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  1. How's that hurricane treating you guys? Did Austin manage to miss the worst of it?
  2. Really? Because I think invalidating the shallow power curve that's at the core of a PvP game is a pretty big custard deal. If high-quality vessels can provide a distinct advantage then you can bet money that any guild worth their salt will only want high-quality vessels.
  3. A couple of things I'd like to see in the UI; First, the ability to import/export settings and layouts to/from a file, which you could then share with your buddies. Second, modding support; That is, have elements like frames, graphics and scripts exposed to the user, such that users can modify them or even add in whole new elements.
  4. SWTOR is worth playing Star Trek Online isn't. SWTOR is made by competent developers who genuinely care about the game and the world Star Trek Online was made by Cryptic, who have quite a few free-to-play MMOs they pushed out and forgot about
  5. Crowfall is the spiritual successor to Shadowbane. Most of us knew that going into it; the rest simply never played Shadowbane.
  6. i like being unconstructive i also like laughing at all the hardcores who think their game can survive by being 3hardcore5u i also like laughing at all the bad ideas and armchair game design
  7. Well those people are dumb. We should fire them and get some competent people, like Activision or EA
  8. Who even called it an embargo in the first place?
  9. I would be more interested in whether ten beginners can kill one advanced player.
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