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  1. remember when all that poorly made dergs was pinned on the general forum, and drowned out player discussion
  2. Good luck, have fun. Hope you find success
  3. the closest we could have had was when the spirit bank was directly tied to import/export. so banking all the time in field would chew up your exports. it was more beneficial to haul everything back to the nearest fort, dump everything in the local bank, and sort it out later when you had a stack. Of course, i think just unlocking from campaign would reset the import/export counter, so it didn't matter. But it is kind of close to that.
  4. but have you considered both sides of the argument? :^)
  5. Mobile banking just isn't fun. Less people traversing the world back to a keep or world bank, whichever might be closer. If you have a keep, there's no reason not to have it, no hard choice to be made.
  6. Imagine having two dudes hitting a solo node and you still can't bust it down in one stam bar. Pathetic.
  7. I mean, there's definitely disparity between ultimates in general, and the usefulness of invuln on each of them. The invuln on my Champion is a lot more useful than that on Confessor or Assassin. Or rather, it's more immediately useful, since I'd be in melee still fighting, and not invis and blinking away. I think it has its place in certain situations, but not all, and there would need to be more careful balance between how quickly you gain something with invuln vs without, and obviously which powers get it. Not just a sweeping, everything has it or none do.
  8. Runemaking feels fine, if a little fast. The high churn on tools makes it feel pretty good, since I'm making bulk amounts in one sitting for our gathering runs. It's not like other crafts where the proc chance compared to the effort required to make an item that procs it is skewed in a pretty bad way. Runemaking is the last one you need to be looking at, tbh. Tools are insanely cheap, you need and make a lot of them, and you burn through a lot. You're going to proc quite a few in one sitting, easily.
  9. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like making builds. There's a lot to think about. Gathering feels pretty good, maybe needs some tweaking on drops compared to say caravans. But otherwise good. As a runemaker, I like crafting. It's simple, straight to the point. Not a lot of extraneous bits and pieces. Low cost, fairly low durability makes for great churn that's not a pain to replace. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better?
  10. When I first complained about wartribe gear stats, this is what I was expecting them to eventually add to crafting. There are a ton of combinations that now go unused. Instead we got, attribute coatings. Which is fine, but I think they may have misinterpreted what was asked when people said "wartribe stats"
  11. I've been thinking about it a bit more, and I was kind of apprehensive at first because it does seem like a great reduction in choice. And really it is, going from about 30 odd discs from the total original pool, to only whatever exists in each domain. Doing some quick maths, 15 domains with 110 discs total, leaves you with 7 discs per domain. So maybe 14 discs total to choose from, assuming 1 from race selection, 1 from class promo. That all said, I think it could lead to greater variety, with the potential for difficult choices if there are solid choices in each domain. Instead of aroun
  12. Style for crafters. At least until they start putting crafting stats on them, like the Kane badge.
  13. Really liking the changes here. Especially to Spinning Backfist, though are blinds going away? Barbarian looks a lot better. Having movespeed on its warrior is a more fitting. Demoralising Shout looks like a great add. In fact, pretty much everything new is really solid. Really looking forward to getting my hands on it.
  14. Good luck and have fun. We already know how much of a great disruptor small guilds can be, so you might be pretty successful.
  15. Let's break down the top 5 You've got Winterblades, who are large and organised, with an insane amount of game knowledge. Next up is Earth, catapulted to the top thanks to organised effort of KGV. If it wasn't Earth, you might have seen their guild in that slot. Then there's LOD, who are large and organised vets. Corvus Citadel, also large and organised vets. FOEX, small, but organised and committed. In business terms, you could call us agile, and I cringe somewhat at the thought of using that unironically. Below that is Nordic Marauders and Meta Cartel. They're as committed
  16. Yes, but I'm talking super hard entrance restrictions, as in, I have only 10 days training, therefore I can't join this campaign with my guild who have months. Or, as I've seen suggested before, a token barrier to entry, as in, your guild can't join a dregs campaign since you don't have the requisite currency, and need to farm say a factions campaign in order to join the next dregs. Those are the kinds of restrictions I do not ever want to see. A cap on what can be farmed, brought in, and brought out, is fine, and was to be expected. Point is, I forgot to add, is there should be at lea
  17. For sure. This is the same thing I've seen pop up a few times and it never sits right with me. If people want to play a certain ruleset together, then let them. Artificially segmenting players through resource availability or access restrictions (level is ok, I think though, since you should be 30 at all times in campaign) isn't acceptable.
  18. Welcome back. Looking forward to the PAIN!
  19. I've started getting myself set up for later this week so I, and the rest of the guild, can start harvesting more stuff. Runemaking you can at least do, necromancy is ass though since you have to wait on the shovel unlock. Sitting around and just waiting for training? There's a lot you can do in the meantime.
  20. Current training is exactly how it will be at release. It used to be 10x (3x actually i think, and 10x on test) faster for testing purposes. It will take you less than 2 weeks to use an advanced tool that lines up with your main gathering
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