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  1. Like every ffa pvp mmo having "-fall" in its name it's vaporware. We payed to play forumfall
  2. I don't real get why the character count is capped at six. I mean I gues in usual mmos it is to limit the amount of data which needs to be saved. But if they get cash for every new character slot they sell this won't be a problem right? Also more characters won't give an advantage, in the end you still can't have passiv training on more than three characters.
  3. Well low pledge backers don't have them yet. And in my eyes one either doesn't care about naming stuff at all or one cares about it and naming two fallen heroes would be a nice thing. This kind of reward wouldn't hurt the game. But adding Thralls for money might be seen as the foreshadowing of more advantages for payment to come.
  4. More advantages for money. Would rather have seen a "Name a whatever" reward. Leaving a footprint in the game you founded...
  5. I thinks this goes in the direction it will be. Exspecially in guild versus guild campaings we need some kind of alliance system otherwise the weaker Guilds won't ever have a chance to win. But we cann't have allainces of infinit size. If we have the members of the campain might just declear world peace and win all together. Thats were kneeling becomes important. I'm pretty sure it will have a negativ effect on the side accepting the kneel. People who feel like they are winning might just refuse the kneel offered by the weaker party. I think the kneeling mechanic is a good way to keep campaings intresting, where otherwise an early emerging overlord would be overshadowing everyone else.
  6. Will there be an option to pass on the Physical Collectors Edition? In my opinion it is not worth the shipping cost.
  7. I agree, don't want to pay 25$ shipping cost for the Physical Collectors Edition...
  8. Ok I didn't take exploits into consideration. I guess you could have spells that alter controls in some random way, but I don't think I would like that.
  9. Yeah I also don't like hard CC like being rooted to the ground or turned into an animal and such. So I think this kind of stuff is a fun alternative. A little problem with control altering spells is their varying effectiveness. If you think of the movement reversing spell. The guy who logs into for the game the first time and gets effected by it might not get it is a debuff and will be left in confusion what the heck is goning on and end up dead, while a veteran will just run a half a second in the wrong direction. A spell I really would like to see is a debuff which reverses the X and Y axis on the mouse for a few seconds. Even if veterans learn to deal with it quit effectively I gues it will still make everyone aim worse.
  10. What do you guys think about debuffs altering ones vision or control. For example Darkfall has a spell which turns the screen of the player black for a few seconds. You are still able to perform all actions, but the risk of hurting your allies instead of your enemies becomes really high. An other example is a spell in Terra which reverses your movment keys. Go forwards becomes go backwards, go left becomes go right and so on. Would you like to see these types of spells in Crowfall?
  11. This stuff sounds great, but I think it's to hard to implement. It development time and benefit won't balance out. If it isn't done properly it would make gameplay even worse. I gues no one likes to play a game where one guy gets to aim all the spells and his 5 buddys just help channeling. Neither is it fun to get one hitted by meteors or frozen for minutes by super spells.
  12. Would love a guild war perma death ruleset. If the winning condition were conquered territory instead of just surviving people can't just turtle would have to acutally fight at some point.
  13. I am ok, with short cooldowns. I feel good energy based systems are very hard to implement. But I utterly hate global cooldowns. They do nothing but slow down the game in my opinion.
  14. 100% agreed. This seems like a relative easy way to add a lot of depth to the game. It also makes scouting spawn points of certian monster typs more important.
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