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  1. 1 hour ago, soulein said:

    More classes for existing races please. Centaur Ranger, High Elf Cleric, open up duelist to other races...

    I've had this sitting around for a while. If I could add one class to each race, it might be this.

    Though revisiting it, I'd not add knight to any. Kind of felt like a throwaway as the other classes didn't seem to fit right with those races.
    Also no Frostweaver, because don't even know what it's like.

    Maybe Mino assassin for memes.


  2. Used to run a build with bows way back just for some utility.
    The damage itself wasn't a huge draw, but the ability to root someone beyond melee range was super handy.



  3. Whatever happened to having a break in God's Reach?
    Could we not just end the campaign at the original time and have a hooligan around in GR while we wait for whatever you've got planned.

    Those that are screeching and screaming for constant campaigns are gone, and I for one have been burnt out for a while. Likely other people too.
    I think it's time you reintroduced that GR break period.

  4. 4 hours ago, Craggin said:

    The current state of chat is non-workable.  Forgetting the delay which will be rectified eventually, having to completely stop moving to pull up your inventory or throw something into a chat window cannot continue in a PVP centric game.

    Luckily enough, new patch on test lets you do all of this while moving now.
    About damn time really.

  5. 11 minutes ago, oneply said:

    The problem is there is no need for gear past uncommon unless you’re min/maxing a crafter. 

    Man hours also need to be a factor. In the new system. One person can spend a day farming common and outfit a whole guild for a campaign. The man hours:reward ratio is very favorable. It takes a guild days to hopefully outfit themselves in blues+ for a campaign. Poor man hours:reward ratio. 

    If the curve is so flat it barely gives any advantage why would any guild invest so much effort into better “quality”. A few hundred durability? Ha, I can have commons flying out my *** for what it would cost for that one legendary. 

    Legendary will be vanity items. 

    My thoughts on this come back to the number of posts I've seen wanting a) flat power curve and b) easy come easy go gear.

    Currently gear is easy go, but being viable in the easy come gear is significantly harder. I suppose this addresses that.

    However, i do feel the sentiment that now it's hard to argue why would anyone bother with higher quality gear if whites are just as good. Like you said, vanity. But is that motivation enough?

    I briefly wondered if ACE would put quality restrictions on gear too, much like discs. Hope not tbh.

  6. 4 hours ago, Dakoth said:

    Zerging logical thought that “numbers” always prevail in a battle has been disproved through out human history. Many times in Europe the actual deciding factor wasn’t  who could field the largest number of peasant conscripts, but who could field the largest number of well armed and well trained knights.


    the Zerg mentality starts not as a will to win, but a psychological need to win as the specific type of person that chooses the Zerg because it wins and not because they are tired of being a victim to game mechanics ties their self worth to “winning” the game.

    Recently watched a video about something called Lanchester's Laws.
    Using Age of Empires as an example, it basically uses math to more or less predict the outcome of a fight between equally skilled units of different sizes.
    The long and short of it is, numbers generally win, however skill, training etc can skew the outcome.


  7. One thing I've noticed while harvesting is that the weak spot target graphic sometimes disappears right after spawning, but functionally they still work as normal (if you remember where they were).
    Also, hitting a weak spot doesn't immediately appear to do the extra damage, but instead does it on next hit. The initial hit shows the red damage text, but no sound or increased damage. Next hit does the increased damage with sound, but with normal flytext. It's just weird.
    Will have to grab some footage next time I'm on.

  8. 11 hours ago, coolster50 said:

    I'd very much like it if each weapon had a unique lmb. That, to me, would make the choice a bit more meaningful. Maybe the Axe lmb adds a bleed, while the long sword adds a slow

    I honestly don't think this is too much out of the way.
    Right now equipping a staff on druid changes your LMB to orbs from spark. Surely, even if the animation stays the same, they could different effects or something.
    However that may take away from discs that give those effects on basic attacks, so who knows.

  9. Long ago, that's how it used to work. You'd walk up to a node and summon the correct tool from your belt, and it'd be "active" (not needed to be summoned again) for 10-20 seconds after you stopped hitting a node.
    Not sure why they changed it specifically, but it was around the time they gave us "action harvesting".
    Probably so you could start harvesting at a moments notice, instead of waiting out the animation every time.


    Takes me back to a time I'm not sure I miss, tbh.

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