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    Varking got a reaction from rajah in Overwatch   
    Overwatch has been an amazing play so far. Looking forward to the release of the game.
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    Varking got a reaction from JamesGoblin in What is your most favorite Archetype?   
    Duelist sounds amazing but the Confessor has been a ton of fun during testing.
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    Varking got a reaction from Xomox in Death of Everquest Next and a Thank you Note for ArtCraft Entertainment   
    Considering how things played in Shadowbane and my faith in Mr. Coleman, I feel like this is the best way to handle PvP in MMORPGs. Even during DAoC where they offered incentives to play lower population realms there was RvR issues due to zergs.
    In WoW I played on Skullcrusher during vanilla and when they made server clusters for instanced pvp or whatever they called it, people would go to the forums and complain that Skullcrusher horde was too good in PvP and it made them not want to que.
    Having campaigns that begin and end and then you get to start over somewhere else but keep your character and eternal kingdom, this alleviates a lot of people quitting for months at a time, or even permanently like it was in WoW. You can still get resources and rewards for finishing the campaigns. I am rambling a bit since I have like 12 tabs open right now but it just seems like the ideas and philosophies of this PvP system separate itself and make itself different for Crowfall than other games. 
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    Varking got a reaction from courant101 in Throne War module overview - Official discussion thread   
    The constant surprises have been really nice. It is awesome to have this all in the works and gives us more to test. Exciting times!
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    Varking got a reaction from courant101 in Frame rate issues: tips to improve FPS   
    They haven't been optimizing the client on that level. It is too early in development for that, to be honest. If they client was optimized by them then you would see more people in testing, I would think. Nothing wrong with where it is at if you are realistic and understand game development and how things progress. I said it before in game chat but this game at this stage is a lot further along than most of the games I have tested over the past fourteen years or so.
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    Varking got a reaction from courant101 in List of Animals/creatures i would like to see ingame :D   
    Zombie dragons or bust.
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    Varking reacted to silhaku in List of Animals/creatures i would like to see ingame :D   
    ok, something that you never see in games but would be the best predictor ever. A MF liger. You can't say that wouldn't be BA.
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    Varking reacted to Tyrant in Will Crowfall be at E3 and   
    We are not planning to show the game at any conference.  We think our time is better spent on development for now.
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    Varking got a reaction from courant101 in Upgrading a (consumed) Kickstarter pledge?   
    Contact support directly and see if they can unconsume it for you so that you may upgrade it further.
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    Varking got a reaction from Icculus in My laptop   
    Your laptop is far better than mine, being a Razer Blade Pro 2014. I have a core i7 4700 hq, each core at 2.4. My graphics card is a NVideo GeForce GTX 765M.
    During these last tests, which were not optimized being pre alpha, I was typically running 25-55 FPS on ultra (top) settings without any issues at all. Your system is beefier and once the game is more optimized I expect even better results. This was from the EU server tests, and I reside in North Carolina so the ping is a little bit higher but the game didn't hitch or lag for me at all. This was 50+ FPS.

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    Varking reacted to Tyrant in Lagging in Crowfall Testing   
    We keep hoping one of the Unity updates will provide a fix/workaround for this that doesn't require player intervention.  No luck so far though!
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    Varking got a reaction from courant101 in Pre-Alpha 1.3: Enter the Ranger - Official discussion thread   
    The Ranger looks amazing. I can't wait to test out how quickly we go through ammo and energy through the course of battle.
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    Varking reacted to Pann in New moderators incoming   
    Earlier today, this message was sent to the volunteer moderators. 
    It's unfortunate that the behavior of one person resulted in this being necessary. 
    A few additional points of note: 
    1. Moderators cannot see IP addresses, email addresses or account information. 
    2. Moderators cannot receive private messages. 
    3. Moderators will use a straightforward template when answering reports. It is impersonal by design. 
    3. Moderators do not have access to admin or Support tools. 
    If you have a question or concern about moderation, please contact support@artcraftent.com. 
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    Varking reacted to Caenth in All Layaway payments are declined.   
    My advice is to send an email to support@artcraftent.com instead of posting it here. Support is quick and you'll get fixed in no time.
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    Varking got a reaction from Kraahk in All Layaway payments are declined.   
    I sent the email. Thank you!
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    Varking got a reaction from Zellith in Possible Controller Support In The Future? (Stretch Goal?)   
    The developers already said they didn't want 3-4 rows of ui abilities so how many attacks do you think there will be at a given time? 
    L1 and all four face buttons, R1 and all 4 face buttons, L2 and all 4 face buttons, R2 and all 4 face buttons, L1 and L2 and all 4, R1 and R2 and all 4, L1 and R1 and all 4, L2 and R2 and all four. That's over 30 abilities. Not to mention the face buttons without holding any other buttons with pushing in the left anolog stick to open a menu for trading or chatting.
    The console version should be separate from PC version and the team shouldn't try to port it until a year or so after the launch of the PC version. On top of that, they should use another kick starter to fund it.
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    Varking reacted to Arawulf in Eta   
    Alpha testing for certain features of the core module will begin at the end of Summer, 2015.
    Full core module (including stretch goals) is scheduled for December 2016 delivery.
    All of this and more is located in the FAQ's.
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    Varking reacted to doc gonzo in Ask The Team (Personal Questions) V2!   
    ok...the two most burning Questions imaginable....
    boxers or briefs?
    and what is/was that in game Moment when you personally found the calling of PvP to be more satisfying than PvE? (or favorite gank anecdote...same thing, imo)
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    Varking got a reaction from acalon in Stretch Goals? Potential Console Release?   
    Why would it have to do that? Have you played FFXIV or DCUO? Both of them have way more than 5 abilities. I think some of you are misinformed.
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    Varking got a reaction from evilcarrot in Stretch Goals? Potential Console Release?   
    Typing what you did takes no effort at all and comes across as an attempt to pad your post count. Could you give valid reasons why you do not want to see a console release?
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    Varking got a reaction from bomzulu in Have Streaming Built Into Your Game.   
    Let's be real here. Many people now find out about games and get a feel for games due to sites like Twitch. Getting people to play your games on Twitch has done wonders for building a community. The more streamers you have for a game, the more popular or fun people think it is and then they are that much more likely to play the game.
    If you could have streaming built in so that players didn't need to download so much software and plugins it would allow your game to have that much more of a presence online.
    Maybe a 1.5 or 2 million dollar stretch goal could make this happen.
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    Varking got a reaction from TechnoGent in Computer Spec Target?   
    When looking at the type of game this is, and what the art style looks to be, what do you all think the intended spec target is for your PC? What other game do you think it compares to? I have a Razer Blade Pro laptop from 2014 but I want to get a Desktop PC, and obviously running this game at high to ultra settings is the aim. 
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    Varking got a reaction from Savvy in Hello Hello From North Carolina!   
    For those who haven't seen me around other MMO sites or from streaming to my Twitch channel, I go by Varking, or Varking Runesong. I am an avid gamer with a long history of MMOs including Shadowbane. I love PvP and I love the concepts behind this game. I was lucky, or fortunate, enough to purchase multiple tiers of Kickstarter pledges to back this wonderfully thought out concept of a game. If you are interested in winning any of the tiers feel free to just follow me on twitch, but I would love for you all to interact. If you have a twitch as well and talk about Crowfall during the stream, shoot me a link and I will follow you as well so we can help get the word out about this game. My twitch link is in my signature and I stream once or twice a day around 10 PM EST or later on most nights. I appreciate your time and I look forward to helping this community grow with all of you. Thanks!
    EDIT: To clear up confusion, you do not need to actually view the channel much, but it does help. When I do raffles for the winners all of my followers are included and I will contact you to let you know you won. If after 3 days the winner does not claim the reward, I will raffle it off again.
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    Varking got a reaction from icepants in Stretch Goals? Potential Console Release?   
    I completely agree with you.
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    Varking reacted to terranambassador in Incomplete Character ... And More Magic To Come?   
    You can see a render of the WIP male version here:
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