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  1. I joined a guild who had been going for months. They were not 2 week old players.
  2. I played ArcheAge a while back. Even though I quit 2 weeks after beginning (grindiest game ever), I got to experience some of the naval combat. And it was a hell of a lot of fun. I remember raiding trade ships with my then-guild. I also remember protecting trade ships on our Black Pearl, dominating any pirates who attempted to raid the trade ship we had been hired to guard. This was emergent gameplay that I LOVED. I really hope ACE eventually does something similar, even if this something comes two years after the game is out.
  3. The problem with that is the fact that some guy comes up to PK you with his/her toggle on? You then have to navigate to options and turn yours on, which by then you're likely dead. Also, because Crowfall is supposed to be heavily political, as betrayal cannot happen without friendly fire, FF is needed. Hell, look at the front page of the website:
  4. I think friendly fire should be turned on in all rulesets, honestly. One of the political elements that exists in the real world that I think could be amazing to be seen in CF is that people can betray you and you can punish them for it in one way or another. You shouldn't not be able to kill that spy who is following your group yelling out information to another nearby enemy squad. TL;DR: Read the first line. Also, you're lazy.
  5. It's necessary to have the locked-down Archetypes. ACE has stated multiple times that they are saving a lot of money to make the game by doing this; allows them to focus more resources into combat (which I'm a fan of!). Also, to clarify something, as far as I know the Archetypes are not faction locked; I keep seeing people mentioning this. You can still play your trusty Druid on every faction.
  6. I believe that's how it works, yes.
  7. I hope crafters get to customize the look of the blades they make; no guys running around with the same sword from 2 different crafters, please!
  8. I don't care if they build it, oh no. I care if they build them all over the place to the point where it makes it hard to move.
  9. Building a wall of them on a fortress would qualify as "griefing".
  10. I don't mean PvP griefing, I mean people building voxel penises everywhere.
  11. I think it might be cool if ACE were to assign player moderators that can "push" griefers' names forward to GMs upon seeing that a player is a griefer. Afterwards, a GM can just watch the player for a couple minutes and see if they do it again, then (if they do) they can take action. This thread is pretty derailed by now.
  12. Ah.. I haven't looked through the mountain of text that is this thread (at least, I haven't gone 13-20) and didn't know what you were talking about.
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