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  1. I will rarely force you to write specific things. You'll be writing about Crowfall, of course. Thanks a lot! It would be nice to have someone other than me to "write" things. (I do the lazy writing style.) How about a new toilet seat?
  2. I'm wondering if they'll open up some "last minute" backing slots (kind of like early birds) during that last 48 hours to help push the stretch goals. I can see how that would be very beneficial!
  3. Now officially posted here: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3719-030415-crowfall-is-using-unity-5/?p=90534
  4. UE4 isn't designed for procedural anything. Also would be the worst for voxel based stuff. Destruction is tough in that engine.
  5. I sent you a PM. Sorry about the late reply.
  6. I like the idea. It would be neat. It would be cool if you had a stock of lives though. It could be a resource of some kind. Perhaps you generate a life every week or 24 hours? That'd probably be too confusing. Hm...
  7. Werdna, this is a sandbox PVP MMO with free-for-all and full-drop loot. There aren't sides or factions, as of yet. I feel like you might not have played a game like this because there are rarely these issues 3 months into the game. The whole reason of campaigns (how they decay and there is a clear victory) is because after time, this DOES become an issue. But not very early on.
  8. They go over having some campaigns not allowing players to see the map in the Rerolled interview. They mention how it would have to be client side which means it's hackable and would be hard to detect. http://youtu.be/_mfs7iubYH0?t=10m11s
  9. I hate the RNG but come close to the campaign close, I'll just empty my bags of poorly made socks I don't want to be randomly selected.
  10. I totally do not support this. The move looks cool. How about we remove centaurs? They don't make sense.
  11. Where do crows go to get drunk? At the crow bar!
  12. Procedural settings and voxels are impossible in Unreal Engine.
  13. What's your favorite character in Game of Thrones?
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