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  1. That was immature and even though you have obviously read it, I do apologize.
  2. omg...do your own research, the topic was PvP games, you figure it out.
  3. You said PvP games, you failed to specify, at any rate PS 2 went many years with no missions or story lines at all. So bad example for your point, great example for mine, once you let PvE in, it keeps on coming.
  4. Umm so, ok. Planetside 2, no PvE, Pick a lobby shooter, no PvE (required for PvP) Pick any Battle royal, a helathy share of MOBAs, No PvE required...do I need to go on? I have a rotation of games I play, so that question is moot as well. PS 2 recently added alliance Wars which is a GvG system that is outside the normal game play and therefore not required to participate in to enjoy the game for what it is. The point is, there are many many PvP games out there that have nothing to do with guild vs guild, PvE or any of that stuff. They are PvP games for the sake of PvP end of story. Again, need I continue? I mean, so many obvious answers out there. Hungerdome is not what this game was supposed to be but if I were a betting man, this is what we will end up with. Not that I hope for that, I sincerely do not, what I wanted was GvG or FvF large siege fights with a side order of tactical small team actions. Not zero import campaigns so I can just re-grind the kit I had over and over. Then maaaaayyyybe twice a week participate in a siege that will be over in...like 15 minutes? if it even happens at all because there may be no opposition. Standing at a wall watching an open field is not exciting. But that is CF as it stands. At the end of the day I won't say I think you are entirely wrong, but once the PvE door is opened just a bit, it stands a great chance of being flung wide open (ahem new world anyone) and then there we are down another rabbit hole that no one that has been supporting this game really wants.
  5. Umm that isn't why PvE was added in but ok, the "leveling" which is a joke after it's been completed once is there to introduce players to the game/their character. That makes sense. I could argue against myself here and repeat (as has been done ad nauseum) that this game was originally supposed to be no levels no grind and I would much prefer that as the crucible of PvP is not going to be lessen no matter how good you are at PvE. However, I will take a correction here and even though I find your logic flawed, I will say "ok let's continue PvE creep". Which is exactly what you propose. As far as PvE enhancing PvP...really? do you think? Because generally people that enjoy PvE do not enjoy PvP, I obviously do not speak for the entire gaming community on this topic however since I play a fair share of PvP centric games (read: all the games I play are PvP) I can safely say based on my experience this is true. In conclusion, what I see happening based on posts like this is another PvE game, (make guards harder, lets do more quests, lets do daily quests) with a BR game attached. Enjoy.
  6. So...start the PvE game creep...great idea.
  7. You like to assume a lot and I am going to go ahead and let you know, don't put word in my mouth. I know you love to doom and gloom and proselytize people into your way of thinking. I do not entirely disagree with you, I just have the ability to be objective. No where did I say I believe their opinions are any different, I just don't speak for other people and only repeat exactly what they say to me and that has been, for along time now: Yeah I got into BETA I just do not have any desire to test/put up with wipes/deal with down times etc. That is all I am saying. As to your second point, I never said that either, again I made one point and one point only the rest is you just trying to speak for others and convince everyone to be as mad about Crowfall as you seem to be. Take a chill pill dude, no one is white knighting the game as it stands right now, I am simply providing another fact pertaining to why so many invites were sent out and so few play. Is this the only reason? Pfft no, not by a long shot but it is however, a reason.
  8. I won't say "everyone I know" but I will say a lot of people I have spoken with that have been invited simply don't want to test and are waiting for live. I am not saying all of you are wrong or even off base however, I am saying there is a significant number of people (based on my unofficial, inaccurate) survey just waiting for "live". Now, what happens 20 minutes after launch is unknown, but right now some people just do not like the test environment.
  9. Oh...more grind...weird. Exactly what this game needs is more grind. This is as awesome as zero import campaigns because grinding for all the gear you just ground out in the last campaign is awesome too. Keep that grind coming, I feel greatness in the air! /s
  10. Very much agree, for a BR game they should just offer a free to play version with a cosmetics shop. I mean because the MMO side will certainly be dead, might as well try to cash in on that BR. Of course seasons, and other microtransactions to keep the money coming in.
  11. This game was started as "no grind" and yet here we are having to grind...so there is a downside. They just need to grind for 1 or 2 days? lol ok, so how do they get gear? Improve gear? It's all grinding mats, very little grinding levels, I grant that, but grinding better crafting equipment and gathering equipment (belts/Discs) so you can grind better mats to make better equipment etc. I mean the examples are pretty obvious. As I said previously, the passive system needed a serious revamp however, one really good example is the system eve uses where you can boost passive progression by playing the game. That would eliminate players feeling...inadequate or unable to contribute. A hybrid system. For the record, I am semi-retired I could dedicate 40 hours/week to this game if I wanted to (when I don't have a class in session as I do right now) but why would I? The game has gotten progressively more and more boring, pointless, and unappealing with every update for the last 6 months. imo. So, again, why would I? And now we have all the people that were advocates of taking away the passive system falling on their swords saying no, grinding is awesome! its the best. lol ok.
  12. I was sad to see the passive system go as well. I argued against it and was told it was the utopia that was needed to "fix" the game, or at least one of the major hurdles. But here we are, wish granted and seeing many of the downsides to losing that system. It was not the best iteration of a passive system in existence, it needed work, for certain but it was (imo) better than what we have now, another grind built into a non-grind game.
  13. WoW...I am surprised I need to explain this, I mean its been brought up time and again, but then again it's you, and you just wan to argue for the sake of arguing. It shouldn't surprise me any more. So, I said balanced towards that end, I never said that is all the game should be. I have mentioned it in other posts, there needs to be a lot of changes and balancing around solo play is not one of them. If you want to actually discuss and be taken seriously, read the entire thread before you start quoting single posts that only support your (faulty) narrative. Thanks.
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