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  1. How has everyone been? I haven't been on TS in a long time (and it'll be a bit longer before I start talking again), but I've been on the forums a bunch and even played the CF testing a little, but I've been really busy lately. Hopefully everyone else has been getting lots of testing time!
  2. I like all the current designs! Kinda hoping that the zip-up hoodies will get more variety soon! Keep up the designing, it's a very impressive line-up!
  3. Not so much a term for sticking to their first vessels, or "avatar" as they're called when they're equipped. I think the term I've seen for people who stick to one race or Archetype is "purist". So if you start off as a human and play only human archetypes, you're a human purist. If you start as a Knight and remain a Knight forever, you're a Knight purist. That type of thing. I haven't seen a term for people who try to keep one vessel permanently, and honestly I can't think of a good one. Considering the fact that they're looking into letting us hack up other vessels and use them to fix up vessels or make them generally better, I suppose it would be a term to describe someone so opposed to changing their character that they're willing to destroy other vessels, even ones better than their current one, to keep their original maintained.
  4. I have no idea about how they're doing any of this. Software technology is not my strong-suit. However, I imagine that there will be some touch-up on all campaigns before people are allowed in them. Procedurally generate the campaign. Look over map. Make some quick edits to make it seamless. Publish to public. That's just how I imagine it to work, I have no idea if that's how it'll go down. If they somehow get it utterly seamless without a quick look and subtle edits, I will be truly blown away.
  5. Lol I'm looking forward to that level of variety as well. I doubt it'll be available at launch, but I'm sure it'll get into the game eventually! That makes me all kinds of happy, especially when it comes to resources. Once more variety of parcels make it, will some have exclusive types of resources? Will some types of wood ONLY be found in jungles, savannas and so on? How exactly will the variety affect gameplay? Will God's Reach only have basic, mostly similar parcels, whereas the Dregs have a ridiculous amount of variety and, therefore, a variety of rare mats? Will a campaign be made of multiple types each, or will they be made up of specific ones, affecting how you play the game? They said the campaign worlds are as big as a typical MMO continent EACH, so I can't imagine them being constricted to only 2-3 various parcel types.
  6. I'll already be in a guild and I'll be mostly crafting for them. If they want to sell stuff to other guilds or what-not, I'd be happy to craft for that as well
  7. I actually really like this idea. Particularly, instead of heals healing him while going berserk, instead maybe have them slightly counter the crash. If he takes tons of damage, he needs tons of healing orbs to keep from keeling over. Too few orbs, he dies. Enough orbs and taking minimal damage, he hangs on by a thread. That would be interesting, and people would have fun finding the ideal balance. After all, if the Druid heals too much, they burst into flames unless they start nuking people.
  8. Hm, picture is still broken for me. Hope to see it working soon Anyways, Myrmidon sounds interesting, and this bit of information has basically answered a particular question: Is the Myrmidon a class I would play? Answer: probably not. I'm the person who would end up short on health, hitting the 'big red button', taking down everyone and then keeling over. Yea I took down a bunch of enemies, but I'd be wasting Myrmidon vessels left and right, so I'll leave this Archetype to more capable berserkers
  9. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the Mino is large and strong enough that the weapon he's wielding in 1 hand is actually a 2-handed weapon, lol. But considering how bulky the Champ is it's probably unlikely. Still though, it would be funny. "Why do you use both hands, human?" "Because this greatsword is too heavy for just one. Try it." Myrmidon take the greatsword and, with one arm behind his back, juggles it in the air for about a minute. "Feels fine to me." Human: O.O
  10. Those are the horses, but somewhere in a post or video there is concept art of each of those lovely beasties being overtaken by the hunger. Dang I wish I remembered where it is, it was posted SOOOOOO long ago! I don't even know where to begin looking. EDIT: SWEET MERCY I FOUND IT! 3:05 they show the Pack Pig transformation concept art. 6:10 is where they start showcasing the horses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DXtklIsY3E&feature=youtu.be
  11. Since they posted pictures somewhere (wish I could remember where) of concept art of Hunger-infested backer-exclusive mounts (Nightmares, Quarterhorses and whatever the third one is), I think that all creatures will be transformed by the hunger, including tamed ones. At the very least I HOPE they will!
  12. A little farm sits in the middle of seemingly nowhere. It sits under the flag of Malakai, but their nearest keep is a good few miles west after losing one closer to the location. Still, Daemon couldn't bring himself to leave it, since it's the first building he ever built and he didn't want to give it up so easily. So he communicates with the guild and uses the combined inventory of himself and his pack pig to take his supplies to a nearby mining POI his faction controls, adding it to the caravan and keeping a little stored away for himself. One day while working around the mini-farm he sees a scout running around. Someone running around as a Ranger, but they didn't hide in time, he had already seen them. Talking to his faction on a designated TeamSpeak server he asks if any stealth players are online, and there are two just wandering around the mine POI bored because no one's attacking, so both go to check it out. Right as they arrive they see the Ranger from before and a Knight taking Daemon on, so they sneak in behind the Ranger and do some quick and powerful damage, causing the Ranger to run off and abandon the Knight, who was killed pretty quickly. Yea, I like the idea of mini farms. Could lead to interesting stuff. Just saying
  13. You and I are going to have a lot of fun role-playing, I see this now. If they don't give us character sheets, we're gonna have to get creative.
  14. Yea, RPing in most MMOs is really difficult when your character can't be seen for all the dang armor. Now, something like SW:TOR has really easy RP, requiring very little effort on the part of the players because EVERYONE knows what you are, and if they team up with you they learn who you are during the conversations, depending on what choices you make. I have a Sith Warrior that started Dark Side, but in the pursuit of a Jedi Padawan that threatened his master's power base he meets a Light Side apparition of himself, causing his insecurities to surface, and after this meeting he accepts the light in himself, becoming grey because he never goes full Light Side but decides not to fully succumb to the Dark Side. There's no mistaking that in the game, and there are visual cues that allow others to see what kind of player you are if you use them. For example, Dark Side force users have the option to let their faces change, gradually changing from their preset appearance to having a dark, veiny facial appearance and glowing red eyes. In Crowfall, all RP is in your mind, and your current appearance has little-to-no meaning unless you choose for it to mean something, such as vessel exclusivity, gender exclusivity or other, more broad options. Some people don't want to put in that amount of effort. Some people do so anyways and have no problem doing it. I always RP to an extent (in my mind, anyways), be it about real life situations or just pure fantasizing, and that's just me daydreaming or carefully considering a dilemma. So for me, this kind of RP isn't a problem, in fact I think it's a great deal of fun because I LOVE putting effort into making characters, but to someone who is either very used to or simply prefers something more like SW:TOR, Crowfall looks downright ridiculous.
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