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  1. Think of it like this. If some poorly made sockskicker guild decided they wanted to challenge me, I'm not going to put up my top tier resources in escrow because I'm not an arrogant fool. Another thing with that same point, if I did happen to fight them and they brought in some reinforcements from top tier guilds, I could just surrender and lose whatever garbage resources I offered. You seem to be overthinking it too much. On another note, it's a pvp game, not a hugbox simulator.
  2. Yes, and? High heels in a fantasy video game isn't a concern at all. Chances are, the people complaining about this never cared about the game at all and never intended to play. Only complaining for the sake of it and to push "muh sexism in video games". You should get off your high horse.
  3. Just upgraded from Silver Patron to Gold Early Bird. Aww yeah.
  4. Pretty sure you are the only person in this thread who gets it.
  5. That's the thing though. You could help someone out one minute and stab them in the back the next. If it is a battle royale last/last man standing type deal, then yes, you'll probably have small groups forming to help each other out. But at the end of the day, no one in that group has an obligation to split loot or anything like that.
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