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  1. I think DoTs could use a slight buff. I've been trying to make a build work for a while, but I think it may require a specific class/disc combo, not something just everyone can take, which is a shame. I would like to see more DoT effects on discs. Some, like the DoT from Poisoner, could use a hella big buff, as it only does about <10 per tick (though it can stack 3 times). Plague Lord diseases feel okay, at about 70 or 80 they tick for, would like to see a slight buff, however, I'd understand leaving them as is due to the added effects they have (knockdowns etc). Severe bleeds feel pr
  2. 1st Place Faction: Top 30% players of the faction leaderboard will receive the Gold Sigil of Valkyn 2nd Place Faction: Top 20% players of the faction leaderboard will receive the Gold Sigil of Valkyn 3rd Place Faction: Top 10% players of the faction leaderboard will receive the Gold Sigil of Valkyn All Others on all factions will receive the Silver Sigil of Valkyn So a pretty significant chunk
  3. Call me Groovin of the Dickbutt faction
  4. no. I'm talking about the debuff you get when you leave combat and have a movespeed buff, something like Trailblazer. it's called pathfinding. it lasts 10 seconds or so and you don't move at trailblazer speed until it wears off. that's what I'm talking about. if mounting had that same debuff we wouldn't have people zipping off into the distance the moment you show up. there's food that can decrease this time, but it's by a small amount.
  5. Who's complaining about what here? What problems will pathfinding on mounts create?
  6. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It gives a class a small nuance, kind of like the extra mount speed knights can pick up. Not integral, but cool flavour to have There's always pathfinding food, if it's that big a deal.
  7. @thomasblair Pathfinding on mounts? I am adamant on this idea.
  8. Nope. It's pretty good. As Staff said, it's a good time to get out and smash some rocks because all the lesser trained harvesters aren't clogging up spawns. Just went out last night to grab some minerals and stone for vessels and we came away with a decent haul. PvP might fall off, but that's more time to PvTree unmolested :^)
  9. OP is already complaining about not being able to gather gems and minerals solo, and you'd rather give groups less incentive to hit motherlodes in late season because...? You're not wrong about higher rank nodes driving more pvp. I know a particular cat spawn that is a pretty consistent pvp spot. Same with zombie/spider canyon. However, keep in mind that if plentiful harvest pips aren't declining in the later seasons, we'll likely be back to how it was before seasons. As in, unless you are trained, you have no plentiful harvest. So even less incentive for unskilled players to go out and fa
  10. "Variant of" isn't a new thing. Since we're able to name things, it's so you know what you're getting on a crafted item. For example, this sword I crafted a very long time ago. Groovin's Greatsword, Variant of: Two handed sword. Why it's on Discs, I don't know, since I'm pretty sure you can't rename them.
  11. Last big harvest run I've been on, we got enough minerals for about 5 vessels after about an hour or so of smacking rocks. Hitting rank 8-10 nodes, more often than not, they were spitting out 6 minerals by the end of the motherlode. Basically, it's not a problem. Harvesting group are no problem either, as it's doable with simply 2 people. 3 or 4 if you really want to speed through it, but at that point if you're targeting specific nodes, you'll probably end up waiting around for respawns The drop chances are more than decent if you get all the mineral chance nodes in the bas
  12. Just throwing in my experience which may be related. Getting the same issue with posts not showing or updating at all. It's basically a snapshot of what I've seen last. Clearing cookies refreshed it, but it doesn't appear to have fixed the issue.
  13. Groovin


    I think the problem is mostly exacerbated by the fact that there are factions where spies are completely safe. The campaigns with the largest rewards, ie Dregs, won't have this issue unless they had specifically infiltrated your guild/alliance. In which case you got played 100%. Of course, that doesn't remove that fact that multiple accounts give multiple training avenues, which could be perceived as a bigger problem.
  14. Let's count https://imgur.com/a/JJQk25G Can't expect someone who doesn't play to understand. You should stop spreading misinformation. You don't need miner or logger.
  15. You don't have to drop combat discs. Bare minimum, you just need The Reaper as a minor.
  16. I seem to recall this actually being a thing at one stage. Except it only showed once and then faded away. Not sure why it wasn't just a standard part of the UI.
  17. My favourite was when people thought the game would launch in 2016 because that's what the estimated delivery date on kickstarter said :^) Been a long ride, looks like we're coming home soon™ though.
  18. I think you've got it backwards. If they're in an EK, they can move freely between EKs. However, once you put a vessel into a campaign, it's locked until the end.
  19. Could you keep all your ideas to one thread? This is as bad as bot spam.
  20. The Beachhead Summer Day track gave me vibes of Sumner's Tower from Gauntlet Dark Legacy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAsOdHxQfXs A place where you can plan your next move, knowing you're about to roll out to the battlefield pretty soon, all with that track building up in the background.
  21. Love a good elemental, and these guys look awesome. Wondering how they'll fit in. Thinking Frostweaver might be our first pet class
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