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  1. 2 hours ago, CovertPlague said:

    So now have a good time managing your dmg to not kill your friends. This is Guild vs Guild you can't group up with the other faction and go out on a killing spree so you shouldn't be able to group up with others outside of your guild or alliance either.

    You know it's funny you mention this, because before alliances were implemented, this very thing happened, more than a few times.
    In case you don't watch it, because I know you won't watch it, you've got LoD hitting Winterblades from behind during a siege against Dis. They worked together (whether prearranged or not) to defend.
    Hell, you can even see this now, if you've ever watched a Zybak video where he jumps into a fight as a third party ganker in Dregs.
    It's not rocket science.
    Having "a good time managing damage to not kill your friends" is as simple as not shooting the red names with a shield you like.
    You don't need to group to not kill someone. You don't need to group to roll over people you want dead.


  2. 6 hours ago, Jubileet said:

    This is why i think if we break up the conglomerate guilds, we can have tons of 10 player guilds fight constantly, the world would be spiced up if we made the few large guilds fight their own for a change.

    This won't work though.
    No matter how many times this suggestion crops up, no matter the context, the answer is the same.
    Large guilds aren't just going to fight each other so you can have a good time. All you do is give us Large Guild #1, Large Guild #2, Large Guild #3
    We saw this in ECS with multiple teams from one guild.
    We saw this during alpha/beta when divine favour was based on a per member, and you had score being fed to an umbrella guild of sorts.
    I know for a fact that if I were in a position to steamroll a bunch of you nerds who want to play "fair" in your 10 man guild, with a group of 5+ 10 man guilds, I absolutely would.
    No one here is going to play nice so you can get your warm and fuzzies, and nor are they obliged to.

  3. Good day ladies and gentlemen.
    After the move from the old beta forums, to the brand new live forums, we've lost a pretty important thread that served as a binding for new and unguilded players. The LFG Thread.
    Since no one has stepped up just yet, I figured I'd do the old copy/paste and help bring back this anchor.
    The idea is simple:

    • Advertise yourself or your group if you are guildless
    • Don't use this as a platform to advertise your guild. Instead PM the person you're interested in
    • Once you find a guild, edit your post to say so.

    Below is the copied over thread body, and an example of the format people used to use.



    Please Read Before Posting

    If you are an un-guilded player who is looking for an active guild to join in Crowfall, please use this thread to post a little bit about yourself, so interested guilds may contact you. There are no specific rules about what you should include, however, the more accurately you describe yourself as a gamer, the better chance a guild with similar interests has of finding you.
    Players: if you successfully find a guild, please edit your original post to indicate that you are no longer LFG. Otherwise you will likely continue receiving PMs. Another thing you can do is note your preferred contact method, whether it be on the forums, or through Discord/whatever voice or chat program you use. Just be sure you want to be contacted outside the forums first, and drop your details
    Guild Leaders: Do not advertise your guild in this thread. If you see individuals who are LFG that you are interested in recruiting, please contact them through private message. This thread is for un-guilded players.
    →Example of things you might want to include: Class, Focus, Time Zone, Play Style, Prior Experience, and of course what your looking for in a guild and what you can bring to the guild.





    Below is the format people tended to use.

    Guild criteria:

    • Region: ex. US, EU, OCE, SEA
    • Atmosphere: ex. Looking for a guild with a no nonense, down to earth vibe
    • Casual/Hardcore?:
    • Size: ex. Small scale, mid size, large, MEGA ZERG
    • Play-Style: ex. Heals, scouting, crafter, the dude who does the big damage, whatever you think your playstyle is. What is your gameplan?
    • Commitment: ex. 16 hours a day
    • Miscellaneous: ex. could be anything, related to real life availability, in game behaviour, what you do and don't want to do. Perhaps what you expect from a guild.

    Experience: ex. games you've played in the past that you feel might be relevant, whether it be Shadowbane or Hello Kitty Online,

    Voice-Chat services: and finally, do you use vent, discord, teamspeak, etc. As above, if you prefer to be contacted through one of these programs, be sure to add your details (for example, Player#1234 on Discord)


     Gonna try and get @ACE-Tiggs to pin this 🙏 and hopefully cut back on the individual threads. If this isn't something you want here, just nuke the thread.
    Of course as well if you are new, be sure to check out each thread, as a lot of guilds are quite open to being contacted first.
    If you need examples of what other people have put before, check out the archived thread
    Good luck out there.


  4. I think encouraging fights is what needs to happen, so this was a good change.
    I would be more worried if it was along the lines of the old bolster buff where you just did a ton more damage and had more health. The fact that it just affects your resistance to the environment means a skilled group still wins vs an unskilled group. Just now both groups have more reason to fight, so they have a better chance once the hunger has closed right in.

  5. 2 minutes ago, mystafyi said:

    I remember spirit banking timeframe, my only question is did removing spirit banking actually help spur pvp? I cant remember if there was a period with no spirit/mobile banking without having safe farming areas like gods reach and such.

    the closest we could have had was when the spirit bank was directly tied to import/export. so banking all the time in field would chew up your exports. it was more beneficial to haul everything back to the nearest fort, dump everything in the local bank, and sort it out later when you had a stack.
    Of course, i think just unlocking from campaign would reset the import/export counter, so it didn't matter. But it is kind of close to that.

  6. Hi,

    I would like to again voice my concern regarding Faerie Fire and how it interacts with vanish ults.
    I have outlined my concerns in the below post. What's unfortunate is the doubling down since the first change, and the nerfs to anti-stealth in general (which to be fair, the uptime on certain perception abilities was long), make it seem like you don't want this to be a way of playing at all.


  7. I don't quite understand the change to ults to ignore Faerie Fire.
    Ults should be powerful, ok. I get that.
    But so powerful they render completely useless:

    • A racial
    • A talent
    • and few discs at least

    What was the reasoning? You've taken a 2/3 classes with the ability to stealth, and given them a way to purge stealth blockers. A get out of jail free, on a classes that have the ability to pick battles. In doing so, you've relegated anti-stealth to detection only, and taken away prevention. Because no one simply walks away from a fight just to restealth. You hit that Ult and disappear if you can. Large fights, sure, I could see it happening. Small groups? Nah. If you've got Faerie Fire on you, someone is watching your ass, and making sure you don't pull any stealth shenanigans.

    Please, give me the reason that you decided to nullify entirely a whole ass power. A power with one job: stop stealthers from stealthing.
    One job, and it can't even do it anymore, just so classes who can pick battles, can escape when they've made a poor choice.

    If you really wanted to balance this, you could change the uptime of the power/debuff. At least then, there's a window of opportunity to escape if you're paying attention.

  8. I mean, there's definitely disparity between ultimates in general, and the usefulness of invuln on each of them.
    The invuln on my Champion is a lot more useful than that on Confessor or Assassin. Or rather, it's more immediately useful, since I'd be in melee still fighting, and not invis and blinking away.
    I think it has its place in certain situations, but not all, and there would need to be more careful balance between how quickly you gain something with invuln vs without, and obviously which powers get it. Not just a sweeping, everything has it or none do.

  9. Runemaking feels fine, if a little fast.
    The high churn on tools makes it feel pretty good, since I'm making bulk amounts in one sitting for our gathering runs.
    It's not like other crafts where the proc chance compared to the effort required to make an item that procs it is skewed in a pretty bad way.
    Runemaking is the last one you need to be looking at, tbh.
    Tools are insanely cheap, you need and make a lot of them, and you burn through a lot. You're going to proc quite a few in one sitting, easily.

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