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  1. the closest we could have had was when the spirit bank was directly tied to import/export. so banking all the time in field would chew up your exports. it was more beneficial to haul everything back to the nearest fort, dump everything in the local bank, and sort it out later when you had a stack. Of course, i think just unlocking from campaign would reset the import/export counter, so it didn't matter. But it is kind of close to that.
  2. but have you considered both sides of the argument? :^)
  3. Hi, I would like to again voice my concern regarding Faerie Fire and how it interacts with vanish ults. I have outlined my concerns in the below post. What's unfortunate is the doubling down since the first change, and the nerfs to anti-stealth in general (which to be fair, the uptime on certain perception abilities was long), make it seem like you don't want this to be a way of playing at all. Thanks,
  4. Mobile banking just isn't fun. Less people traversing the world back to a keep or world bank, whichever might be closer. If you have a keep, there's no reason not to have it, no hard choice to be made.
  5. Hi, I would like to again voice my concern regarding Faerie Fire and how it interacts with vanish ults. I understand stealth vs antistealth is a hot topic, but I don't think this is the way to go. Thanks,
  6. I don't quite understand the change to ults to ignore Faerie Fire. Ults should be powerful, ok. I get that. But so powerful they render completely useless: A racial A talent and few discs at least What was the reasoning? You've taken a 2/3 classes with the ability to stealth, and given them a way to purge stealth blockers. A get out of jail free, on a classes that have the ability to pick battles. In doing so, you've relegated anti-stealth to detection only, and taken away prevention. Because no one simply walks away from a fight just to restealth. You hit that Ult an
  7. Imagine having two dudes hitting a solo node and you still can't bust it down in one stam bar. Pathetic.
  8. I mean, there's definitely disparity between ultimates in general, and the usefulness of invuln on each of them. The invuln on my Champion is a lot more useful than that on Confessor or Assassin. Or rather, it's more immediately useful, since I'd be in melee still fighting, and not invis and blinking away. I think it has its place in certain situations, but not all, and there would need to be more careful balance between how quickly you gain something with invuln vs without, and obviously which powers get it. Not just a sweeping, everything has it or none do.
  9. Runemaking feels fine, if a little fast. The high churn on tools makes it feel pretty good, since I'm making bulk amounts in one sitting for our gathering runs. It's not like other crafts where the proc chance compared to the effort required to make an item that procs it is skewed in a pretty bad way. Runemaking is the last one you need to be looking at, tbh. Tools are insanely cheap, you need and make a lot of them, and you burn through a lot. You're going to proc quite a few in one sitting, easily.
  10. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like making builds. There's a lot to think about. Gathering feels pretty good, maybe needs some tweaking on drops compared to say caravans. But otherwise good. As a runemaker, I like crafting. It's simple, straight to the point. Not a lot of extraneous bits and pieces. Low cost, fairly low durability makes for great churn that's not a pain to replace. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better?
  11. Some powers don't seem to have tooltips update after taking the 30% cooldown reduction from the Knight talent, Into the Fray. While this isn't exactly a huge issue, it's just not 100% consistent with other powers. For a while, I thought the 30% cooldown just wasn't applying correctly, but I decided to double check against a knight that didn't take the talent and found this. Aura of Terror from Abominable Snowman Haunt from Banshee The final Blood Strike power on the Blade Master disc. (ALSO as an added bug report, the tooltip says it should be bleeding for 1600% weapon dama
  12. Adding to the Poisoner pile with Frostguard can access Poisoner, however, the passive doesn't change the damage type can't use the poisoned blade power and can't slot a poison toxin (even though they inherently get the slot to put in an ice focus (which I assumed may also be able to slot a toxin) I am outraged by this, Hell, just working my way through this list of dark discs on Frostweaver Dead Eye Can't slot or use the Multi-Shot power (I am greatly saddened by this) Lightfoot Can't slot or use Forest Step power on Frostweaver (assuming because of melee
  13. Can take Naiad as a Duelist with the Dark domain, even though you need Wood Elf or Light.
  14. Thorny Warrior major disc power Dagger Spin can't be used on a Templar. The power itself says it requires energy, but Templar only has Pips.
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