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  1. Am interested how your alliance is going to work as far as crafting I have a history and likely will be joining with Xeilias which I understand is planning to launch under your banner I had 16 accounts running in our last game so I could max every crafting profession in our previous MMO, and plan to be able to craft everything in Crowfall as well The game even did an article on me naming me as the "Merchant Prince" because I was quite possibly the richest person in game at one point, mostly through trade, commerce, and equipping the evil oriented Xeilians as we, (I did have a pvp character, and will for important CTA and gathering) rampaged through the game. I was also known for keeping my word, as is important for a merchant :0 I am curious if you will be running a communist approach or a free market approach economy, and what part I could play in either. ZomoZ/Stache/CromusX
  2. The animie is a hard sell
  3. ZomoZ

    Always Win

    Why would a hardcore guild not want you to do this. Play your faction until you have clearly loss then get a better chance at the next map by transfering resources to an alt that wins. I would be shocked if the top guilds dont do this en mass.
  4. ZomoZ

    Always Win

    There will be a way to make it happen one way or another, and as I stated I have 3 accounts. 1) Play your main until the match reaches a point where one faction will be the clear winner 2) In case of a match "too close" to know which side will win just stick on the main 3) At which point one faction is clearly going to win, hop on character at that faction and farm only on him 4) Transfer resources from main who has been playing the first phase of the campaign to alt, either by trade if allowed, or kill his corpse and loot his dead body, or whatever mechanic it takes but there will be a way 5) Take home a butload more resources than the competition by practically always winning 6) Craft the best gear possible or whatever they will allow as the cap to bring in to new campaigns 7) Win new campaigns with main faction 8) Laugh at all the roleplayers and other gamers complaining that you win because you never lose and always have resources from winning while you snicker that they are just mad because they did not think to do it to get an edge first
  5. ZomoZ

    Always Win

    Some people get kicks out of winning a campain, some people get kicks out of making their character the most optimized, some people get kicks out of just running around killing anyone they see, some people will virtually do nothing but sit in their EK and play god and make shinny things. Who are you to dictate that the game should only be played the way you want it to be?
  6. ZomoZ

    Always Win

    You get free 1 passive training character per account, so a 3 30 dollar accounts gives you the same passive training xp as 1 account with VIP... for life with no sub, and also 150% more character slots than even a 250$ account. Makes sense to me if you do not care about having most of the other goodies open for sale. I actually bought the 215$ pack myself and bought 2 extra copies for 30$ which i may gift to friends or keep and use if I want more characters with passive XP so I can play more classes. I know there will be some way to take advantage of playing both sides in wars and have no doubt that my extra characters will come in handy if I do end up keeping them. I was attempting to encourage some more sales so they can make us a better game but apparently some people like to only see the negative side of things. Carry on with your hating
  7. So lets say that i happen to know a guy who knows a guy who buys multiple accounts and then only plays the character thats on the winning faction for every game and then transfers resources to their main to be way ahead of even the winningest faction. Anyone else wishing they picked up some more 30 dollar accounts already? Is there any mechanic planned in game to prevent this?
  8. Going up as expected, i see 17 open 30 dollar accounts if you want to get an extra for a friend make another kickstarter account lol Thats at least 17 people who upgraded to higher packs, me included i went from 30 to 215
  9. Its gunna get me to drop another 180$ to upgrade, good idea for them to make some more cashola
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