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  1. I just want to be able to use a controller for all of this action crap.
  2. Yes, EKs need base level critters for their skins.
  3. So currently we have 3 levels of storage or at least to my knowledge. Shared Account Wide - Spirit Bank (SB) Shared Within a Server to All - Storage Items (chests, ect...) Character Inventory - Just on 1 Character (Lootable when killed, with restrictions) (CI) The new type I am suggesting would be Account EK Bank, this would be specifically for EK items (Land, Buildings). This would be for your personal EK or use in an Public EK and is tied to your account and is specifically for building/managing a Kingdom, eventually maybe even a Guild EK Bank. This space should be much larger than SB or Inventory since buildings take up way too much space in a bank. I can see limiting them when they are placed in bags and realize that scaling differently based upon storage would become a real pain. So at least 30% larger than current SB. The more I think about it a form of this for Guilds is really going to be needed.
  4. Since I am currently the Division Caption for Crowfall in The Older Gamers <TOG>, whether I want to or enjoy leading a City/Kingdom in an MMO I will have to at some level. It is one of the reasons that I am always siding on the requests that make information easier to access and manage. The vast majority of those that want to make everything hard or hidden just show us the players that are either not in charge of actually organizing a group of gamers or want to be the Bad Apples that we don't want in our in game organizations to begin with.
  5. Setting up Gates/Teleportation Nodes is a good idea, it can also have strategic implications which is also good. It says nothing about making them free to build so if you are willing to invest the resources it should be possible.
  6. How do you learn of other people socially? If you run into someone in the normal servers they are red to you and most likely you of they will start to fight and try to kill and take the resources of the other. The only place where social interactions will occur with people not already your ally will be in the Eternal Kingdoms. Since we can rename our vassals every-time they kill themselves I don't see how we can keep track of anyone without the game systems telling us who is who. I see what you are saying but unless it is in a game like that is in SAO or Log Horizon the subtle details you are looking for are not technically feasible with reasonable resources.
  7. Please do not do implement any of these suggestions. If every player had an infinitely power video card and 10ms latency and the servers could handle 100s of players in 1 small area such that the 2^n graph information update processing was doable without time-dilation mechanics that EVE implements some of these may be possible. No matter how immersive any developer makes a game, it is still a game and an abstraction of reality. If you want to make it hard fine, if you want to make it low information fine. Just do not make if harder or with less information than what is needed to be even remotely reasonable. The other option is to get rid of HP all together and just make hit sensitivity on different targets. Pull off a head shot, instant death. A sword, axe, fireball to the head would kill the target. I want to see name tags, I want to see guilds, I want to see who is being an unpleasant person. I can then choose not to associate with that player, guild in the future. I want to see social repercussions to people being asshats to one another. I want to see the spy shunned, I actually want to see the player info not the character. So that there can actually be real social repercussion to being a untrustworthy snot.
  8. I liked how Archage did it with the cloaks and sails on boats.
  9. No it is not, I realize it is early in Alpha and you want to get everything else working before implementing the alternative control mechanism. I was not saying that it should be in the game now, I am saying that when it goes "live" that it should or better be. They were pointing out that 1 special controller does work by mimicking a keyboard because it is overly programmable.
  10. I have been away from this thread for a few months as we are still waiting to see what Guild systems/mechanics are actually initially implemented or at least more concrete information.
  11. It should not be an issue, there are free and or cheap control modules for Unity, hell my wife's research lab tinkered with some of the additional controller modules and they are in a Psycology lab. It should not be a stretch to allow regular controllers with USB to be used, Xbox1/PS4 controllers or a joystick if that's your thing.
  12. I just want to be able to remap all of my abilities and hopefully use a gamepad/controller. I hate Action FPS games using Key&Mouse anymore.
  13. Ok, everyone saying groups need more difficulties than the task of herding cats that is guild/alliance management are obviously not involved with running a guild or organization. This is a game. This is a hobby. To run a guild while always work does not need to be made harder, it should be made as painless as possible so that many guild and alliances will arise. This is not a paid job. The harder you make something the more likely you will get the super sized zerg guilds that you fear because the level of effort you are now requiring be done to maintain said guild will only be done by a few. It is like all of the DPS bitching and moaning about no Tanks/Healers are available to run content in other games. However that is because Tanking and Healing requires responsibility, and the rewards are usually not commiserate with running a random bunch or zerg DPS through content and always be blamed if anything goes wrong. Like said dps pulling everything in sight because they are in a hurry.
  14. I like the idea. However I would initially like the extra space be what ever is the easiest/fastest to implement and have customization come later. Also lava, clouds, space (stars), space (orbit as single star), ocean, a bubble that is under an ocean as the skybox.
  15. Here is a serious question for all of you that are advocating for all of these systems that will allow for large amounts of meta exploitation and espionage. Are you in the leadership of a current long time running guild with more than 20 members? If so how much time do you spend maintaining the guild normally? How much time do you want to devote and require be devoted to counter spies in Crowfall? Would you rather not just play the game in the worlds fighting and or crafting or do you want to do a bunch of paperwork and tracking of information and resources manually? As much of the system that can be reasonably automated with enough fiddle-y bits to be flexible is what I would want. I understand some of the flexibility may not be available at soft/hard launch. I also want players and guilds to be searchable. Guild membership should be tied to the player account not the character. Because of above, we should allow for a player to belong to multiple guilds. The EK system should allow the player to decide how much and of which land they want to contribute towards a shared EK for the Guild/Alliance.
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