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  1. Bestiary: Urgu - Official Discussion Thread

    Specifically logged in to post about wanting to play as Bebop. Back to lurking I go!
  2. [NA] Flames of Exile (Now with SHARING!)

    Tonight? That certainly seems to be the case.
  3. [NA] Flames of Exile (Now with SHARING!)

    We're the champions of ore/stone/tree liberty; they are to be free from violence and persecution. Any persons witnessed harming such creations will be swiftly and justly handled. Then we'll take whatever shiny bits you carved from them, to make more stuff to go and vanquish other persons. Disclaimer: We're also hypocrites and totally bash in ore/stone/trees for stuff P.S: Looking for more Chaos/Order to farm cats so I can come steal your leather.
  4. [HoA] Hy'shen Avari - Group vs. Group and Light RP

    Stamp of approval here. Fond memories from the Hy'Shen gang in the SB days.
  5. [NA] Flames of Exile (Now with SHARING!)

    I like beer. BOOTS FOR BOTS!