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  1. Looking forward to getting back into some testing! Lifes been crazy atm
  2. I like the idea of guard spawners, Makes building and expanding out of your keep worth it to keep key resources.
  3. Gonna have a good sized group for testing this friday! Hope to see some familiar faces on the battle field!
  4. Interesting system, will be fun as a side game definitely to play with when i don't have a lot of time in game.
  5. Got the next test on Wednesday at 4 pm! Hopefully I can get off work in time!
  6. "Allastair! Play like a b****! Just run and heal!"
  7. Me and Allastair even won a game the other day! No one died on the team and it was a pretty damn good fight in the middle.
  8. This is great!! I love the idea of needing Arrows! I am sorry.... but to the complainers who are saying "I don't want to be forced into a certain play style because I ran out of Arrows" DON"T PLAY A RANGER! They already stated that each archetype is going to feel different, and if I am playing an archer with cool mechanics I damn well want to feel like an Archer, and that means I don't have a magical butt hole I pull Arrows out of that never runs out! If you wan't to play a ranged class that doesn't run out of projectiles they already have that ! It's called a mage, and they probably don't have as cool of tricks as the Ranger who comes prepared. The only concern I do have for the ammo is the idea with the decaying world. Will it still be easy to make arrows come winter time when resources are close to depleted? If its not "easy" to get more arrows come time when resources are starting to become limited, then there would be a problem as too why play an archetype that you can't play to its fullest ability come later down the road (goes with traps too). I love the mechanic but a ton of thought needs to go into the crafting system and the resources of the world for these things.
  9. Alright I will say what we are all thinking...... those..... are some Tig old Bitties.....
  10. The one thing about this that concerns me a little is simply how they treat vessels being "stronger" than others.... They imply that you can find a "general" in the tombs of the campaign worlds which could indicate a perk or better stats. Maybe it could have a special passive dedicated to that vessel even. But I am interested in how that will play a part in your stat comparison.... like will people who come in with the strongest vessel they can find what type of difference does that make on top of the gear they have.
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