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  1. I actually find all the armored character designs to be practical, its just the fae and the forgemaster that stick out as impractical for me.
  2. Ah, I should have done this. I thought the game was just announced yesterday, so I didn't think to do a search. They look a bit more than double the height of a typical cowboy boot... Omigosh, I only just now noticed the fae has wings! Does she fly around instead of walk around? Then heels wouldn't matter at all, lol - mostly likely she doesn't just fly everywhere though.
  3. The issue is that models rigged for high heels generally don't get the option of non-high heels as well, jsut a bunch of different heels.
  4. Yeah, exactly! To all the people saying 'its a fantasy setting, so it doesnt matter' - okay, let's put one of the male-only classes in heels too! No complaints now - there's guinea pigs with guns, so it makes sense for the forgemaster to be in heels!
  5. People are talking about taking WoW's players, but what I find intriguing is that Crowfall might be able to suck up some of the people that are buying the stuff like Rust/DayZ - I could see those players enjoying the shorter campaigns.
  6. Look, if the male version of the assassin also wears high heels I'll retract my suggestion. Generally that would be explained by the agent having no choice except high heels because she's sneaking through a gala - the immortals are gearing up for a protracted combat, they're more likely to pick a sensible shoe. Anyways, just because something's done elsewhere doesn't mean I have to like it. As someone else brought up earlier, if it's an option to have high heels or flat heeled boots that's fine, but because of the way model rigging works, almost always a character with heels on the default armor also has to have heels on all other boots they wear. take the female demon hunter in Diablo III for example.
  7. I was getting myself stoked up for this game when I noticed something unfortunate in a screenshot The assassin is in high heels! Can you imagine trying to sneak, run and fight on rugged terrain and rubble, in a pair of boots that are hard to walk around in indoors? I'm not going to boycott the game over one little thing like that, but there's a huge amount of time to fix the issue as well, so I thought I'd bring it up and see what the devs think.
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