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    Game-hopping, Netflix, Art, Music, My puppy Umbra, Good food and drinks, Strawberry Margaritas, Fishing, Mismatched socks, Fanfiction (smut not required, but enjoyed) and Role-play.
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  1. I'll already be in a guild and I'll be mostly crafting for them. If they want to sell stuff to other guilds or what-not, I'd be happy to craft for that as well
  2. There will be certain vessel restrictions at the brothel, fear not XD I already thought about that. EDIT: Although there are people who are into that, so I might have a secondary building. I just won't be visiting it much... *shivers and inches away*
  3. Eh, my guild wants to have a brothel, which I intend to run, so I'll take 2 of everything. Actually I'll take an extra pair of furry handcuffs, preferably in black and white. Personal use
  4. Heh, I HOPE they're just around the corner, I'm anxious for more info! Maybe they'll drop a bit of knowledge on us when updating the EK stuff?
  5. I'm already part of a Guild, so I won't be part of a "Master Crafter Guild", but I plan on doing my crafting wherever I'm needed (namely in campaigns). If they want an economic empire in the EK, then I'll bounce back and forth to run things (it has already been discussed that people will be able to bounce back and forth between the campaign and EK, you just can't take anything with you either way). I'll be having thralls crafting things in the EK to sell to other people with stocked-up supplies while I actively craft weapons and such for my guild in the campaign where I get my supplies directl
  6. I'm excited for the intro of crafting into the testing Hopefully I'll have access to it when it comes in!
  7. TBW and KoS send their regards.
  8. This is why I feel bad for developers that work for corporations: The higher-ups. They are the ones running the company, and their sole focus is keeping that company going. They get excited over certain things not because it makes their products better but because it could increase their revenue. When someone tells them this is a mistake, they don't ask why they think that. Instead, they replace them with someone who will do what they want, no questions asked. It's a testament to you that you got fired for telling them "this is gonna backfire". It shows that you understand the product and what
  9. Nice to meet another Dragon Age: Origins fan *shakes hand*
  10. At this moment, 15,474 people have backed the kickstarter. There are 38 people on the crafter list. I think there's plenty of room to grow
  11. German-English Translation: I would also like to be there.
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