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  1. Unity 5 is pretty good http://www.ign.com/videos/2015/03/03/the-blacksmith-shows-off-unity-5s-power
  2. It's all about resources. Chances are, those bears are meant to stop a player from getting something in that cave. So once the cave is looted, I doubt the bears will re spawn. Especially since the bears could possibly be used for resources as well: Fur, bones e.t.c.
  3. I'm probably sounding like a broken record now, but the fact that this game is PvP centric. I just have a bad feeling, that the people who will enjoy this game more are those that will play this game in a hardcore manner. While casuals, like me, get stomped on every campaign.
  4. Yeah that's why balancing is very important. There's a reason why TF2 is soo popular and still going strong.
  5. Excited about building and destroying structures. It would be cool to se what structures I and other players can make and watching them all crumble. Concerned about the game being PvP centric. Would players who no life Crowfall become the the big boss forever, or will everyone be at equal footing? Will campaigns be one sided because one side has higher lvl players or will it be balanced?
  6. Just think Hunger Games. Yeah you can work together but one person must win. That's how I think it would be.
  7. Probably won't be anytime soon. But it would be nice to have it now though
  8. Balancing. One character or skill set shouldn't be OP against anything else. Also making the tide of battle change no matter what. I just don't want a scenario where one team reaches a certain amount of resources, that they become basically unstoppable. There has to be a way to always keep the campaigns interesting, almost tug of war-ish
  9. (Star Citizen has ended up hugely delayed, even with over $70 million raised) Star Citizen was not delayed. The game never had any official release date, and any prediction made is just that a prediction. Besides parts of the game are already available to play. Like Arena Commander, Racing, e.t.c But On topic, I really don't see any problem with the stretch goals. they are reasonable enough. Besides they only have to fulfill them if the reach the dollar goal.
  10. The only real thing that I can think of, that is close to your description, and would work with this type of game is a Public Event. Say in one of the worlds, a neutral god enters the battlefield at a random time. Whoever takes the god down earns resources for his faction.Yet that god only appears during one of the seasons, and no one knows when another god will appear and in what area.
  11. It came from the Random MMO name Generator or RMnG for short.
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