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  1. Took a long break aswell, quit because there wasnt much to confirm back in teh day for a EU team, but since there is now, i will re apply! =D
  2. Guild criteria: Region: EU Atmosphere: Crying of laughter while still owning the best, without putting ourselves out there =o Casual/Hardcore?: A thin line between that Size: Small enough to make a big impact on the bigger guys Play-Style: DPS mostly, i always have a backup tank ready. Crafting will be something i have to get used to =D, bring on da PVP Commitment: Loyal to default. If the guild is good, and there is structure im happy. Miscellaneous: Married, and about to have a kid. So time for hardcore gaming is off the table. I used to be a hardcore gamer and its time to let the hardcore players do their thing, while we old schoolers teach them how to do it right! =D. Im looking for a small solid guild, mixed with elitists that dont care about what the bigger guilds do, not to do what the bigger guilds do because the path we walk is better. A guild that gets serious when it needs to and pisses their pants of laughter otherwise. This is what i created out of my guilds in games and is what i am looking for again however this time, i will not lead but i will follow =D Experience: A big list of MMO's, quite a few years ago with MMO's caus i was tired of the standard things. Got a kickstarter for Crowfall, and that will be when i start with MMO's again =D Guildleading, raidleading a successfull guild. Led raids in WoW for 3/4 years. SW:TOR raids for a year, Ragnarok Online castle raids for 3 years, etc. etc. Voice-Chat services: Which ever is needed
  3. Idd, gaan kijken waar het op uit komt. Is kijke wat mogelijk is voor beta's
  4. First of all, its been a while since i posted, or read anything on the forums, appologies for that So due to that im not sure if this has been suggested before. I was watching the Crowfall – Combat Strike Team, Milestone 1 video and its good to see this progression and how its done (thumbs up) but as i was watching, and as i kept hearing about physics i couldn't but help noticing something. If you use a ranged skill and it hits something, the skill actually hits. Then i saw the team vs team bit at 21 minutes into the video and i saw folks ravaging eachother and i thought, you folks doing so much work on getting the physics right, which is awsome! But there should be a bit of reality in there aswell. If i swing my sword at my enemy, and my partner in crime is in front of me, technicly, i should hit him, and not my enemy. Aka friendly fire. Is it perhaps an idea, to implement this, because you all doing a great job on the physics, a bit of logics and reallity should be in place aswell, not sure if its hard to implemend or anything. I think it would make the game more interesting, and it would make people be more aware of what they would, or would not do. It i think would prevent things like zergs becaus they would simply kill eachother. (Ofcourse you will get team killers aswell) but hopefully over time that will pass, or a jail system perhaps (archeage). But anyway you folks got any thought about friendly fire?
  5. Racist? Really? in 2015 thats all folks can come up with... Fine, im racist aswell then, pleased to meet you Cannibal Boy. See you in a few years ingame Now... wheres that cake i posted a while back
  6. /facepalm, not sure wich would create more tears, this or turn based combat. Its better to go with Karnos,
  7. To all the new folks that joined, welcome =D
  8. Joined The Lantern Watch Thnx for havin me =D
  9. Howdy all, I was told to say hi here or to buy everybody cake, i choose the first sorry Supposedly im a new member, im almost but not yet 34 and living in the Netherlands. My role in the game will be PvP not yet sure wich archetype, im always melee, but i always regret not taking the OP ranger types. But will see! I got acces to Beta 1
  10. Yea sure im up for that, perhaps can pm me some details and ill pop in sometime this weekend, tonight i wont make it but the rest of the weekend wouldnt be a problem
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