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  1. On my side it didn't go up, more the opposite every skill has reset and i can't select any skill to train EDIT: Quitting and logging back in fixed both issues, i'm now getting normal behaviour, seems like a "first time in" kinda bug
  2. Weird thing happening with skills, i'm just starting on the test server and i have one track thats visually gaining points extremely fast but when i use the points its seems to use not the one visible but the real ones aquired during that time Before spending points: Then i just clicked on the skill and a minute later i had many more points than actual second elapsed (you can also see that the pip was not given so it must be visual only):
  3. Tried from time to time in the past minutes and i got to log in now, don't know if you did anything but thanks, let's go testing
  4. Just finished patching here but the game says "User not entitled". I have " Beta Group 1 Access Entitlement " in my backer rewards but maybe i must consume the starter pack ? (or maybe i misunderstood who can join this test). Also i just upgraded like 2hours ago so maybe it could be some cache issue ?