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  1. Looking forward to getting back into some testing! Lifes been crazy atm
  2. Gonna have a good sized group for testing this friday! Hope to see some familiar faces on the battle field!
  3. Got the next test on Wednesday at 4 pm! Hopefully I can get off work in time!
  4. Me and Allastair even won a game the other day! No one died on the team and it was a pretty damn good fight in the middle.
  5. They are going to see probably alot more fixes needed as far as lag goes come 2.0. Like you said 14 is decent but still very gltichy, maybe the client system has something to do with that?
  6. Sadly i wasn't around for Fridays testing. But I had a ton of fun this week testing and playing with Diz and others.
  7. Guild meeting tonight ! And then afterwards some testing I think is in order
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