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  1. One thing I know for sure I've never said lately is "Boy I wish my archer had a tedious ammo mechanic just like the good old days." I'll wait and see how things develop, but I might already be distancing myself from the class based on this alone. Other MMOs have also had ammos you could craft and certain professions that did better at bullets or arrows depending on flavor, but the bag space disadvantages and running out of ammo mid-fight eventually moved the design direction toward phasing it out. In D&D I get it. In an MMO I think I'm with the new school on ammo being an unnecessary mechanic. Unless all ranged is created equally meaning Confessors and Frost-weavers have to prepare their ranged spells in advance. Then if everyone is feeling the pain I'm not bothered by it.
  2. I'm just naturally skeptical; you aren't running me off The problem is without context we're all wildly speculating things.
  3. I clearly misread that in the faq or it was cleared up in quotes somewhere or a youtube interview. I think I'll just go back to waiting and seeing.
  4. Conceded but then I'm playing a part of the game I don't want anything to do with only to get to the game I actually want to play. As a consumer that seems counter intuitive. I'm pretty bad at playing both tanks and melee dps in MMOs. So if I'm stuck as being a tank or melee dps I'm not going to be having fun which doesn't lead to sustainability. Also that means I'll be potentially skilling in archetypes just in case I get stuck being a centaur sometime in my life. Never had to do that in Eve. Better put points in mining ships just in case I'm forced to fly one some day. Makes the game a chore even more. It also is a marketing ploy to get people to VIP. Also that means the people who are VIP will actually have an advantage over people who don't since they can put skills in two other archetypes. So if they get stuck playing as something they don't want to be they at least have things learned for it. Again that only applies to the dregs or shadow I guess so perhaps that's not the place for me, but I still don't find that smart design. I would hope my opponents would be at the top of their game or best they can be. If a victory is going to be shallow because I won against a guild that is used to be a certain class mix but they didn't have access to the right corpses that rings shallow to me. You can blame poor planning or what have you, but it still hearkens back to game design.
  5. I don't care if people kill me and loot my corpse. That's fine. I lost that's the penalty. Dust myself off and either reengage or reassess. What I don't like is that the penalty for dying is now I have to be a centaur because we're fresh out of confessors. So now I have to gallop majestically alongside my guildees until we can kill you again so I go back to playing the class I enjoy. That's my beef
  6. I just don't see how being forced into a random class just because you died is good design (i.e. you're playing a druid and die/lose your stuff, but there aren't any corpses around to become a druid again, so now you're a centaur with no skills because you're only near a centaur crypt). I know that this concern is restricted to certain campaigns, but I guess I don't comprehend that appeal. Perhaps it's just not meant for me at the end of the day. Eve never said "You died as a Frigate so now you have no choice but to be a miner because we're fresh out of frigates. Shame you don't have any of those skills learned." If I want to try a new class I like that freedom, but I don't like being forced into being a new class because I'm not near the correct tombs.
  7. I'm squinting for the first time. In Eve I had to earn the right to fly a certain ship and even then I'm not going to take a Titan for a joy ride as soon as I've learned how. I'm not saying I was a total fan of Eve's skill progression system, but it did give you a chance to "earn" something (which was also some of its faults depending on who you ask). From this announcement I can be any class, but only if the right conditions exist for me to be that class. So if I consider that now you're trying to make me akin to a MOBA player (where I have access to all these playable things under the right purchasing/earning/rotation conditions) the only thing preventing me from playing the archetype I enjoy would be another players selection (usually) in that game. So by MOBA game design I could still be a support even if another person chose support (would be a bit silly, but it could be done none-the-less). I had a main account that maybe leveled or had skill/rune/vanity options before we jumped into a MOBA game where I controlled a character for the duration of the match only. Those have a place, but they don't sustain my interest personally especially compared to MMOs from a depth perspective. I did enjoy FFXIV's job system where I could choose to be another job if I just equipped a different weapon. I'd have to level that one from scratch but I could do it all on one character without having to roll alts. I dislike making alts (except maybe for bag space) so I loved that. How I'm reading your announcement is that my ghostly spirit will inhabit certain corpses until they either decay or I die and lose it (depending on game modes) and hopefully I can go back to being a druid if I can find the right corpse. In MMOs I enjoy the character creation process and building a reputation on my character in an MMO. "Go see Sardoni he can heal your group if you need it!" "Go see Sardoni he can craft you that armor set!" Then people come see me and I say that sorry until I find the right corpse to do the thing they want they'll have to wait. And maybe they'll help me go hunt down the proper corpse so I can do the things they need, but in that moment I'm no longer playing the game I want to play as a customer... I'm doing an activity that will lead me to the game I want to play. That right there is the core of my problem with this design. At least in Eve when I was podded I could go to an NPC space station and acquire a basic ship if needed it (especially if I had it insured). I don't see these "safeguards" just yet if you do plan to implement them. I don't think I'm really a fan of all this on paper, but I'm staying tuned.
  8. ITT: shop class testimony and a suprising lack of Comic Sans. Also not sure if stripper. Pics please.
  9. sardoni


    I remember you guys from Guild Wars 2. Back then I was in Shadows of Apophis and also part of the Titan Alliance with ya'll. I remember getting off work, getting home, and tagging in (well when the Lion's Arch queue boss was beaten) since it was closer to when ya'll normally slept (except the night owls ). Glad you're peeking your heads into Crowfall! I hope we can all finally get the meaningful... open world objective based PVP game that we've all been waiting for! I had similar experiences in most of the games you've listed... sadly. Wish you all the best!
  10. Cyneric and I were, but support was pretty prompt and nice about it. I squinted, but in the grand scheme no long term problems
  11. I prefer the 2016 color scheme and design. I find the red and gold tacky especially with the horns. I suppose it all depends on taste anyway.
  12. Why I leave MMOs... 1.) Lack of meaningful open world objective based pvp 2.) Hit a queue button and wait for other people to automagically appear from various servers to do just this one thing, never talk while doing except to see "lol noob" when someone fails something and then never see any of them again. 3.) Has a "feature" that lets you be in multiple guilds (basically kills guild structure/scheduling/recruitment.. most games that allow this have PVP added as an afterthought). 4.) Stops being fun. Fun is subjective. I leave when it isn't fun anymore.
  13. Why wait? -shuffles through bag- Grab a Znickers™
  14. I used to throw miniature snickers at the back of peoples heads. They shut up pretty quick then.
  15. Well with your 1,921 post count it's probably because you're too busy making posts to actually read any. Or perhaps you're looking for a new random addiction and you've got me in your sights.
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