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  1. I would really like to test Alpha, and give feedback. Sadly, they won't let me without paying money I don't have.
  2. If we're gonna be streaming, then they might as well give Alpha 2 or even 1 for all backers. It would give Crowfall a ton of popularity
  3. I'm working on transcribing the Crowfall Music into sheet music and I opened it on Audacity. Upon viewing the metadata, it lists the track name as ZombieSwords_Underscore_1, could this be an easter egg? Are there zombies in Crowfall??? 0.0
  4. Yeah, but that's not as cool as having NPC soldiers defend against an attack. It's better for the Invader and Defender
  5. Meh, I like NPC's better. More realistic.
  6. um, ok. Lol... Crowfall comes alive!!!
  7. Stop whining. The world doesn't revolve around you. If you want a better guild, make one.
  8. Happy Happy! Yummy Crows.

  9. Well, I like the idea of Lockdown but it seems kind of annoying to attackers to have structures put into lockdown, I mean it's not indestructible so it could work. What if Thralls could be used to defend?
  10. Or, things like this, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eve_Online#Player_tournaments
  11. Yep. this seems really cool. What if wounds also slowed you? Reduced attack?
  12. That we be so cool though. Or, us as the community could make something.
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