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  1. I mean. You can. There isn't anything stopping you. The stat you need is whatever you want it to be. As in my screenshot, for a champion, INT increases crit damage and DEX increases crit chance. Since i was planning an Alpha Warrior, dex and crit chance weren't as important, as i can build up guaranteed crits through Dominance. Likewise, strength was a more secondary stat due to the good amount of Attack Power increases through talents. At least that was my thinking. Int for me was a good pick, because it helped my craft, and benefit the class i wanted to play. Pre-alpha is a good time to try out things like this. You're too hung up and standards and "meta"
  2. As much as I'd love to see it, the last part of elken lore says there is still a curse over gaea's woods. So it's still probably just a lot of unsuspecting hunters and whatnot being transformed, rather than druids and such. Actually lore-wise, you'd more likely have rat druids, i think.
  3. Primary attributes, like strength, int, dex, etc. Secondary stats like critical hit, attack power, support power etc. Primary attributes will give you small bonuses to secondary stats. But you will get more of a secondary stat from gear itself if it's well crafted. When you gain a level, you'll get points to spend on attributes, and any class can spend them in any attribute. For example, the time I was dumping INT on my champion, because I wanted to try something and also because it helped with my crafting.
  4. For sure. There's a lot of overlap. Things like strength might affect your damage if you're a knight or champion, but also woodworking overall. Depending on your class and chosen crafting profession, you could use one character for both. The only thing you'll really want to keep in mind are secondary stats, which you can get an extra boost of from gear. So things like Crit damage, or extra Experimentation or Assembly.
  5. MAGICAL MELEE PET CLASS CONFIRMED? Don't toy with me, pls
  6. I wonder how busted it would be to have Vindicator's whole shtick be removing these caps when you activate holy warrior. So these stats that over-cap normally, instead give you incredible stats for a short time. Of course, the cooldown and charge time would need looking at, and maybe some number tweaking, but it could be real neat. Kind of like how Alpha Warrior Champ gets guaranteed crits. May be too gimmicky though.
  7. Very cool video, glad to see these kinds of numbers
  8. Merfolk when we finally get the coveted underwater expansion :^)
  9. I've had this sitting around for a while. If I could add one class to each race, it might be this. Though revisiting it, I'd not add knight to any. Kind of felt like a throwaway as the other classes didn't seem to fit right with those races. Also no Frostweaver, because don't even know what it's like. Maybe Mino assassin for memes.
  10. Personally I think the game needs more elves. A Half-Giant Elf would be a good start, pls and thank you. In fact, replace all existing races with elves.
  11. Groovin


    Used to run a build with bows way back just for some utility. The damage itself wasn't a huge draw, but the ability to root someone beyond melee range was super handy.
  12. Don't worry, fellas. Keep trying and maybe one day, you too, will have your very own War Story article. Like me. See you at the top. Or not?
  13. Recently watched a video about something called Lanchester's Laws. Using Age of Empires as an example, it basically uses math to more or less predict the outcome of a fight between equally skilled units of different sizes. The long and short of it is, numbers generally win, however skill, training etc can skew the outcome.
  14. could you keep all this poorly made socks to one custard thread, thanks
  15. http://foeguild.enjin.com/login/do/register Only one way to find out. Smash that register button, fill out an application under the Recruitment tab and we'll have a look.
  16. Guys I don't appreciate you trying to hijack my thread. When you get your own war story article, then I'll allow it. So come back once you've got a seat at the table of champions. Thanks,
  17. I just want to thank everyone in Flames of Exile for their support. Without them, this victory would have been for nothing. It's so nice to be able to give back to the true Kings and Queens of Balance. The Chosen Exiles march forward to their next victory.
  18. I honestly don't think this is too much out of the way. Right now equipping a staff on druid changes your LMB to orbs from spark. Surely, even if the animation stays the same, they could different effects or something. However that may take away from discs that give those effects on basic attacks, so who knows.
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