building game. Let's hope they make fortifications functional and that's it.
  12. Nice post. I'm really excited about a food/starvation mechanic in the game. In particular I like the idea of a campaign beginning when food is plentiful and it slowly becomes harder and harder to find. I can imagine that killing a bear in spring will produce meat that can be cooked, but killing a bear in winter when it is affected by the Hunger will have a much smaller chance of producing meat. Plants might be easy to find in spring, but very difficult in fall and winter. This means that players may have to store/craft food in the early part of a campaign in order to "survive" the later stages of the campaign. I definitely think that starvation should make your character less effective. It opens up a lot of possibilities for strategies and makes the trade economy within a campaign more interesting. That said, determining the exact penalties would require a lot of play testing. Another great thing about the design of this game is that the penalties can vary from campaign to campaign!
  13. sarin, I completely agree with you!
  14. Whoa there buddy. He was referencing TERA when it said there is a reticle for aiming. Has anybody here actually played TERA? Nothing like Darkfall. That should be pretty obvious from the video footage provided.
  15. Dude, go play H1Z1 or something. Why does an MMO have to have FPS aiming? This seriously doesn't sound like the game for you. They have referenced TERA combat as well which I think it very solid and fun. I generally agree that the video footage released so far is not exactly inspiring, but again it is pre-alpha. All the grand ideas in the world will not matter if the game is not fun to move around in and play.
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