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  1. could you keep all this poorly made socks to one custard thread, thanks
  2. http://foeguild.enjin.com/login/do/register Only one way to find out. Smash that register button, fill out an application under the Recruitment tab and we'll have a look.
  3. One thing I've noticed while harvesting is that the weak spot target graphic sometimes disappears right after spawning, but functionally they still work as normal (if you remember where they were). Also, hitting a weak spot doesn't immediately appear to do the extra damage, but instead does it on next hit. The initial hit shows the red damage text, but no sound or increased damage. Next hit does the increased damage with sound, but with normal flytext. It's just weird. Will have to grab some footage next time I'm on.
  4. So now that Crafting Majors aren't required to craft, it kind of answers the question of why they have stats on them. But it also brings up the question of something like Artisan Crafting. Are you just going to remove this in future because it's not really needed anymore, or will it gain a different buff?
  5. Guys I don't appreciate you trying to hijack my thread. When you get your own war story article, then I'll allow it. So come back once you've got a seat at the table of champions. Thanks,
  6. I just want to thank everyone in Flames of Exile for their support. Without them, this victory would have been for nothing. It's so nice to be able to give back to the true Kings and Queens of Balance. The Chosen Exiles march forward to their next victory.
  7. I honestly don't think this is too much out of the way. Right now equipping a staff on druid changes your LMB to orbs from spark. Surely, even if the animation stays the same, they could different effects or something. However that may take away from discs that give those effects on basic attacks, so who knows.
  8. It's not. You got some bad info
  9. Long ago, that's how it used to work. You'd walk up to a node and summon the correct tool from your belt, and it'd be "active" (not needed to be summoned again) for 10-20 seconds after you stopped hitting a node. Not sure why they changed it specifically, but it was around the time they gave us "action harvesting". Probably so you could start harvesting at a moments notice, instead of waiting out the animation every time. Takes me back to a time I'm not sure I miss, tbh.
  10. Champion's Whirling Pain locks you out of using the rest of your powers after it ends, except for Ultimate Warrior and Dodge. Using either of those allows you to attack again.
  11. Updated temple looks really good. Gonna be nice to not have to look at the blinding -TEMP-
  12. You haven't tried enough builds, chief.
  13. Final damage modifier also has a 40% cap. A cap you can easily reach given the right circumstance, and without much effort.
  14. I believe Chaos had a pretty significant lead in the early campaign, and Balance has only just taken over. Order and Chaos clearly have the capacity, and this campaign is probably the closest it's been so far.
  15. it was also possible to do it going into campaign, banking, unlocking repeat. Less steps. Less load screens and one less logout timer. Do this over two accounts alternating the login-logout process and you got lods of emone
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