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  1. It wasn't that I was planning on rage quitting. I just want to be here incognito, and not out in the open. I feel like any of my posts I make here are responded to with a quick swift kick in the groin, and I just prefer not to be kicked so many times. I have to admit, some of you are real comedians. Since I can't remove the account, I just will not post. - Guess it's that simple.
  2. Hi Guys, I am trying to delete my forum account, and head on out of here - can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks,
  3. They need to become a profitable business after the product is released, the major assumed revenue streams would be retail sales (online or in store), in game transactions (not game altering objects of fashion), and Expansions (additional campaigns, races and features). They are not looking for a monthly cost associated to playing the game, so they are taking on upkeep costs of servers, and ever evolving game coding, art, and animating, etc. I'm not sure it would be a smart move for them to give out multiple copies of the title.
  4. That's fantastic, so what is the third stretch goal after 1.3M?
  5. lol, you guys are funny. I'm a professional developer - of course I have a PC. With that said, I used to play MMO's, last one was Star Wars The Old Republic, a few months in beta, and after release and then I never went back to PC gaming. I have a PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U - those are the systems I use mostly - big fan of the Zelda series, and I loved Last of Us, and I really dig adventure games, story is important to me. But I come from a background of MMO game development (Todd Davies worked on our game - Star Wars music dev), and I really like the innovation being put forth here so I decided to support it even though I may never play it. I'm watching it closely. I may support it more.
  6. Oh, I was just saying i'm not a PC gamer, but I still funded the project because you gotta back innovation!
  7. You are now an official backer of Crowfall - Throne War PC MMO. If this project is successfully funded, the creator will send you a survey to collect information needed to deliver your reward.
  8. It would have been nice to have seen eye sights on the PS4. I would have invested on the Kick Starter - I'm hoping one the stretch goals is going to be next generation console development. After Star Wars The Old Republic, MMO's became too repetitive and stale for me so I moved on from PC gaming to console gaming, however this has caught my attention because I like nothing more than seeing a developer willing to take a chance to change the playing field. Anyone else console gamers? or am I a loner here? hehe
  9. Great name for a community, it's like an infusion of Shadowbane and CrowFall. I really have turned my back on MMO's in the last decade. I tried Star Wars The Old Republic but it felt dead, and tired to me. I haven't really turned back to genre since, and prior to that I played many, including Asheron's Call, Asheron's Call II, Dark Ages of Camelot, Shadowbane (beta), World of Warcraft, etc. etc. The industry seems drained. This however caught my attention, but I don't game on PC's much anymore. But I might make an exception for this. The only thing that stopped me from investing in the Kickstarter is I've become more of a console gamer and PS4 is my favorite, but he Xbox One and the Wii U are present in my house. Anyhow cool website name, and well met -JJ
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