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  1. I would think Crowfall's launch if they add more stretch goals will be delayed till mid 2017.. Its way too early for any of the devs to give exact information out that you require Skrofler, as things will no doubt change. I wouldn't even try to get any clarification on EK. Maybe in 3-5months time we will see them fully workshop EK, and give us all the juicy news/info we all are so desperate for. AFAIK Its one personal Kingdom per 1 Character you just get extra parcels to expand your kingdom. But one person will need to be the Monarch if you really want to create a kingdom combined with friends/guildmates. ( I would think if you were monarch you can give that title to a friend if you quit and your friends ranked/land below would be still fine) At the moment once you place your kingdom you cannot destroy it or move it (ACE are in still in discussion having the ability to move it) Again EK needs more work. ^^
  2. I will no doubt 100% main a female centaur. Racial ability "sexy sleek back kick stun with hooves" YES please! Can't wait
  3. cupcakey


    Don't play tera play the new mmo Skyforge.. its as close as Crowfall will ever get to its combat and movement. Even has the exact player sliding mechanics for dodging that Crowfall will have. + Skyforge handles a lot better for range combat than tera. Its a joy to behold which is why I can see Crowfall being just as good for range and melee.
  4. Exactly this ^ ... its almost comical to see people complaining already when the exact features and ideas of EK haven't been fully released.. What are you complaining about with no actual evidence to back it up.... Chillax and wait for the devs to do a complete workshop on EK in the coming many months.. With Gordon Walton in the driving seat hes a man that loves games with many features (take Ultima online as an example it still is light years ahead on some mmos with regards to its features) EK will be no different... Have some faith <3
  5. ArtCraft best start working on what extra additions they can implement into the game after 1.3million has been kickstarted! Because you heard it here first I think the funding can get up to 15 million and beat coolest cooler in the rankings ez
  6. Congratz to ArtCraft - Next stop 1kk for female centaurs and 1.3kk for Mounts! <3
  7. They have already stated they want the option for players to be able to create a blacksmith shop in EK. So i'm guessing my previous post detailing other shops players will be able to create is very similar to what features Artcraft envision's EK to have.
  8. I still think people are coming to the conclusion that EK is just sims online and just a housing system for decorations and has no real interaction.. (A lot of people under thinking the concept) EK will be bigger than all ring zones put together regarding land mass. Allowing separate kingdoms/leaders that have gained power in the campaigns to rule their parts of the EK and set taxes/who they give their land/power to. EK will be in some parts a busy metropolis where people can create their own shops to trade the goodies/resources they have gained in the campaigns therefore give taxes to the ruler ( I doubt they will add a public auction house for this very reason ) - Being able to create our own Weaponsmith, armorsmith, Carpentry stores, bakery, bars, inns, alchemy stores, market stalls, central hub for all trade, it will be incredible to see what they add in time. Just don't get too worried as Artcraft will have some incredible features in store for EK.
  9. Teekey you really need to be on the dev team! Genius ideas in most threads
  10. Making it ONLY available in the dregs would make for an incredible experience. Hearing Undead + Players nearby roaming when your camped in a forest at night *chills*. Would truly add to the epic realism and scary demeanor that the dregs should have. Just have an option for those that don't want it to disable it. @ OP +1 only available in the dregs YES PLEASE!!
  11. Yes Voxel farm technology has the "collapse" physics built into it. Its really incredible to see fortifications and structures fall when weakened below. Check the video out on youtube for the demonstration. :>
  12. I think the dregs will become predominately about GvG anyway. Even if you can kill anyone you will have groups of players in same guilds working together to succeed for the greater good and avoid losing all their gold/resources just because how harsh the environment and hunger threat is. It would of been fantastic if the dregs was actually about how much land/resources your Guild attained and at a certain high % land control or overall hunger % killed you would win the campaign. I feel the hunger undead threat in some parts of the dregs will be extremely brutal to kill (especially as you get closer to the middle) that we will see players having to group up to take on the undead scurge/elites/bosses just so they can stay alive and not lose everything. I still feel the shadow should be switched with the dregs position and GvG land/resource control should be the Ultimate end result people are working towards as the dregs just seems too much of a solo players risk vs reward campaign.
  13. @first sketch above. it looks like someone owes the bandit money! ^^
  14. So true! Definitely could see something similar working out, possibly with a small amount of telegraphs/indicators that are aoe support/dps based.
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