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  1. And i have set off my submitment put i said i would but my skype in there so you could contact me about when to talk, i forgot :3
  2. Ok so what i kind of understand here is that EU and NA servers WILL be connected though english is not my native language, so i might have missunderstood something ;P
  3. Thanks, nice to meet you aswell ! I will try get some clarification on how the servers are connected or if they are separate Or i'll try hehe
  4. Hi Cuddles ! I'm so happy that you contacted me about you're guild ! I'll definently be joining the guild in crowfall. Though if EU and NA severs doesn't get put together to 1 big server thing, I will need to know if the guild is on NA or EU (I'm on EU)
  5. Wow sorry for my comment i completely missed the 18+ thing haha GG sorry about that
  6. Well i have to ask do you seek players under 18 years old ? Unfortunaly for me i have not yet seen a guild here that does....
  7. I personally think that an archetype with two one-handed swords is something that this game could use, don't get me wrong i like the archetypes so far though i really want a class like this and i have come up with a few things that i want to know if you are intrested in aswell and by the way, the archetype is called Swordslinger (totally made up name). Now the Swordslinger is an extremely mobile class and uses two one-handed swords and is the charger that in example guild wars makes sure the enemy DPS get downed quickly also we don't know much about what will be in the enemy's base such as traps and canons. The sword slinger is a medium strong DPS type but because of the actual speed it hits 50% faster than other meele classes (It should still be balanced to do the same amount of DPS as other meele DPS archetypes) Counterwise example the confessors should be waiting for the sword slinger to come around and make sure they don't do fatal dmg to your team, another way of countering the swordslinger would be to use using a tower somewhere to scout and warn you teammates that the swordslingers is in the front. Strategic ways to win a battle with the swordslinger The swordslinger is fast but cannot go head to head with to example the knight in case of knockbacks therefore try to take advantage of your speed and make him/her pop all their cooldowns and then jump into the fight. UPDATE COMING SOON UPDATE COMING SOON
  8. I will most likely play one if not as my main then as my main alt ! The reason is because of lore I love lore and for nothing more than lore i will choose a class/race to play
  9. So just a question here the guild is US server's or :?
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