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  1. Learn to read? I know how to read. I knew from the VERY START of the KS that it was just for the core rules set, which was just The Dregs. If you and "numerous posts" didn't get that, perhaps I'm not the one that needs to learn how to read.
  2. At least it isn't blatant like the Game of War commercials. If Todd and Gordon really told her what to wear, it would be more apropos to the Crowfall feel - some kind of sexy medieval armor.
  3. 1) The KS page CLEARLY states that the $800,000 was for The Dregs ruleset. No misinformation there. "Our goal for this Kickstarter is to fund the core module of Crowfall. " Under the Core Module section, it has this picture under the campaigns: 2) Since everyone keeps talking about Natalie, I had to figure out who the eff she was, and I was surprised that I watched these interviews before and was focused on THE GAME and not her boobs. Some of you really need to get out of your parents' basements every now and then. As for Natalie, seems she is a professional actress an
  4. MattVid - this information was addressed in one of the KS updates as well as in these forums from ACE. In order to set up the KS, they had to show the entire vision of the game, and specifically stated that the KS would fund the core rules campaign (The Dregs) with the other rulesets to be added later. Since the KS went so well, they were able to add them on as stretch goals, since there was funding there to hire additional people to work on these campaigns.
  5. You know who else says "do your own research"? Anti-vaxxers, lizard people believers, and climate change deniers.
  6. Lack of healing/rezzing and friendly fire will help limit zergs. The AoE spam will be cut way down.
  7. ...not to mention, the core game only has The Dregs ruleset at launch - unless we hit the next stretch goal - then God's Reach will be added.
  8. The buffs are small boosts - 1% accuracy, 5% wood cutting, etc. Nice rewards from the spoils of war, but certainly nothing balance shifting.
  9. That's what I mean - you choose prior to going into the campaign. That would add a level of planning and preparation before starting up the campaign, especially if those buffs were all you had until the next time you go back to your EK. Or, they could make the whole Gods piece more of a game mechanic and you can pray from within the campaign to swap out a blessing. Lots of possiblities.
  10. It says you can pick and choose, but isn't clear whether that is in campaign or EK.
  11. From the sounds of it - with requiring it being displayed in specific buildings (ie shrines, catherdrals, etc) you probably select your buffs in your EK prior to entering a campaign - by praying to your God or whatever. I wonder if you'd be able to swap them out while in a campaign?
  12. $15 a month is really about perceived value. Some games require you pay a monthly fee to even play it (WoW). This subscription cost helps keep the game running long after launch. While it would be nice to see 10 million people playing Crowfall, I don't think it will have the same lasting appeal to that many people like with WoW. This is a niche game for gamers by gamers. I think if people can afford the $15 for behind-the-scenes access (I'm guessing this means playtest upcoming patches and releases) and priority server access, that's a fair deal. To others, they might not care about these thin
  13. we'll see. Some wars are won with a sword, some are won with a pen. The politics and intrigue have a special place in this game.
  14. As a former PvE player on other MMOs, I fully expect having my butt handed to me over and over again until I get good. "Get good or get got."
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