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  1. Rusery

    Weapon Size

    Im guessing in the very LEAST the weapons will scale in size as they do for most games with differently sized models. The issue here is that Centaurs and Champions are going to be MUCH larger and this is probably unavoidable for the dev team. Now, will Centaurs and Champions (whatever they are) have special larger weapons made specifically for them? Im sure as hell hope so because it is part of the intimidation aspect of the class and is what is going to make or break its usability imo. You are either going to be unafraid of the dps, or you are going to have to think twice about your win condition against us. The former being something i dont want.
  2. Rusery

    Confessor Model

    Do i want the ability to cast spells AND wield a two-handed sword? YES. Will i be able to do it in this game with this class? PROBABLY NOT. Though one can always dream.
  3. Im guessing their respective emblems will give the most insight to what they are focused with. VS While the emblems of Assassin vs Ranger (and others) is the same, we could arguably say they could be changed in the future to reflect their different roles as "specialists". In regards to the tanks, it seems to me one will be focused around mobility, and the other will be focused around being rooted and unmovable. Whos going to be the better tank? - probably your typical Knight.
  4. I have not backed because i want to see more about character creation, depth of customization and specs, as well as how they are going to be handling itemization. If i am to play a game where its all about the way i kill things, i want to make sure i kill things the way i want to. I also want gear to take a back seat and be more of a specialization not a stat booster.
  5. In D2 you could eventually dual two handers but that was because it was only accessible by a class that was 7 feet tall minimum and beefy. I wouldn't mind this but its got to only be accessible to a pure DPS pathed Champion. I am also thinking you'll be able to do w/e you want in the other ways, regarding dual weilding, but i think you'll be governed by the perks and abilities given to your classes/subclasses. Youd think dual weildings or other "reckless" combat styles belong to other classes and the knight is one of more formal--focused training.
  6. Since this is a Voxel world i want to see druids have the most terrain destroying/creating ability. Creating (temp) walls, making huge ditches, toppling trees etc. I get that druid is one with the wild, but it really needs to "shift" away from conventions like turning into animals. It is a long shot in itself anyhow with all the new animations that would be involved in making various animal forms.
  7. The premise is simple and it is being done this way because there is no other way to do it. If these worlds didn't die you'd have 1 faction at the top forever. Main reason for EKs: "Big Apple" mentality = More buildings, more people, more opportunity, attract more people to join in later campaigns Big kingdom = don't have to leave to trade resources Small kingdom = you need to travel People are getting caught up in why this and why that, carebear this and EK's that, but its about going in and killing people for fun, the real reason we are here. EKs could easily be dropped but they also want to give you some feel of permanence and the ability to socialize, instead of suspending you in a lobby like Diablo 2. All in all you may adopt the thinking that you do not exist outside of the dying worlds if that helps you move forward with the thinking about EKs imo. Personally i don't like them but i see their overall purpose as a social tool for successful campaigning. - I am more the small group-loner who enjoys going out and being a brigand on a road somewhere. >:3
  8. This a high fantasy game and healing shouldn't be restricted to the limitations of OUR perceived world. There has to be something that takes heat off main-tanks. If it isn't healing its going to be shielding or warding. Effectively this is the exact same thing and unavoidable as there is little else you can do in a support role other than buffs. I would love to see some terrain spells that help allies that way.
  9. And Dark Souls was heavily reliant on levels, but in the sense that the XP you earned could be spent wherever you wanted. The level system was there as an achievement and sort of in the background, and to sort you for proper online PVP. Though if you wanted to use a Claymore, you neded X STR and X DEX and you needed to get to the X effective level to be able to use it.
  10. You dont need to tell me how many AAA games run off levels. You also need to realize levels work, and this is why they find themselves in all of these AAA titles. I wouldnt call it trash either, especially with the following some level based MMOs have. Have you investigated the Korean game market, obviously not. I understand why people are sick of levels and want something different, but even the games that pose no levels are left by its players in the exact same way to which you are describing. Engagement does not rest on whether or not there is a leveling system and this makes your view of the "wow model" flawed. Like my post suggest, levels aren't a bad thing, but should be treated more like a milestone of accomplishment just like any other achievement.
  11. I don't understand the hate on levels personally. The more xp we gain in combat, questing or whatever should be given to us in its raw form to then spend on what WE want to spend it on. Astonia III did this so excellently that i cannot believe it was not echo'ed throughout the MMO genre for years to come. Below is one example and will continue below the image. On the top left you will see your "effective" level in regard to total amount of experience you have gained over your life time. This number really just shows how much overall experience you've gained and has no indication of what you've been doing with said experience. On the bottom left you will see a bunch of attributes with blue globes beside them to the left. You can level each of these attributes up as long as you have enough experience to increase them. Want to build an all crafter? Awesome, just plug away at the various attributes you want to spend XP on. Want to have a lot of STR and SPEED? fine, do it. This system enables classlessness, and no level grinding in its "traditional" sense. However, it also encourages you participate in whatever way that earns you experience to progress your character. There has to be SOME sense of self progression and milestone achievements to keep players coming back to find that completed. As much fun as the constant onslaught of PVP is going to be, people will be looking elsewhere to "grind" out to become better more well rounded characters in whatever they want to do.
  12. It has to be finite, if it isn't itll make no sense in a game where crafting is one of the major focuses. Every archer should be forced to learn fletching. All these comments on how it puts a "tax" or a "restriction" on a play-style and gives melee a distinct advantage indicate they don't understand what they are talking about. Being an archer gives you a distinct advantage over melee in the sense you can kite the enemy, strike first and maintain the ability to escape situations that melee would be extremely vulnerable to, especially in a Voxel world. All it is going to take is a knife and an axe, both of which you will likely begin with on your starting character to make your arrows and will cost you nothing to produce. Edit: and of course to make better arrows that deal additional damage on top of your bows initial damage is another feature archers have. these arrows should especially be limited to how well you craft or how much your trade.
  13. RMT and Botting wont be an issue if there is no large net gain for them. You are going to see all kinds of nasty in CF on launch in regards to player etiquette and ganking etc. This game will likely be an RMT's nightmare and with the added fact that it is a niche product with limited exposure or fanbase, it puts the bot issue to rest, at least until we see how the game plays out on launch.
  14. The moment they ad currency into the game in a traditional sense, itll start to devalue everything the game has to offer. Its pretty clear when you look at any other game on the market that uses an in-game currency. While the game is going to see its fair share of bots i think overall the PVP centered environment will make them extremely easy to spot and pick off. On top of this the game is going to be niche enough to discourage RMT, i like it. >:3
  15. For some of these classes it makes no sense that a duelist is going to be Hamster only. However, i can see each "race" getting a class based on their racial tendencies. If you look at Humans for example, it already looks like 5 classes - Confessor, Knight, Templar, Druid, Ranger. This makes sense because humans belong to a multitude of backgrounds, cultures and disciplines in OUR world at least. If you're looking at larger races, these will be limited to 1 or two specific classes because well, this makes the most sense. Their culture is likely very limited as you wouldn't expect them to mingle with normal folk enough to have multiple unrelated disciplines. You aren't going to find a Barbarian Frostweaver or Duelist. Is it possible this could happen realistically? Sure, but i think its either way too early for that or just out of the scope of what this game is trying to achieve. As for Centaur and their militaristic society/culture, it wouldn't make any sense that they were ALL warriors. I am more than sure there will be another option for them considering it makes sense most this way. -- I just don't know what its going to be. I personally like the approach they are making but i do hope that each race is treated in a way that gives them more flavour in terms of playability. Someone here mentioned that an all Dwarven guild would be cool, but if they were ALL Forgemasters it would be pretty bunk.
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