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  1. Been ready. It was definitely about time we publicly released a website.
  2. Dear fellow Crows, The Stormcrows are pleased to announce not only growth, but our official website: thestormcrows.squarespace.com. The website has introductory information regarding our guild, a way to contact us, and an announcement blog. Are you looking for a friendly, honorable guild with a tight-knit core? Welcome! Are you looking to make an ally? We are too! We are the Stormcrows, and we are ready for war.
  3. I'm #5894. That was a fun Kickstarter! Met some cool people (including a guy who's in my guild now). Good times. A toast to the good times yet to come!
  4. @Failureface: Thanks for getting in touch with us! I look forward to getting to know you more. Welcome! @General: Why thank you. I rather like the idea, too.
  5. Congratulations! When I checked your announcement and saw that you are delivering all the stretch goals – one as a thank you – I felt like I had backed real people who care about the game...and the players. May I say that you, devs,, have greatly impressed me? Your semi-casual, blunt-truth, and passionate attitude is a breath of fresh air. I am proud to have backed your project. Here's to a great future!
  6. Why thanks, Archie. I think so, too. Sellin: Welcome. Feel free to check out our guild (follow the link in my signature to a guild thread).
  7. Glad to see you all are turning out to be a solid group. You have impressed the Stormcrows. Let me know if there is anything the Stormcrows can do to help.
  8. The Stormcrows leadership team is pleased to announce that the guild is operational. I am the guild leader. Gideon is the VP. Kell, Fleur, Siedge, and Vandrius make up the rest of the leadership team. We're looking for solid, mature players who want to have fun selling swords. Our vision is to create a player-run mercenary system and to provide effective tactical and strategic services. Our original thread. If you are interested in joining or discussing the possibility of an alliance, please send Gideon or I a personal message. We are the Stormcrows, and we are getting
  9. Great! Welcome! I'll try and send you a PM tomorrow, and we can go from there. Feel free to beat me to it if you're on and have access.
  10. We are partnering with Vandrius's Mercenary Charter. Note that the Stormcrows remain a separate and autonomous entity from the Mercenary Charter (that is the nature of the Charter). Gideon is the VP of the Stormcrows. Either of us should be able to answer any questions you might have. (First post edited with the above.)
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