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  1. My suggestion has nothing to do with feedback. If they (the casuals) are not leaving feedback now, causing them to log in more often just to keep their training going is not likely to change that. I was unaware, and evidently so was the OP, that there is a skill ceiling unless one logs in periodically.
  2. The best way to bring in new players is to finish the game. Judging from what I have read on various game forums, a lot of people are not huge fans of paying to test a game. I am not sure why it is important at this stage to make an attempt at bringing more people to the game. One of the most common complaints I see is burn out. "We have been testing for years we need a break" "We don't need to start a campaign immediately after one finishes, we need a break". So beyond your desire to participate in massive scale pvp, which I agree with, why is it critical to get more people in the game at this stage? This is in a very early test stage, no where near release and I would say there are plenty of testers. In your disclaimer you suggest you should be rewarded...for paying to test a game in it's early stages. You don't see an issue there? You bought into a game still being developed, with no promises of anything except you could play and test the game as it bumps along the road, and you feel you should be rewarded for your "work"? If you had bought the complete game at release I would not be replaying to this at all, but at this point, it makes no sense to me. One thing you touched upon that I know a solution too. Planetside 2 does this and I think it is awesome. If you are a subscriber you get passive certification gain. Which is similar to passive training here however, you can only get so much in a 24 hour period (45 certs) unless you log in. So if you log in every day, you get maximum off line certs, if not it caps at 45. It would be very easy to implement a system like that for this game.
  3. In the long run, none of this is going to matter because for live, we are all starting at zero. The only advantage anyone playing now will have, is knowledge and established help. That's it. All of your arguments are really just farts on the wind.
  4. I go to them quite a bit. I main assassin so I am largely useless. Its also hard to give a poorly made socks about sieges when you know in the end, one faction will win.
  5. LOL, yes, lets break this down. It's my 2nd day in the game, white vessel (at the time I did not even know you could upgrade vessels) starter daggers and the 1st tier armor. I had figured out I could make my own armor so I was making progress. So, someone says something just absolutely stupid in chat, and I correct them on it, thinking I was helping someone newer than myself understand the game better. I get told to STFU. And then after a few minutes of watching chat I realize this is not a new player I was talking too, just an arrogant, self absorbed, ass. So, whatever, they are a dime a dozen. By now, his entire guild is in on it, and I am just straight talking poorly made socks at this point. So someone asks me what faction I am. I say balance, but I may switch to another so I can farm Ble. After I say this, of course his guild of tuff guys all threaten me with KoS and I better stay Balance or else they will hunt me at every opportunity, completely triggered. Very amusing, then his arrogance himself points out we can go to his EK and fight, no need to wait. So I say yes, KNOWING I am going to get crushed. Oh at this point I had not even discovered the spirit bank. I go to his EK and I stealth because of course its not just him there, but two others as well, because you know, you need extra help when you are in all blues and epics to take a day 2 player. Anyway, I jump on him out of stealth and what we all know was going to happen did happen, I died, in nine seconds. No surprise there. The point being, I never have been nor am I now, salty about losing a fight I knew i was going to lose, to someone with months (at least) more experience, insanely better gear, and help. Being honest I have no idea if the other two were going to jump in, but it would not have mattered. You are an ass, you are an arrogant braggart, a whiner and very entitled. The only silver lining to all this is all people like you get their due at some point. As far as being "salty" is concerned, no I am not. This is just my opinion of you, and I don't have a whole lot of emotion tied to it.
  6. This thread has some crazy stuff in it. Your assessment is correct. Ble is arrogant, and enjoys being a bully therefore can't handle it when put in his place or proven wrong. I used to poke at him thinking it was in good fun but I have found out people in this game are extremely sensitive and for a PvP crowd get their feelings hurt way to easily. It's a shame really. Someone made a post on MMORPG.com about this community. It is sadly true. As to the original topic, glad I missed that is all I can say.
  7. Netheri...Nefari...flaming finger humans, bring nothing to the game that humans can't fill. I like FAE and you are right, the two pure elf races can cover elf well enough. I should say also, this is just based on pure cosmetics, I am in no way bringing racials or stats in to this discussion. I think Centaur, Minotaur and Elken are awesome! FAE is cool, I would like to see a Wee race, halfling, kinder, hobbit, w/e just for more eye candy, any of the werebear/wolf/fox/rabbit races sound cool, I dunno, I just think it is an awesome start with what they have now, I would really like to see other races introduced and developed over what is essentially clone races. Knowing we are in a very early test phase I would not ask for production to stop in order to facilitate these races, but it would be cool if they could come along later.
  8. Well...I didn't really expect anyone to reply to it, so I wasn't very concerned about the phrasing. But, you got me I guess, grats? I am just going to carry on with my life now.
  9. I never said anywhere it would help anything. I mean, we can deduce through logical thought that it will help me enjoy the game more because I won't have to see something I don't like however, in the grand scheme of things my likes/dislikes are pretty irrelevant and should only matter to me. Furthermore, it's not really that big of a deal. As I said, it's just my opinion no where did I, nor would I suggest they make the game the way I think it should be made, nor do I think anyone seriously (except you for some really weird reason) considers my opinions. Well I take them seriously, but that's just me. TLDR: I don't like Elves. Less is better, in my opinion. I do not think the fire finger human race brings anything to the game. Again, in my opinion. I would like to see more mystical creatures in the game as playable races because in my opinion, they are cool. Can we be done now?
  10. Obviously because I find them redundant and I don't like them. It's my opinion and I am sure yours is different I am equally sure it won't matter to me, so we can skip it this time.
  11. I like this idea. Doing away with the extra human race and one of the Elf races to bring in literally any of the races OP suggests would be really cool.
  12. No, if it mattered moving the "goal posts" would be a big deal, as it stands it just looks like another reason to kick off another round of complaining. As I said, moot point. I understand you need to have the last word you need to feel smart whatever it is, I don't get it, but I understand it is how you are. The point being, it took nothing from you (your faction), there was never danger of it taking the win away. The only real thing you have said thus far is: Because Balance had secured Victory. Even if the campaign was extended a month balance still would have taken it. You are complaining, just for the sake of complaining.
  13. It's asinine considering no one but Balance is going to win. If the scores were tight and things were coming down to the wire, sure, hell yes that would be a real bad move, but being honest, Balance was going to win regardless of what the other two factions did. In a few hours balance took a 2Mil+ point lead from chaos, caught up and took that to a 2Mil+ point lead. Easily. For clarification, I am absolutely not complaining about the loss, I accepted it the moment I chose to move to chaos, its a simple fact Balance was going to win. My only point is: "Moving the goal posts" is ridiculous. That and I feel like this community is so eclectic in its wants, it's breath taking at times.
  14. LOL, we don't want a wipe, we want out progression, we don't want extended campaigns, we need a break. Please. Most of Balance took a long break and only came back for winter. Laughable really. At this point, I am not sure the community even knows what it wants. Matter of fact, I am convinced they don't have a clue. Anyway, no one is playing the extension it seems, so its a bit of a moot point.
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