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  1. Welcome back. Looking forward to the PAIN!
  2. I've started getting myself set up for later this week so I, and the rest of the guild, can start harvesting more stuff. Runemaking you can at least do, necromancy is ass though since you have to wait on the shovel unlock. Sitting around and just waiting for training? There's a lot you can do in the meantime.
  3. Current training is exactly how it will be at release. It used to be 10x (3x actually i think, and 10x on test) faster for testing purposes. It will take you less than 2 weeks to use an advanced tool that lines up with your main gathering
  4. Guild patch notes time is my favourite time. Come say hi.
  5. Welcome and good luck
  6. Had to dig into my video archives for this, but they once had it like this. I think the armour mitigations thing was changed only relatively recently, while I think the regen and move speed thing didn't even make it to Big World, if i remember correctly. https://imgur.com/a/XxQ9UgI Just added in the leather bonuses to an album, if anyone was interested for historical purposes.
  7. Interesting take, however, I think that point 3, while sounding good on paper, would end up encourage having multiple accounts and such, more so than already. While ACE might enjoy it, and it may not be a huge issue for everyone playing, I think it's a bit of prickly situation for people coming in. I guess it's a balance thing. I'm all for having your first harvest/craft train max out quickly.
  8. My job as a harvester isn't to have a fair fight, it's to get in, get the good poorly made dergs, and get out. I don't care how bad you feel when I mount up and disappear over the horizon.
  9. definitely not built for fighting a Champion head on like that.
  10. Welcome! Good luck, have fun.
  11. I wanna know what the plan is moving forward now that Frostweaver has been released. More regarding art/animation-wise adding in more discs, or weapon types for existing classes. Maybe even expanding class selection for races. I think it's been answered before, but also if there will be another pass on the talent tree. It's mostly good now, progression-wise, but some specs are a little lackluster compared to others. It'd be cool to one day see the more diverse looking promotions that were teased with the Kickstarter.
  12. It's late, I'm bored. I've compiled the caravan footage I had from the first Dregs campaign and slapped it together. I kind of like caravans, but I think it needs a bit of work. AI can be a bit funky, and caused the most issues. However, the rewards (being a full stack of mats) is pretty well worth it, especially if you get blues. Not yet sure if it'll replace a regular motherlode or solo node run for me, but time will tell. Video is mostly walking and AI jank, don't take it too seriously.
  13. If you limit guild size, you're just going to get secondary guilds under the same banner. Ultimately you achieve nothing. Dregs isn't impossible for smaller guilds, but if that's much of a concern, maybe it'd be worth looking at playing Faction campaigns. The aim on Test now is Dregs, though.
  14. Now I'm with you. I think it's just easier for them to say, Gem Harvest chance, rather than Diamond, etc, since they're specific to a node. If they brought in more gems, minerals, it could be done, (depending on combinations). But currently, it'd be tedious, and less intuitive.
  15. This exists. You can make seals to craft into gear that gives you these bonuses. At this point I'm just padding my post count.
  16. See my above post. Though I believe instead of bones as a bonus chance, it's blood on skinning knives.
  17. This stuff is already in, you just need to know the combination of materials required.
  18. Crafting and gathering gear exists exactly like this.
  19. I JUST WANT MY OLD ROUTINE BACK! WFH is the big suck. I've been spending so much money on Ubereats. Send help.
  20. God I've been waiting to see this skull mace again for such a long time.
  21. Here's one I found last patch. Of course, at the point I picked this up, crafted gear was definitely outshining this weapon, but if someone wanted to try out Druid, this would be a great start. Not only that, but the +30 INT made it a nice stat booster for crafting. I guess it just feels bad at the start. I don't disagree that crafting should take time to make it impactful. Could it be that without a salvage mechanic to say, pull off modifiers or materials, that dropped gear is pretty powerful compared to a day 1/week 1 crafter. I'm willing to wait it out to see what happens by l
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