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  1. Some powers don't seem to have tooltips update after taking the 30% cooldown reduction from the Knight talent, Into the Fray. While this isn't exactly a huge issue, it's just not 100% consistent with other powers. For a while, I thought the 30% cooldown just wasn't applying correctly, but I decided to double check against a knight that didn't take the talent and found this. Aura of Terror from Abominable Snowman Haunt from Banshee The final Blood Strike power on the Blade Master disc. (ALSO as an added bug report, the tooltip says it should be bleeding for 1600% weapon dama
  2. Adding to the Poisoner pile with Frostguard can access Poisoner, however, the passive doesn't change the damage type can't use the poisoned blade power and can't slot a poison toxin (even though they inherently get the slot to put in an ice focus (which I assumed may also be able to slot a toxin) I am outraged by this, Hell, just working my way through this list of dark discs on Frostweaver Dead Eye Can't slot or use the Multi-Shot power (I am greatly saddened by this) Lightfoot Can't slot or use Forest Step power on Frostweaver (assuming because of melee
  3. Can take Naiad as a Duelist with the Dark domain, even though you need Wood Elf or Light.
  4. Thorny Warrior major disc power Dagger Spin can't be used on a Templar. The power itself says it requires energy, but Templar only has Pips.
  5. Seen a few discs with missing descriptions on powers, as on Ambush below. The other one I saw was Storm Avatar on the Avatar of Storms disc. I'll have to skim through them again and update as I go.
  6. When I first complained about wartribe gear stats, this is what I was expecting them to eventually add to crafting. There are a ton of combinations that now go unused. Instead we got, attribute coatings. Which is fine, but I think they may have misinterpreted what was asked when people said "wartribe stats"
  7. I've been thinking about it a bit more, and I was kind of apprehensive at first because it does seem like a great reduction in choice. And really it is, going from about 30 odd discs from the total original pool, to only whatever exists in each domain. Doing some quick maths, 15 domains with 110 discs total, leaves you with 7 discs per domain. So maybe 14 discs total to choose from, assuming 1 from race selection, 1 from class promo. That all said, I think it could lead to greater variety, with the potential for difficult choices if there are solid choices in each domain. Instead of aroun
  8. Style for crafters. At least until they start putting crafting stats on them, like the Kane badge.
  9. Really liking the changes here. Especially to Spinning Backfist, though are blinds going away? Barbarian looks a lot better. Having movespeed on its warrior is a more fitting. Demoralising Shout looks like a great add. In fact, pretty much everything new is really solid. Really looking forward to getting my hands on it.
  10. Good luck and have fun. We already know how much of a great disruptor small guilds can be, so you might be pretty successful.
  11. Let's break down the top 5 You've got Winterblades, who are large and organised, with an insane amount of game knowledge. Next up is Earth, catapulted to the top thanks to organised effort of KGV. If it wasn't Earth, you might have seen their guild in that slot. Then there's LOD, who are large and organised vets. Corvus Citadel, also large and organised vets. FOEX, small, but organised and committed. In business terms, you could call us agile, and I cringe somewhat at the thought of using that unironically. Below that is Nordic Marauders and Meta Cartel. They're as committed
  12. Yes, but I'm talking super hard entrance restrictions, as in, I have only 10 days training, therefore I can't join this campaign with my guild who have months. Or, as I've seen suggested before, a token barrier to entry, as in, your guild can't join a dregs campaign since you don't have the requisite currency, and need to farm say a factions campaign in order to join the next dregs. Those are the kinds of restrictions I do not ever want to see. A cap on what can be farmed, brought in, and brought out, is fine, and was to be expected. Point is, I forgot to add, is there should be at lea
  13. For sure. This is the same thing I've seen pop up a few times and it never sits right with me. If people want to play a certain ruleset together, then let them. Artificially segmenting players through resource availability or access restrictions (level is ok, I think though, since you should be 30 at all times in campaign) isn't acceptable.
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