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  1. Great point, and all the new players that think the passive tree somehow held them back well I hope you join a huge guild because if you think for one second the big guilds won't camp every spawn they can so they can corner the market on Vessels, Disciplines and whatever else they want, you are very wrong. The big guilds will achieve power first with upgraded vessels, disciplines, weapons, and resources to keep replacing them. Then punish anyone else trying to get theirs so they have to buy from the big guilds vendors. You think this is what you want and I suppose that is based on lack of
  2. Nerf is the wrong request. Are you going to ask for the uniform Disc to be nerfed next? Sparring? Weapon finesse? they all do similar things but you aren't calling for those to be nerfed...yet. This is the first flag people want to run up the pole: this is too strong, nerf it! First, it isn't too strong, it works fine, IMO, however, as @Staff said, stop asking for nerfs, ask for a solution that does not require making something less powerful, ask for a buff somewhere else that would counter that. Maybe Melee get an extra dodge built into their classes so they can stick to ranged better? m
  3. You won't be stopping me, evidenced by your desire to continue to defend points that aren't even worth considering, being honest. I am not a crafter, I am a gatherer as I stated previously. I do however, have other accounts that are crafters which are not that much of a boon to my guild when it comes to fights. They are support toons, a position that is critical, but not in combat. You see having a sub guild of crafters as something less than the main guild, it's not less, it's different with different objectives. Pretty simple point to comprehend yet you seem to be bent of putting words
  4. I am not a huge fan of either of those ideas. The idea behind an alliance and a sub-guild (my personal preference) is that it is mutually beneficial. I don't know you so I won't assume your experience. My point is I am not trying to be arrogant or condescending with these explanations. There are people that enjoy this game for the crafting only, there are also people (me among them) that enjoy the gathering aspect of the game. As a matter of fact, I thoroughly enjoy the idea that I can be out doing what I enjoy and my secondary reason for playing this game can occur and that is PvP.
  5. Sub guilds and alliances should be a part of Crowfall. Being able to band together, or take full advantage of systems in place should not only be available it should be encouraged. Big guilds, mega-guilds are always going to be there. As long as people tie their egos to the false sense of accomplishment that games provide there will be a place for them to gather and be around like minded people. Same thing for casuals and all in between. This doesn't mean that more casual and plain fun seekers don't enjoy competition, far from it. But when you know for a fact when you take the field you a
  6. As to the affects, that is a great idea. Why drop though? I do not see the benefit to that at all. Imparting too much physics will turn this into a hunt simulator and not a fast paced pvp game. Adding wind calls, drop, leads, shooting up hill, shooting down hill, etc. will just make ranged classes not fun to play. What is really needed, imo, at this point is a way for melee to reliably close distance and lock down a ranged player.
  7. I noticed last night while playing my assassin, that 2 out of 3 times, I would try to attack from stealth, my bar would be stuck on the stealth tray, prohibiting me from using any attacks from my melee tray. A person I was grouped with was having the same issue. This was in infected.
  8. Actually as things stand now, Winter Blades and the other larger guilds that have the idea that: we don't care if we kill the game as long as we win and we have fun, is what is most in danger of killing this game. However, there is nothing that can be done to force people to play on an even playing field that will work within the confines of what we now have. I would suggest a couple things. 1. Recapture - give the guild that recently lost a fort/keep a bonus in the amount of time it takes them to recapture. using arbitrary numbers, say it takes Guild X that is attacking 2 minutes to
  9. Being able to destroy (in this case a sentinel) outside siege times seems like not working as intended.
  10. Potential exploit/Something not working as intended. It is possible to stack bank boxes you can get from the buff in a keep/fort in order to jump over a fort or keeps walls and commence killing guards and destroying object inside. Seem like this is probably something that should get put on the blotter to get fixed.
  11. But really Twitch is not. as to the rest of your trolling, off topic post. No, I am not, but I am sure you will get the opportunity to speak with them soon.
  12. Twitch is no measure of player base. So, again, nice try on that straw man. Anyway, this conversation has gone on long enough in this thread, start a new one, or PM me.
  13. Fair enough, then maybe don't comment? I mean knowing what you are talking about is a good foundation for a discussion. Just saying. At any rate, PM me if you really feel the need to discuss this further, I won't be discussing this topic in this thread any more.
  14. You said there was no competition, the people that play eve had no where else to go, and while these games may not compete with Eve, they are certainly viable options. Star Citizen (https://www.businessinsider.com/star-citizen-has-raised-over-250-million-squadron-42-set-for-2020-2018-12) for an "unheard of game it had 2.2 million backers in 2018, that numbers has increased) If you have not heard of this game then you are really out of touch. No Mans Sky is very famous for it's recovery among other things. Everspace, while less popular than those three, still had a peak of 679 players i
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