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  1. Feedback wanted: Tutorial videos

    Here's the link to the playlist.
  2. State of Melee In Crowfall

    I'm just thinking of a worst case scenario. If a ranged class, say the monstrous wood-elf ranger, got their hands on a root immunity or even a slow immunity, you'd end up exacerbating the problem. That was my main concern. However, if these minors would be restricted to melee only, I think they could work. Though, another concern would be that these minors end up being too powerful and become less niche and more must have. But who knows.
  3. State of Melee In Crowfall

    I kind of like some of the suggestions, but the consequences of others like immunity giving minors could be fairly bad. The most interesting to me is the LMB suppressing dodges, but that could be better used as a minor, so we don't end up with rock-em-sock-em robot fights between melee classes.
  4. Nightmare in Dreg (Battle Royale mode)

    Yawn. Been there, done that.
  5. Leader Boards

    I wouldn't mind seeing guild stats like campaigns participated in, and/or how many of each band type. Probably an extension of that too would be seeing victories in each. Anything more than that is pretty much fluff if you ask me, even considering that this is pretty much added fluff
  6. I could see Fae and Half-Elves (and probably by extension, Humans) being duelists, but I feel like it wouldn't really line up with a Wood-Elf aesthetic/fantasy and it's the kind of thing that's probably below High-Elves. I'm not really a fan of duelists tbh, but it would be cool to see it opened up.
  7. Forum Basics

    The last few months there have been quite a few new users bumping 1 - 2 year old threads while adding nothing new of value. Don't be that guy. My number one rule is lurk moar. It's an old one that a lot of people ignore. It doesn't have to be every day, but don't jump in at the end of every other month and expect to be fed a recap.
  8. Everything about the environment is looking so sexy. Can't wait to see all this new stuff in game. New trees are great too, breathing a lot more life into CF
  9. Have you guys mentioned Future Farmer before? It looks really familiar and I can't remember where or when I heard of it. Great to see the history of the man behind the camera! Looking forward to more
  10. I think he may be hinting at that. It makes sense, since it'll give a bit of invuln. Though I wonder of what benefit it will be to a cleric.
  11. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    While I never met him on the battlefield, I will remember his solid contribution to a wide variety of topics on the forums. The community will be lesser for losing an active and passionate crow.
  12. Frostassin doesn't really roll off the tongue as well, nor would it evoke the same sense of dread or absurdity.
  13. Justice prevails! The music really helped to set the scene, I loved it.
  14. Noob Myrm

    As far as I know, Myrm had/has some issues with resources, especially with bad weapons. You could minimise this with passives like Mental Fortitude from the Blade Master major and/or Hit Me from the Eminently Punchable minor. There's no harm in taking the minor, really, but taking a major for one passive is probably pushing it. As with most classes, their base kit is fine, I feel. Probably be better off getting used to that before messing with it too much.