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  1. I hope they can keep advantages and disadvantages separate from minors, having it at character creation like initially intended. I do like the idea of humans and half elves being able to nullify one, or it could even be as simple as just giving them more points to take advantages at creation. I also like the idea of stacking minors for new effects, but share the same concern. However his second idea of minor utility buffs works too, although it's a bit more boring.
  2. You going to team up with ROME, or stay split? Watch out for those Huns.
  3. The longest and best siege was in the campaign with no reward or anything on the line? Makes me glad to see. Very cool video
  4. No I'm saying this because you're intentionally ignoring the fact that there are pretty dedicated testers who do indeed test regularly. Some tend to keep track of a handful of bugs to see if they've been fixed with each patch on test. I'm saying you'd know this if you went to those forums. Email is great for the showstopper exploits, which has happened a few times in the past. ACE doesn't like those bugs to be advertised on the boards.
  5. They're aware of some. A lot of bugs get pushed aside for bigger more pressing issues, even if they are reported multiple times. If you're actually concerned with how much testing is being done, I'd suggest looking at the bug reports and feedback forum. But I think I know how much of that you've done.
  6. I like how Todd was talking about Disc overhauls at about 10 minutes in. Glad he's thinking about it, and interested in what they might do.
  7. If you're going to wipe, no half measures. Skill wipe will still leave a power gap between those with prior gear and training and those without
  8. Crowfall Classic? Crowfall: Battle Royale? Crowfall - Patreon Exclusive Edition? I hope they are just building up to another massive reveal. I suspect that the only reveal they could do at this point is release or alpha/beta.
  9. Cloaks with unique buffs or abilities like this would be neat.
  10. Think they'll finally reduce the rank of mats in gr to 1-4 or something, infected 5-7 and campaign as 8-10. Waiting to see more though
  11. Bravo! This awe inspiring speech sent a tidal wave of emotion straight to my soul!
  12. Didn't see this edit. One of the great things about old Big World, was you could hear people from incredibly far away, and the sounds from harvesting were very distinct. Half the fun was trying to pinpoint where you heard it from. Stuff like that would be neat, thinking about it.
  13. Mino knight is one I'm not really sure on. I like the idea on paper, and it's really one of the only classes that might fit. Ignoring any lore of course. Centaur rangers are a bit of a hot topic among some. They're a mythology staple, and I don't see why they shouldn't be included. It wouldn't be much different to wood elves with their trailmaster and blink. Fae rangers is more capitalising on their ability, a slippery flyer, to me, is a fitting choice for a ranger. As for Human and Half-Elf duelists, I think half elves need love, and duelist should be opened up a bit more. My thought behind it is perhaps some less than savoury humans or half elves were able to procure duelist arms, gunpowder, etc and recreate it through extensive study. Eventually it would spread from there. Something like that. Myrm Rats could totally happen. Deep down you know you want it. I think we already discussed elken druids earlier, or in another thread. I like the concept, but it is indeed not lore friendly currently. I disagree. When I think wood elves, I'm sure they'd have some sort of guardians or protectors for ground warfare, and close quarters. Also they don't have plate wearers currently. So knight is a good pick. I don't think you should discount half giant rangers. They're basically nomadic hunters and brawlers. Why they wouldn't learn how to use a bow is odd. Also minotaurs can be rangers, and they've got big sausage fingers. Besides, using a bow requires muscle. Less dex, more str. Video games have been lying to you. With that all said, I'd honestly like to see all classes open to all races. Balance be damned.
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