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  1. Yeah I gotta say it's amazing, makes life so much easier, we have the exact same taste in games too, she also plays WoW, we raid together 3 times a week and she also plays Diablo/CoD. It helps we're both nerds deep inside. Oh and she doesn't mind my whole World of Warcraft figurine collection.
  2. Hey everyone! New to this forum, but I intend to read this whole thing! I'm a 28 year old guy from Belgium, but moved to Canada in December last year . Why you ask? I'll give you the short version. Played Lineage 2, met a girl from Canada, after a while I went to visit, one thing led to the next, she moved to Belgium for a year to live with me and we decided that I was gonna move to Canada permanently. We got married in September 2013 and I've been living in Canada now for over 7 months. Loving every minute of it Sometimes you just have to go for it in life! I backed Crowfall o
  3. Hey everyone! New to this forum, but I intend to read this whole thing! I backed Crowfall on Kickstarter and started with getting one of the cheaper packages, after getting some updates and just falling in love with the game I decided to upgrade to a Sapphire package. Can't wait to get into all the alpha/beta versions and get a first feel of the game. I played about 5 years of Lineage 2 and I loved the castle sieges there, they used to get me so hyped to play. I stopped playing it though as it doesn't feel smooth compared to newer games and their graphics engine is terribly outda
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