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    Savage Worlds, Star Citizen, Warhammer 40k, seasonal anime, recreational sockposting
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  1. How's that hurricane treating you guys? Did Austin manage to miss the worst of it?
  2. Don't worry, if you send me 500,000 gold I'll make sure you get in.
  3. Probably a discipline; You get a hunting hound, it does stuff.
  4. [FoE] Flock of Eagles - the autists formerly known as Goon [FoE]
  5. And now look, those baby little goons are all grown up. Brings a tear to your eyes, doesn't it? Just think, they're going to be around, ruining your precious spaceship game, right up until CCP shuts down the servers.
  6. You need to realize that you're just as stupid and ugly as they are. The bitterness and anger will come with time.
  7. I'm sure BlazinZero appreciates your compliments, but please, your knockoff sig isn't even comparable to chinese slave labor.
  8. Hey, don't socktalk the Shadowbane Forums, they weren't half as bad as the other two.
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