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  1. Haha
    Groovin got a reaction from ilogos in Full wipe ETA?   
    Wipe away this post
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    Groovin reacted to oneply in If I were Todd, what would I do to get the players motivated   
    Agreed except for 6 & 7.
    Turning it into a super solo friendly game removes the interdependence on each other.
    Outposts should give gathering  bonuses to their parcel. That would generate a lot of small scale meaningful PvP. 
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    Groovin reacted to Pann in Changes with News updates   
    Hey, Crows!
    I'll keep this short for now and we can discuss it in more depth if anyone has questions or comments. 
    Our tradition has been to do at least two news updates per week with the occasional Founders' Update on Wednesdays. We're going to switch things up a bit now and do one news story per week and occasional blog-like posts on the forum. The difference between them being that news items are geared more towards "big beats," juicy information with wide appeal to the masses while the blog posts will be information that's mostly of interest to the engaged player/tester community. 
    We're still working out the fine details, but I wanted to go ahead and get this posted so people who were waiting for today's news update will know why it didn't happen. 

    Ask me your questions, Bridgekeeper. I am not afraid, 
    ~ Pann ~
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    Groovin reacted to Hyriol in Warstory: Timing is Everything   
    What's that?  Some low-down, dirty Chaos are a' siegin' our keep?  Saddle up and let's ride, boys!  The not-so-Lone Ranger is bringin' the cavalry!  Will we get there in time to save the Tree of Life from destruction?  Keep an eye on that Tree of Life percent:
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    Groovin reacted to CrusaderW in Warstory: Crowfall epic 25 min PvP 3v3 Champion Gameplay   
    Last night an attempt to take a Fort from Balance turned into the best 24 minutes of PvP gameplay I had in a long time!!! Thanks to Fighter, Kegel, Fayde, Muff1ns1 and Relax for the great time
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    Groovin reacted to damebix in NA - Chaos Emerges   
    After a few lull weeks, the forces of Chaos have emerged and started laying siege across the map.  The score has become very close in the early months of summer.  The following occurs at the Balance Stonghold where Chaos & Balance forces arrive at the same time.  Chaos nearly doubles the numbers of Balance, but with quick thinking and maneuvering, the Balance are able to hold onto their keep after the walls have been breached.
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    Groovin reacted to Pann in An apple a day - Official discussion thread   
    Spend less time chowing down and more time throwing down

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    Groovin reacted to Fauno in ACE reacquires publishing rights   
    Thanks Kraahk
    Really was a pleasure work with this game. This game have a huge future, at least i believe, and don't forget CM aren't important, the most important is the community, players because without them.... no CM
    I hope see you all, in field, killing spyders, monsters, doing some big wars...:)  I will be there

    Thanks by your words, and have fun.
    Enjoy this great game with a great team.
    Best Regards
  9. Haha
    Groovin reacted to ArcaneFuror in Brief Discussion on Mobbing   
    Ok, let's get two things out of the way, what am I talking about and some obvious disclaimers
    1. What do I mean by 'Mobbing'? Large grouping/parties/gangs packed together. (Planning on discussing the consequences, how it may affect the game/experience, should it be considered an issue, ect.)
    2. Whether you see it as an issue (or not), there's always multiple factors that cause something. For this some obvious factors for the magnitude of it include: Small population-so one person difference matters more than a normal mmo population would be, demographics of the population, organization, circumstance, ect.
    And obviously working in groups is a good thing in a multiplayer environment. But my main question I raise is, "Is it too much? Chiefly does it favor/necessitate mobbing too much?" (Also please feel free to bring up other questions or concerns regarding this topic or a similar topic in the discussion.

    Lets take for example this past campaign:
    The Trial of Maeve has come to a conclusion, and is where I feel this topic has had the most obvious effects.
    Nobody can claim that balance were lacking in numbers; multiple factors such as organized guilds moving there together, people wanting to join the winning side, and also from an rp/lore perspective balance is the more neutral and wide reaching faction of the three. Ok that last one is my opinion and understanding, but I digress.

    But what happened exactly and what makes me bring the discussion up? Well... the first few weeks weren't exactly... pleasant
    Rolling death type unpleasant.

    I was on chaos, who scored second by a good margin away from order (R.I.P. order), and at one point near the end we kinda got close to balance. But wait! I can almost hear the clacking of detractors saying "Yall got close! There was no problem see! You just countered your argument". I'd argue we only got as close as we did because balance got bored and lazy, and then kicked their 'mobbing machine' into a more active state just to secure their win.
    Why would they get bored and lazy? Because there wasn't enough prey. In the spring/summer months, especially in the early spring months, you were almost garunteed to run into balance, and when you did, it was at least 5+ people. But most common in my experience was running into at least 7 man groups, and there wasnt even any sieges near me! Just roaming death squads hoping for some loot, plumping up their K/D/A ratios (Keep this in mind later). This obviously killed the mood for some people in chaos/order, especially if you weren't in a guild or were in the small guilds (We all know the kind, the small 5 man guilds that are more like friend clubhouses than anything, nothing wrong with them obviously, those can be a blast sometimes if you get the right group, but they're not exactly competitive material in most cases). So what do people do? They take a small break and think about the new situation.
    So we have a large difference in registered population, organized demographic is also very different, and the already out numbered factions who also have to fight one another are losing some activity. So these death squads rolling around for easy pickings for KDA and maybe some loot aren't getting fulfilled. If 5 people find a small 2 man band, obviously only 2 kills are gonna be gained at max. And the people with these death squads are doing it because they wanna pvp, they wanna fight, they like that stuff. Some may start going in smaller bands or on their own because of the feeling of being unfulfilled, especially if they're already strong and geared up as it is.
    Long anecdote and observations about it are done, so what does this mean? Well we got a list of factors that played into what happened.
    1. This campaign had K/D/A be a part of the leaderboard, which that and the bragging rights it entails is our really only method of competition we have at the moment (and for some, this is the only fun that can be had in these test phases, I'm not much of a PvP person at all, I'd rather just grind xp/mats in a semi-meditative pace in some dungeon or isolated forest someplace, but I digress). 
    2. Sure the death mechanic got a change halfway through, but still applies to a similar degree, but the death mechanic really punished death. REALLY punished it. One death hitting all equipped gear's durability to a very significant degree. A handful of deaths could shatter a set alone, much less the normal decay and the like.
    3. Related to number 2, but also the map and the fights necessitated the need for increased movement, aka packpigs. Which had only 200 durability, and cost 900 gold (Expensive thing that easy to break, but necessary for effective play? hmmm). yay for the patch that happened during the campaign allowing us to sell things to npcs for gold!
    4. XP (as far as I've noticed, I havent done a test to verify) isn't split, but rather the same for each participant (If it is split, it isn't a noticeable difference, maybe a mix of split and static baseline?). So this means that it is way more efficient to go in groups (paired with the benefit of being able to always eat the R10s, the biggest bounty, even with some people being under-leveled.) so much so, you'd be considered a fool by any min-maxer/statistician/tryhard for not rolling in a group to improve. Seriously there is no point in not mobbing for this reason alone. And if you've played the game more than 2 hours, you'll quickly notice that leveling is a constant part of life. (Vessel rarities, un-resettable talents, stats relating to gathering and crafting, just to name a few reasons)
    5. Everything of worth is in the pvp zones, and if the anecdotal account hasn't stated anything, they're really dangerous. And of course its part of design, but its still on the list of causes for obvious reasons. But not just the mats and scoring stuff, if you want to level past 15 on a vessel, especially past white vessels where rarity starts to matter, you have to go in pvp zones.

    And this is nowhere near a comprehensive list of everything about it. But is it too much? Should we completely isolate the solo player? or the ones who play more than the few others in their 'clubhouse guilds'? Or the PvE-er who wants to farm or xp run but everyone they can access online are the pvp centrics who are farmed out this campaign and only want to roam around fighting people? Or the one harvester that can gather those nodes in an efficient manner and there's no-one who wants to join to just help keep them safe? ... See where I'm going? The over encouragement of mobbing extends far past a small solo demographic or whatever. And I'd even say harms the "beneficiaries" of this same effect, but instead of it being harm through oppression and grief, but harm through spoiled experience. Too many hunters, not enough prey. Spirit bank being available anywhere, at all times, at no limit (Also the one of very few protections on the small end, able to insure a small portion of their work) made a kill hollow. Being so big made competition virtually non existent, easy claim to resource nodes and being constantly geared, making the impact of death less on them, as if their stuff breaks they can just replace it, where the other side has broken gear being more devastating. The big side just winds up never feeling fully satisfied, as now their wearing premium grade stuff amongst outnumbered foes covered in rags wielding butter-knives. (Haven't you noticed more videos of outnumbered fights? Heck even the most recent of this post war story video was an outnumbered fight being won. *And it was a balance member, hmmm* )

    Thoughts? Questions? Solutions? Throw your two cents about this in here. There's a larger conversation to be had, but I'm ending this here, this has taken a while to write as well... My biggest forum message ever I think... But I really like what this game has the potential of being, so I really want to engage, see what happens, enjoy the ride, and put in my two cents. Maybe something positive will come out of it?
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    Groovin reacted to Pann in Item Rewards - Official discussion thread   
    A first look at how we will facilitate the item reward cycle
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    Groovin reacted to Yumx in Showed Crowfall for 5k viewers   
    So this streamer Reckful, which I have been following for years, were watching viewer streams.
    I thought why not try and show Crowfall this way, because we had created an arena from World of Warcraft, which Reckful have played a lot.

    So he clicked my message, and I showed him a quick and dirty version of Crowfall, and the viewers seemed to love it.

    Here's the VOD (I recommend watching on Twitch in your browser, so you can see chat/viewer responses)
    Starts at 1h 44m 33s

    Was fun!
  12. Haha
    Groovin reacted to Izaak in gear slot for "cloak" and... yeah.   
    why hasn't it been added its been like years, just take it out of the game if you don't know how to add it to the game. Why confuse new players with these things... and there are so many things. another little thing, why do npcs lay on the ground then flop up and down hitting you when they are suppose to be stunned? WHY? It's been that way for years.
    Why do my faction guards attack me after i take an outpost flag when they spawn... they don't do damage but why is that they spawn as a neutral guard then change into a different guard? what?! Why wouldn't you code it to spawn only the guard that it is suppose to be ... why spawn a guard with yellow health (neutral) then just swap it to a faction guard it doesn't make any sense...
    So much of this game has so many extra steps that just cause glitches that breed glitches and then glitch those glitches into a new glitch that glitches the original glitch.......... why is it that players can glitch raid bosses to where they just stand there all blue and stupid and get killed by one player when devs say its meant for multiple groups to fight... What is that?
    why do i apply buff foods 'n potions then go through a gate to a different area then lose the buff... WHAT is that.
    Would you eventually, maybe, possibly consider adding the stats to the racial class choices so new players have some clue as to what they are choosing? just a thought that every person who has ever played the game has had... like what is that. why does your gear degrade when you standing around at an outpost with your weapons out... like why did my helmet just break while standing still with nobody around WHAT IS THAT.....
    player driven economy where gold is worthless to anyone who isn't dealing with Common rarity items, what is that....
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    Groovin reacted to jtoddcoleman in my frustration with crowdfunding, explained   
    Hey folks, just a quick note, apparently some people took my statement on yesterday’s livestream that “I will never do crowdfunding again” as frustration with community feedback.  Nothing could be further from the truth; this game wouldn’t be here without you and frankly won’t be successful without you.  
    That said, I was being earnest about my feelings on crowdfunding; I think it’s a particularly challenging way to develop a game for a few reasons:
    1. You have to build excitement/hype at the beginning of the project, and it’s impossible to keep that excitement up for the duration of the project.  That means your fighting an uphill battle of fatigue in the press and the audience going into launch.  Not good.
    2. Supporting a “live” service for the duration of development, with the accompanying build process, deployment pipeline and operational environment is very expensive and time consuming.
    3. The process exposes all of our missteps to the world, and that sucks.  No one would prefer to make their mistakes in front of a live studio audience.
    4. The nature of the beast is that you're putting undercooked systems and unbalanced tables in front of players.  As you know, this can often lead to experiences that are not fun. Managing expectations and keeping players happy is especially difficult under these conditions.
    All of that said, I apologize if it came across in any way as a swipe at you guys.  It absolutely wasn’t intended that way.  It can be hard to get feedback some times, but I want to make this game great for you and I fully recognize that we can’t do it without you.
    Next time, I’ll go get the funding lined up first and ask you for your feedback —without also asking for your money.  That’s all.
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    Groovin reacted to Pann in Improving UI - Official discussion thread   
    UI Design Lead Nick Blottie shares a preview of the significant UI changes that are underway
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    Groovin reacted to Soulreaver in #Warstory - As fall draws close.   
    Fall is near, soon the chilling grasp “of the Hunger” will take a hold of us all – again.   I’m abruptly interrupted in my trail of thoughts, by the ill-omened sound of catapults crashing against the castle walls.  Shouts cut through the chilling air of enemies’ position, of “Balance” approach.  I ruffle my wings and take position on the North West tower bridge where yet again forced to fight within the confinements of the Keep walls.  Yet again in the outskirts of the fight my services will be needed.

    From the shadows I watch “Balance” make haste up the ramps of the inner walls, cursing the eager builders of the guild – esthetics over practicality – “Why do they persist to rebuild those inner walkways”.  My Caltrops are placed to slow as many of them as possible in their push for the “Tree of Life”.  The first Ballista goes up – my first target appears.  A mere breath later they charge, fortunately we had anticipated this action.  I stop them in their tracks so their push can be met with fire and might.  Wreaking havoc in their attempt to cross the bridge.  An unfortunate soul is tossed down from the bridge, separated from the group it’s a chance I can’t let pass by.  As my blades come crushing down on his armor, he’s fortunate enough to retreat to the ramp of his allies – comforted once more by the shadows.  Shadows providing the safety till I can once more strike.
    “Balance” pushes once more, as they cross the bridge I advance on the ballista, knowing for the defense to last it must be removed.  I hear the sound of metal behind me, as unleash a flurry of attacks on the siege weapon – its demise is immediate, and its operator is not soon to escape.  Knowing others will follow, I make my way to the “Tree of Life”
    The random fights of a siege occur, right until I see yet another ballista placed.  Making my way through the walkways I quickly move to my allies’ aid.  The rain of fire from the Ballistas must stop, just as I get there our rangers are able to take it down, yet it’s operator – she’s still alive.... for now.
    She drop down from the wall being completely cut off from her allies, something that also spelled her ultimate doom.  The call is made for the Tree of Life, and with her blood on my blades, I make my way to my allies’ side.
    As I enter the room, the aura from the Tree of Life lingers, I swiftly give chase to two that have been cut off from their group.  I know that fire of one of our Confessors will aid me in this fight, so I leave the comforts of stealth and let the fury of my blades rain down on the unaware champion.  He tries to recover, but as others before him – the death of toxins gets the better of him in the end.
    Voices call through the air of “Balance” doing a final retreat, a call I answer.  All that have survived engage to drive them out of the keep, fights that persistently push them on the retreat.  Knowing that we had downed enough of their forces, leaving them in the “shroud of death”, time was on our side now.  The push was made complete as we cut them off from their ability to kill our tree..  In the end, the “Banetree” fell, as did the further attempts from “Balance”.
    They will be back... and we will be waiting.
  16. Thanks
    Groovin reacted to galvia in Warstory - Day 1 Destruction   
    The Trial of Maeve started with a bang! Here's a video showcasing a bunch of fights I got into in the first hour of the campaign.
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    Groovin reacted to Pann in WSotW: CrusaderW, Yumx and Jah - Official discussion thread   
    This week, we honor three Crowfall® community members for their War Story submissions.
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    Groovin reacted to PopeUrban in [NA] Flames of Exile (It's a Thrill a Night)   
    Finding a player that wants to join us.
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    Groovin reacted to blazzen in Members and Information drought   
    Completely agree with first paragraph that's EXACTLY what I'm hoping for with PoI's.
    If it takes 5 people 30 minutes to do a PoI run on a Rank 10 Mine then I think it should yield the same amount/quality of ore, gems, etc. as 5 people hitting Rank 10 nodes for 30 minutes. As long as it's roughly equal time/effort to harvesting then it doesn't devalue harvesters but gives a way for people who don't like to hit rocks to get resources by doing something else that they do like. 
    If it takes 5 people all with pack pigs to have enough space to haul all of the PoI materials then that could actually allow untrained people to assist in resource gathering assuming that carvans/pack pigs aren't gated behind training. 
    A hidden benefit to these PoI's is that I think it will pull wolves towards caravan runs and attacking caravans which should make the "sheep" who enjoy harvesting just a little bit safer. That will be important with the embargo coming online which means no more spirit banking anywhere. 
    RE: the CON, I'm wondering if the war tribe stuff is old info and he's talking about the drops that are already in place. 
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    Groovin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Worlds worth defending - Official discussion thread   
    Something like this would be cool
  21. Thanks
    Groovin reacted to APE in Worlds worth defending - Official discussion thread   
    @jpollard Has there been any discussion about having outposts and POIs in general having impact on players themselves and land control?
    I've played other games that award bonuses in various forms for capturing POI and being near them or in the same zone.
    Ex: Capture an outpost near a War Tribe and get a experience or loot drop bonus.
    Capture an outpost near motherlodes, gain a harvesting bonus.
    Capture all the POIs on a map or near a Stronghold and gain upgraded guards and defensive bonuses for players that control the Stronghold. If an enemy controls a Stronghold, capturing most or all outposts could provide an attacker advantage or decrease in wall/guard strength.
    This goes into land control as well.
    A lattice/network system where to capture any POI, connected POI must be captured as well or doing so makes the capture easier (less time standing in circles, less/weaker guards).
    I believe the spawn POI is a great idea, but there are a lot more possibilities that could encourage just about everyone to get out there and participate depending on what they like to do.
    These types of things also encourage/reward organized play that might help split larger forces and increase the potential for strategy for groups of varying sizes.
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    Groovin reacted to Jah in Embargo Changes - Official discussion thread   
    I am very excited to finally move past Spirit Bank Anywhere.
    Great news! When?
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    Groovin reacted to Pann in Embargo Changes - Official discussion thread   
    Worlds with embargo restrictions are about to undergo some very important changes
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    Groovin reacted to srathor in Why training is important   
    Ahh Maeve,  war goddess, watery tart, dispenser of bloody scimitars that can decide political systems. 

    You have no hold on me. I am a learned elf. A scholar. A man of risks. 

    I am a trained miner. I dig in the dirt for ore. Sometimes for stone, but that is still a bit puzzling. After all these years of teaching myself the art of soil and steel I find myself having issues in the era of Maeve. 

    All of my years of training are but for nought when the War goddess rages. My beneficial harvests are weak, mewling things. I used to be secure in my ways, now I am left with doubt. The armor i had a friend make me, from ore brought from the earth by my own two hands has forsaken me. I can no longer wear mail. The new body I inhabit has not become comfortable with the weight.  So clothed in leather, that aids me in my beneficial harvests of metal I come to a puzzling conclusion. 

    The armor is much much much more powerful than my hard earned skills. I used to gain a rush in stamina and knowledge when destroying nodes of metal, eager to address the next area, hands sure, breath steady. Now without my armor, my stamina is spent, my eyes clouded. Is this finally age catching up to me? Or perhaps a trick from the war worshippers?

    I know not, but with the changes I can no longer trust in my knowledge alone. I have to gird myself in unfamiliar leather, whose properties allow me to see the weakness in the ore in a new light, no longer trusting to the previous node to help me power through the next, I once again venture out to hit metal in the earth. A new cadence to an old song, but I need to take more breaks now, and all the metal seems not as fine. 

    In this age of war, something has been lost. The gleam of ore no longer holds as much promise, it no longer holds as much allure. It is more work to extract it, for less gain and less quality. 

    Perhaps mining is a young man's game, in this new age, I may have lost a step, and that step might be my last. 
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    Groovin reacted to Ble in Warstories: A Lesson and Tactics   
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