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  1. Where can I get the updated crowfall file to download?
  2. good videos thanks for all the videowork. Be sure to thank the video guy for me, and please tell him to do more funny animations in other videos
  3. Love all those streams thanks for adding this.
  4. Can't wait to get into Alpha 1 and test some stuff out. I'm bored out of mind right now with other MMO's would love to test out Crowfall and see how it initially plays. I know its pre-alpha but looks pretty good thus far.
  5. 11/10 vote from me. Crowfall teams has decent acting skills and some jokes as well!
  6. Loved this update, I noticed in the UI Video the trees were moving with wind Pretty cool effects. Are there gonna be seasons too like snow and rain? That would be awesome while fighting. Anyways Good update would love to see more. I like the skills area pretty basic, could use some fine tuning with a slight design but other than that looks good.
  7. I think its better that way IMO. That way the person focuses on one character and guild. Not like in other MMos where you have 10 characters each with their own guild. Then some people aren't even active in some of those other guilds. Creates a huge mess.
  8. Definitely. I'm going back to Lineage 2 MMO where casters in C2 and on became the most powerful class. Along with Archers as well. That means classes like bladedancer, rogue, knight, warrior etc weren't played at all because people wanted to be competitive. If this game can bring every class based on skill level it will avoid the whole everyone rolls into the most powerful class type of a game. We see that now in WoW where everyone always rolls a flavor of the month class.
  9. Pretty much sums it up! Plus that video was pre-alpha graphics. Not even close to beta polish or final polish and it looks like Gold! ^^
  10. That is Popcorn Jesus coming in to see how the particle effects are flowing!
  11. Right now it has gone slower in raising funds but I think once there is a possibility of showcasing some more alpha footage I think that will entice more people to come on board with a pledge. We are nearing September now and I hope we get to see some form of combat testing for the game. I would really like to try something new as all the other MMO's out now bore me. I'm only playing WoW to pass the time by because there is no other MMO out there with good pvp. I hope Crowfall comes and fills that void.
  12. It's no surprise that CRowfall is a pvp based game. I like the fact that you can log in and just enjoy the campaign. Taking down forts, buildings, pvping, and going through the campaign. I personally don't care anymore about dailies etc. as long as the pvp is fun and the campaigns finish and refresh that's all i care about.
  13. Awesome looking forward to testing some things out and awaiting for further testing to come. Getting so bored of playing WoW doing arenas and BGS. I want real pvp with territories.
  14. Congrats ACE> I will hopefully be looking forward to testing some parts of the game by the end of Summer!
  15. Awesome Q&A I would like to hear more on this stuff.
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