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  1. Stoneborn Feedback

    No. Blood of the Giant is just a weak version of Ultimate Warrior. Strength of the Mountain gave you a huge damage reduction, removed bleeds and also gave you a stacking damage buff whenever you took damage while it was active.
  2. The Elementals - Official Discussion Thread

    Love a good elemental, and these guys look awesome. Wondering how they'll fit in. Thinking Frostweaver might be our first pet class
  3. vendors

    I can guarantee you, if vendors didn't have an upkeep, I'd use them as storage. Which is a good reason to have it. Upkeep is the quickest, simplest way of preventing this from happening. Upkeep used to be more severe anyway, to the point where it really wasn't fair. But I'd say that 480g a day in upkeep is more than fair, especially if you're actually using your vendor/s to make sales.
  4. Things to consider when balancing the Champion

    Make dominance decay quickly when you're not dealing or taking damage/out of combat so you can't just build up on nothing, leap in, blow your wad and leave or just sit on the sidelines with stack of guaranteed crits ready to go. Hardly makes sense that you can dominate nothing. It should be built up in combat. More fitting too, since if you get kited, you're not dominating, and can't assert that with free crits. Side note, I think soul power should follow the same rules. and/or make it stack to only 5 giving a 10% chance to crit for each, removing all on crit. If the heal on Ultimate Warrior is kept, it'd probably be more balanced as a HoT and maybe a touch weaker.. I like the Champion (been playing him since day 1) and I like the whole crit dumping thing, so I'm trying not to be too biased. I thought he was always pretty straightforward to play, but maybe it is a little too simple at the moment. Those are just my thoughts as a player. Also bring back Strength of the Mountain.
  5. looking forward to it!
  6. Judgement/Execution as a ranged ability could be pretty neat, kind of like a holy sort of version of Confessor Absolution, though on a shorter range.
  7. Ability to turn wind off.

    I don't know if it was how you rendered your video or what, but your audio sounds really off in general. Do you have some sort of equaliser or some such thing running? I know I used to mess around with some options in Realtek years ago to get an echoey quality for certain things, and it sounded pretty much like it does in your video. Maybe have a look at that? Also your link is to an edit page, instead of your video.
  8. you just blew my mind. I didn't think of it that way.
  9. more or less I was getting at that I currently have 12 pips. if I had 15 pips, like you said I wouldn't have that bonus if I rolled 7. that said, I feel like I understand the system a lot better from this thread, so thanks
  10. The 86 pick was an Amazing, and the 70 was a Great and just for reference if I rolled a 7 pip Good, with my current stats, it'd probably get me a 60 or so
  11. I find doing batches of 20 at a time and doing big experiment rolls really helps. You don't need super high end mats, but it certainly helps. I've started just using greens and it's basically all you need for high end picks. Anything above a moderate on a single 7 pip experiment will land you in pretty high numbers. A 7 pip moderate gets me about a 26 or 27 I think it is, which is usable for low end. This is my best without pots This is my best with. I usually get about 10 good tools out of every 20, which isn't bad. Some might say it's a waste of mats, but you win some and you lose some, that's just a fact. Still trying to figure out how to really work the durability rolls though, because I don't think big rolls cut it most of the time.
  12. I always figured they'd be part of the training progression. Like, access to rune tools and minor crafting at the first novice training node, then on to weapon disc components and then into major disc crafting. Strange they'd go this route
  13. Champion builds.

    Shh, he's always been good and balanced, ever since Hunger Dome. Don't let anyone know, it'll be our secret.
  14. I'm interested in these intermediate tools. More what the requirements for crafting will be. Currently it's 3 wood for basics, and 1 paper, 3 stone, and 4 ore for advanced. Will it just be the same recipe as advanced tools, but without the bonuses? What kind of difference will they make? Will it just require slag? If that's the case, will you remove slag as a usable component in rune tools and have them focus on using advanced materials?