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  1. The constant surprises have been really nice. It is awesome to have this all in the works and gives us more to test. Exciting times!
  2. Really excited for this to be coming out soon and testing out new mechanics. Other than my Guin, Druid is my next most interested class for me.
  3. Varking


    Overwatch has been an amazing play so far. Looking forward to the release of the game.
  4. From a testing point I don't see a reason for Frostweaver or Duelist yet. We already know how spells work in the game and the Leg already gave us healing at its smallest form. Druid does make sense if they get heals they have to target because that is something that needs to be tested for sure to make sure its right. Assassin needs to be tested for stealth since no other class provides it. The Ranger just gave us bow and arrow target abilities that we did not have before. I doubt the Frostweaver or Duelist make it in next because they don't give us anything significant to test over the others that are already in. Now, I could be wrong and they could just add them as the models and animations are done but it makes sense from a testing standpoint to add in things that haven't been tested early to make sure we iron out the bugs before you add classes that have their roles already being tested by other classes.
  5. We all prefer this I believe. Keep the dream alive!
  6. Why don't you want to be destroyerbravo anymore?!!
  7. Duelist sounds amazing but the Confessor has been a ton of fun during testing.
  8. Contact support directly and see if they can unconsume it for you so that you may upgrade it further.
  9. I mean if they are able to do it via the browser they should be able to make apps for it for iOS and Android, too?
  10. The Ranger looks amazing. I can't wait to test out how quickly we go through ammo and energy through the course of battle.
  11. Considering how things played in Shadowbane and my faith in Mr. Coleman, I feel like this is the best way to handle PvP in MMORPGs. Even during DAoC where they offered incentives to play lower population realms there was RvR issues due to zergs. In WoW I played on Skullcrusher during vanilla and when they made server clusters for instanced pvp or whatever they called it, people would go to the forums and complain that Skullcrusher horde was too good in PvP and it made them not want to que. Having campaigns that begin and end and then you get to start over somewhere else but keep your character and eternal kingdom, this alleviates a lot of people quitting for months at a time, or even permanently like it was in WoW. You can still get resources and rewards for finishing the campaigns. I am rambling a bit since I have like 12 tabs open right now but it just seems like the ideas and philosophies of this PvP system separate itself and make itself different for Crowfall than other games.
  12. The problem is other games also have this issue as far as I am aware. Both League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm defaulted to my on board graphics card and I had to personally tell my PC to always default to my GeForce card. Since then games have run great.
  13. I will be doing it because I am one of those players that enjoys dabbling in everything you possible can in a game. I like to get my moneys worth.
  14. Varking

    My laptop

    Your laptop is far better than mine, being a Razer Blade Pro 2014. I have a core i7 4700 hq, each core at 2.4. My graphics card is a NVideo GeForce GTX 765M. During these last tests, which were not optimized being pre alpha, I was typically running 25-55 FPS on ultra (top) settings without any issues at all. Your system is beefier and once the game is more optimized I expect even better results. This was from the EU server tests, and I reside in North Carolina so the ping is a little bit higher but the game didn't hitch or lag for me at all. This was 50+ FPS.
  15. Trying to upload some images of the past weeks tests...

  16. Both cards I have tried to use are being declined despite having more than sufficient funds on them. One is a debit and one is a credit. I just wanted to be able to split the payments between two cards so I went with the layway option and now I regret it. Any idea whats going on?
  17. The other MMOs on PS4 already do the bumper controls and its pretty simple to use and remember.
  18. No. PS4 developers are not PC developers. You get people who develop on the ps4 to do it. Its an entirely different team. The artists getting let go is just one example. Every team has cuts after launch.
  19. The developers already said they didn't want 3-4 rows of ui abilities so how many attacks do you think there will be at a given time? L1 and all four face buttons, R1 and all 4 face buttons, L2 and all 4 face buttons, R2 and all 4 face buttons, L1 and L2 and all 4, R1 and R2 and all 4, L1 and R1 and all 4, L2 and R2 and all four. That's over 30 abilities. Not to mention the face buttons without holding any other buttons with pushing in the left anolog stick to open a menu for trading or chatting. The console version should be separate from PC version and the team shouldn't try to port it until a year or so after the launch of the PC version. On top of that, they should use another kick starter to fund it.
  20. MMOs rarely ever keep their entire development teams on after launch. You keep the core members and then when the need arises you hire more. It's how companies like Blizzard and Sony opporate. While you may need 20 artists before launch to work on concept art you likely only need 5-10 after the launch if the game because most of it has been completed. Keeping the extra artists is a stupid waste of resources and its how you fail.
  21. When the game has been out for over a year and half of the people working on the game are no longer needed, a kick starter to fund a console port does not impact the resources of the PC version.
  22. The length of your post was fine. I dislike the camp very much that says no controllers but can't explain why with actual thoughts. You can find a guild or clan that requires keyboard and mouse and then your game experience won't be hampered at all. If anything, it should give you an advantage over other players so you should be happy.
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