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    Groovin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in Relics and Statues   
    We've added new Relics and Statues to our Store! 
    D'Orion Statue Relic 
    Place this statue of D'Orion.wihin your Eternal Kingdome and then Interact with the Altar to increase the effectiveness of Bandaging. (15 min duration)

    Valkyn Statue Relic
    Placing this statue grants 20% increased Thrall Power to all players within your Eternal Kingdom.

    Kronos Statue Relic
    Place this statue in your Eternal Kingdom then interacting with the statue allows you to unequip Disciplines freely. Entering combat cancels this effect.

    Stoneborn Statue Relic
    Placing this Stoneborn Statue Relic prevents armor decay for all players within your Eternal Kingdom.

    Golden Dragon Altar Relic
    Pay homage to the Queen of Wyrms, Lyessa, as you pass the Golden Dragon Altar Relic and it will offer you the favor of the Queen herself. Your tribute, in the form of your Crow interaction with this relic, will reward you with the Dragon’s Protection for 5 minutes - which will prevent your death one time. Return the favor by fighting for the Gods to save our world.

    Centaur Statue Relic
    Placing this Centaur Statue Relic improves movement speed for all players in your Eternal Kingdom

    Arkon Greatsword Relic
    Pay tribute to the Lord of Light with the Arkon Greatsword Relic. This relic can be placed in your guild or personal Kingdom. Interact with this statue to grow in size, reducing your Weapon Weight.
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    Groovin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in Alliance Scoring   
    Since the 7.200 Release, there has been some confusion as to the scoring changes for Alliances that were introduced.  While in an Alliance, the Conquest score of subguilds in the Alliance are combined with the Leader of the Alliance to determine the Scoreboard and eventual winners of the campaign.  With this:
    If an Alliance sub-guild leaves an Alliance, the Conquest points they've accumulated are removed from the Alliance leader.  If that guild were to join a different Alliance, the Conquest points would be added to the other Alliance.  Otherwise, they would remain with that guild. Conquest rewards are only given to the Guild Leader / Officers of the Alliance Leader.  Divine Favor Rewards are given to individual guilds and participants as normal. The intent is that an Alliance can be competitive in Conquest scoring with larger guilds and receive equivalent rewards overall.  In this system, subguilds being eligible for Conquest rewards would have resulted in the Alliance receiving more rewards overall than if a single guild had won them.
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    Groovin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in The road to 7.200.0   
    Hey Crows!
    Today is Campaign Day with Gatinyja (Dregs) scheduled to come online! While many of you are preparing for the competition ahead, we'd like to add a bit of transparency as to the delay of 7.200 that happened this week.
    When we created the 7.100 campaigns over a month ago, the 7.200 update was internally scheduled to go Live on Monday (October 4th.)  Unfortunately, due to a number of technical hurdles, new NPE development, and wicked bugs, the Release didn't reach the Live Servers until yesterday (October 8th) which delayed us from creating new campaigns for a few days.  This clearly isn't a situation we wanted to be in and we are sorry we missed our deadline. Looking forward, we have plans for scalable duration campaigns in the future to make a shorter campaign viable, though we cannot commit to a timeframe on that at this time. 
    We are committed to improving Crowfall and bringing you updates as quickly as possible--at quality. We appreciate your continued support.
    Now come on in, and join us in Dregs!

    Photo submitted by @Dorizzdt
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    Groovin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in Price Protection on Greatsword and Dragon Relic   
    Hello Crows! 
    Good News! Any player that has purchased the Arkon Greatsword Relic and Golden Dragon Altar Relic before October 6th, we’ve delivered your price protection credit in the form of “Crowns” (Crowfall’s virtual currency) on Monday, October 4th. The Crowns granted will cover the difference in the price based on when you originally purchased and today’s new pricing.  We’ve added 5 exciting new relics to the store here. 
    ArtCraft’s philosophy is that whenever you purchase digital goods from our store, the price we charge you will always be the best value we can offer. A crowning achievement that bodes well for Crows across the community!
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    Groovin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in 7.200.0 Live Server Update Notes for 10/7/2021   
    If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.
    To report any issues or bugs, please go here: Live Server Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
    To report feedback, please go here: Live Server Feedback
    Revamped New Player Experience
    When creating a new character, players are given the option to create a Custom Character or create a pre-built Archetype that begins at level 25.
    Designed for players that want to get into the action, at character creation players will be able to select the option to create a character as normal or create a new level 25 character from one of six race/class selections.  These options remove the choices that would have been made from leveling including talents, Promotions, and stat point allocations in order to send them to PvP in Skypoint!  When creating an archetype character, you can modify the character’s body type and visual customizations.
    The available Archetype Characters are:
    Stoneborn Knight Nethari Confessor Fae Assassin Half-Giant Champion Human Cleric Elken Templar Custom Characters
    The option to create a level 1 character to build is still available, but the experience has been updated.  The previous NPE for custom characters has been substantially updated to improve a new player’s ability to get into Skypoint and beyond:
    Item and XP rewards for several quests have been adjusted Many non-essential quests have become Side Quests to reduce the amount of time required to progress through the Main Questline Side Quests are now tracked separately from the Main Questline The “Low Sec” zones: Arborium, Lunarium, and Solarium have been removed.  The quests associated with them will be moving to the Skypoint zone Alliances and Alliance Scoring
    Alliances now can contain up to 15 guilds The Alliance Leading guild now receives the accumulated Conquest points for its sub guilds This is reflected in the Leaderboard and the final Conquest ranking and rewards. The Alliances menu can now expand to show these additional guilds Performance
    Updated server stability and performance Campaign
    Adjusted the Wilderness Culling card to state unique player kills Doubled the mitigation value for Keep and Castle Walls Fixed an issue where a chest was sometimes duplicated Fixed an issue where some zones were not spawning Thralls Fixed an issue with the sorting of Alliance members Imported disciplines should no longer be able to be sold Improved siege schedule to only reset position when switching campaigns Increased World bank size from 100 to 125 Keep Interiors will now apply a damage over time effect when infiltrated by enemies outside of a siege window Large keep gatehouse ladders should no longer place the player inside of the wall when interacting with it Nameplate visibility for siege buildings and walls have changed: For castle and keeps walls, it’s always visible for attackers in siege engines For fort walls, they become visible when damaged for attacks For stronghold buildings, they become visible for attackers in siege engines once damaged When outside a siege engine, visibility for these objects when damaged depends on the new settings in UI > Nameplate Outpost flags have been removed from the Hotzone parcels. Flames and siege indicators will be present just like the other Hotzones Rebalanced conquest points. Keeps now generate more conquest points The Dregs campaign now has 4 adventure zones and 4 siege zones split between the 4 major regions Adventure zones now have 5 respawn statues instead of 6  Adventure zones now have 3 refineries instead of 1  Adventure zones now have 2 outpost banks instead of 1 Siege zones have 2 keeps and 3 forts  The number of graveyards across both siege and adventure zones has been increased The interaction prompts for Rune gates will now show the region name for the target zone, e.g. "NA East" or "AUS" The Well of Eternity is now appearing in Small Keeps The "Enemy Sanctuary - Keep Out!" effect has been updated to provide a more insistent and serious warning to intruders before inflicting their demise. When entering a protected enemy area, you will now begin taking damage once every two seconds. If you remain in the area for longer than 10 seconds without leaving, your character is finally killed Updated "Pride of the All Father" Victory Card description to indicate it awards points to participating factions who kill the most enemy guards during active castle, keep or fort siege window per member Vendors in campaigns that run out of gold in their coffer will now be mailed to their owner's spirit bank instead of deleted Crafting
    All NPC harvesting nodes should appear on the body and be hittable Cloth optional ingredients in the Bandage recipe are now visible without a First Aid Manual. They have a lock icon with a tooltip that states how to unlock the slot Empowered Harvest Passives from Toolkits now grant 25% Buff Power instead of 24% Fixed an issue that caused the cap for Tool Decay erroneously to display as 100 in the character sheet instead of 50 Fixed typo on the Vendor Tax tooltip.Fixed an issue where the crafting screen could become unusable if a character loses connection to the zone in the middle of crafting Great Weapon Components recipe/ingredient names all follow the same name convention now Rare + Crafting and Harvesting belts can no longer be sold to Vendors Tooltips are no longer missing for 'Specialty Toolkits' in the Miscellaneous category of the Character Traits UI tab Trillion Sapphire Necklace affects Logging Stats Upgrade Discipline recipes now indicate if a component is already Soulbound the resultant Discipline will be Soulbound Eternal Kingdom
    Added better socket validation when loading an EK. Some EKs with broken socketing connections may have some deeds ejected and mailed back to their owner's spirit bank Adjusted the token size of the Obsidian Malekai Statue to be Medium instead of Large Blessing of Knowledge's name has been changed to Valkyn Relic to match the other passive EK relic buff names EK Relic buffs that are passive will only appear in the Spellbook under the Passive section. (reducing the combatHud buff clutter for EK's) Fixed an issue where faction banners on parcels in EKs did not update when the parcel owner changed their guild. The banners will now update when the parcel owner enters the EK Fixed an issue where moving or rotating parcels in an EK would sometimes cause the collision on the deeds on the parcel to stop working Fixed an issue where sockets built-in to the mountain citadel and caldera parcels would sometimes be in the wrong place after moving the parcel Fixed an issue where the incorrect key labels were showing in the building placement UI In EKs, guild member chests are now always accessible to the chest owner even if they leave their guild Lowered the interact distance on the Twitch Dragon Statue from 40 to 5 Removed all non-harvestable trees/rocks from EKs Removed several decorative chests from Castles Set EK relic and god statues to token size XS Set the Dragon Relic buff pedestal to be interactable with PvP turned on Set the EK Houses to be able to switch between Thatch Roofed ones and normal roofed ones “Time remaining” will now show an approximate time remaining for the EK while the EK is active. If there are players in the kingdom, it will always show the maximum time remaining for that EK (15 min for non-VIP, 30 min for VIP private EKs, 3 hours for VIP public EKs) UI
    A better explanation is now provided when attempting to bind left/right mouse buttons to movement controls. Left and right mouse buttons can also no longer be assigned to auto-run, which had the same conflict as other movement controls Added an Abandon quest button Added an indicator to the Alliance HUD element for when Alliances grow beyond 5 guilds Added localization to some Fly text Added power button highlight when aiming a power Evasion Fly text at distance will be smaller Fixed an issue where default input preferences were assigning the same key binding to two different actions (opening the scoreboard and changing chat combat log filters) Fixed holding enter or / when input controls change causing powers to not respond to input until chat is activated Fixed missing reticle range text Fixed skip intro key not always skipping the intro cinematic when possible Fixed the default subcrest crest from appearing in the guild tab for the social window Pressing/activates chat and prefills it with "/" instead of preventing power input until chat is used Players can now preview how to select stats that will be affected when attribute points are allocated. Simply mouse over the "+" symbol next to an attribute when you have unspent points remaining. Pressing the ESC key no longer submits the dialog used for searching for a player by name (Add Friend, Block, etc). It now correctly cancels the dialog instead. When the player is in crow form after dying, the recall ability will now use the secondary interact key ('G' by default) You no longer have to click on the input field on the dialog used for searching for a player by name (add friend, block, etc)  before entering text. That field is now active by default.
    Added a new option to keep the chat input active after sending. Powers
    Assassin Envenom will now properly apply the Deadly poison buff if you have the Garrote or Poisoned Blade powers and have a toxin equipped Assassin Sap Strike when used with Poison Mastery will now properly remove Barriers and will add Exhaustion to enemies using Block Backstab will now activate the Bloodthirsty buff when you have the Cutthroat Talent and the target is Exposed and you hit them from the front Spirit Dart now uses the correct terminology to refer to the "Slowing toxin" it applies Vandal promotion now properly increases the damage of Backstab Centaur
    The Mounted VFX for centaurs is now more noticeable Champion
    Corrected a typo in the Champion trait display in the character sheet Cleric
    Fixed blinded VFX on Flash of Light Updated Strength in Numbers description to indicate that damage is converted directly to healing and is unaffected by Support Power Updated the sound for the Cleric basic attack Duelist
    Added text to the Rapid Fire description saying that it requires Dual Pistols Fixed an issue that could cause Rapid Fire to occasionally drop a tick Keen Guard now indicates it has a duration between 6 and 18 seconds scaling with pips spent Snipe description now notes it increases Damage Bonus Cap Frostweaver
    Reworded Ice Devourer tooltip for clarity Fixed Frostweaver Ice caller Ice Formation Chance stat buff display Frostweaver passive Cold Stare will now give credit for Ice in your current stores when you purchase the talent Myrmidon
    Updated the Raging Bull VFX Added Hit FX for Restoration strike Nethari
    Nethari Call Flames now indicates it increases your Damage Bonus: Fire by 10% Ranger
    Cross Swipe now indicates it hits up to 3 targets General
    Corrected several power tooltips to indicate they hit targets under your reticle Decreased all combat Penetration stat caps to 20%. (this should help mitigation not get stripped away by stats alone) Improved input feel for Harvesting and Energetic Harvesting powers Survivalist Campfires no longer cause damage Talent power modification descriptions are now available! After purchasing a talent upgrade that modifies a power you can now hold CTRL while viewing the description to see additional information about how the talent has modified that power Updated the impact effects for several basic powers Powers that grant the armor statistic as a buff have been updated! Their buff amount matches the same % of mitigation as they used to provide (even though the value in the power may seem lower), just using the new increased armor to mitigation coefficient, otherwise they would have been too powerful with the new increased coefficient. (i.e. Frost Armor used to require 3500 armor to grant 35% mitigation, now 2900 armor provides 35% mitigation). Disciplines
    Arkon's Disciple
    Fiery Brand power description now indicates the value of its Elemental Break effect Blood Pact
    The functionality of Blood Pact has changed. It now exchanges 1000 Health for 200 Mana, 150 Energy or Essence, 20 Fury or Rage, or 4 Power Pips Dirge of Dissonance
    The power description for Dirge Of Dissonance now indicates it causes damage twice every 6 seconds while toggled on The Song Duration stat no longer reduces the effectiveness of Dirge of Dissonance Fencer
    Adjusted hit FX The power description text on Sturdy passive is now clearer General
    Added additional item icons Added unique Location Names for the various War Tribes and Stoneborn Ruins Ancient Sunfire Skull has been renamed to Decayed Sunfire Skull Bug Finder badge Mounted Movement Speed increase now works Catapults and Trebuchets now have the same nameplate view distance Dropping inventory items on "locked" (not yet accepted) trade area will no longer prompt to delete the item Fixed a bug where a player's inventory could enter the overflow state after trying to equip multiples of the same unique item Fixed an issue where after a player received a name change their buddy code didn't work properly. You're now able to use your new name buddy code Fixed an issue where caravans would sometimes get stuck in canyons Fixed an issue where elementals may not double their loot in a hot zone Fixed various world issues with assets clipping Increased experience granted for NPCs level 30 and above In order to avoid players abusing the spamming of ladders to avoid damage, they will experience a three-second cooldown of ladder usage when they go either up or down a ladder Right-click moving multiple sub-stacks of the same item to a chest should now stack The Bow Cast Speed stat will now show in seconds how much it reduces the charge time of bow attacks When mounted, the camera now rises to the player's head instead of staying at the mount's tail
    Added and updated several rewards for quests Fixed the nameplate on the Bloodied Axe NPC in the NPE For new players creating their first character, we now check the available GRs and select the optimal server choice based on population and ping data. We then load the player into the GR after they finalize their character selection, instead of placing them back into the lobby. Increased the number of graveyards found in Gods Reach Players should no longer be able to summon an unlimited amount of Pack Pigs from the Gods Reach Pack Pig pedestals Updated the Quest Tracker and the Compass Quest Marker to have visuals for side quests Updated the VO for several quests Sound
    Added a sound for chests despawning CTRL + Right-clicking on an unsellable item now plays a negative feedback SFX Fixing missing ambient sounds for Mysterious Summoner NPC in Sun Temple zone of God's Reach Fixing missing sound for some of the NPC Bloodseeker Tallulah's attacks Fixing missing sound for Hellcat Slasher Fire Spit power Knight retaliate power now has sound once again Ranger Barrage SFX are now better in sync with visuals Right-clicking an item from a trade window back to inventory now plays a negative feedback SFX Shout and burp emotes now have sound Siege Weapon War Horn power now sounds like horns Sun Elf mobs should no longer play two sounds on death Updated unarmed SFX for some races NPC
    Fixed Boss Gryphon Devour Blackmantle to have the correct 30-second duration Maeve's Dirge buff tooltip now properly reports its damage Removed an inappropriate bleed visual FX from the NPC Hurlbat ability The Gryphon Shredded effect now properly reports its stat debuff value
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    Groovin reacted to Bzra in Already started role playing as Jack Pumpkinhead   
    Evil @sappho running at me with a dagger:

    We put @Boyerin the corner:

    This guy was "horsin' off":

    Evil Elken:

    Headless Horsewomen:

    Proud Rat:

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    Groovin reacted to Represent in Already started role playing as Jack Pumpkinhead   
    Come lose your heads tonight~ 7.2 is here!

    GATININJA Skelton

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    Groovin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in September and October VIP Reward   
    Happy FriYaY Crows, 
    Introducing our October VIP Appreciation Reward HEAD OF THE TRICKSTER. Become a backer today to qualify for this reward. https://crowfall.com/en-US/vip  

    Head of the Trickster is a very ancient helmet used by the Gods in the season of Fall when the night becomes its darkest black. On this night, they would don the "Head of the Trickster" and use mystical incantations to intimidate their enemies in battle. No one knows if these Helmets were powerful or what became of the incantations.
    The September  SPIRITED STEED OF CYBELE will be delivered to those that held VIP in September upon 7.200 Update going to Live during the week of October 4th. 
    Have a great weekend!
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    Groovin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in Adjusting Content For Better Small Scale PvP   
    The game has several issues as we try to accommodate groups of players at different sizes, and the small guilds get especially outclassed by the large guilds. This can be seen as the large guilds dominate all the “bases” (keeps), and the “material suppliers for the bases” (forts) are also controlled by the large guilds. 
    We would like for the forts to have some of the services of the home base and migrate the “material suppliers for the bases” aspect over to “mines” (mines/quarries/timber mill parcels). This combined with the new per zone caps on player amounts from a single alliance(defined in a separate GDD) should make the world, in general more interesting for smaller guilds.
    Below is a list of current contested content and what “guild size” buckets they should exist in:
    5 or less player group content 
    Small Outposts (wilderness) Large Outposts (Road) Group Boss Parcel Small Forts Caravans Mines 15 or less player group content
    Large Outposts Small Forts Large Forts Hot Zones Group Boss Parcel Daemons Parcel Raid Boss Parcel Caravans Mines 50 or less player group content
    Large Forts Small Keeps Large Keeps Hot Zones Daemon Parcel Raid Boss Parcel Caravans Mines 100 or less player group content
    Large Keeps Castle Hot Zones Daemon Parcel Raid Boss Parcel Caravans Mines Adjusting Content
    Update the Forts
    Replace Building Materials For Small Group Content Remove the building materials from the forts. Place them into their stand-a-lone mine parcels. Details on the mine are listed below. Add a couple competitive crafting stations Have leveling up the stronghold provide parcel based buffs instead of additional guards (Basically don’t add 20 new guards to Forts) Add NPC vendors back (they were pulled because forts generated materials that could be sold) Crank up the conquest points to be competitive Explore some methods of diminishing returns on structures like forts/keeps. (ie each one past the first owned reduces how much others owned produce, this helps prevent run away scores) Adjust Fort Siege Schedules To Only Last 30 Minutes And They Happen More Frequently Forts should be triggering a lot more frequently. We should also reduce their duration to 30 minutes to prevent standing around issues. Forts are not customizable home bases like keeps, but with all the services they are adding, will be pretty close. Make Fort Them More Easy Come Easy Go Cheaper wall and building costs.  Make the walls a bit easier to destroy as well. (Since no siege equipment can be used against forts, players need to use class powers to damage them) Add Walls To The Small Fort / Maybe even remove this type of Fort Add walls to the small forts or remove them. No one wants to own them. They’re not fun as it stands and will need to have some of the benefits added to them from the previous list.  Small Forts and Large Forts Give Different Conquest Values Need to do more calculations, but basically, follow the same model all the way through. Create Dedicated Mines and Put Them On The Siege Schedule
    Mines are 1x1 parcels that now host the building materials that were present in forts.  Mines are hooked up to the siege schedule so you can see when the mine is going to trigger.  When the mine goes active, it starts to fill up the chests and this generates PvP activity as players fight over this. There are three mine types: Boulder, Ingot, Timber Each type activates at the same time across the entire map. For example, all timber would activate at once.  Each event lasts one hour long spawning materials every 3 minutes (as it currently does). This will generate lots of PvP over that one hour as players fight over it. Spread these out into the Adventure zones. (no need to keep them exclusively in Siege zones) Small and Large Keep Costs
    It can be expensive in time/resources to build up a Keep Since we want to move the “material” generators out of the siege zones we will reduce the overall costs. Start with a 25% reduction.  Rotate Hotzones More Frequently
    Hotzones are a great place to find PvP action, but sometimes it gets dominated by a group and the PvP dies off for a bit. Rotating the hotzone each hour draws different groups each time and keeps the people going to a location fresh rather than stale.  Messaging Investigate if we add login toasts to direct people to the current hotzone. (separate GDD coming on messaging) Phase 2 
    Breaking out outposts into 2 distinct categories of small and large
    The wilderness outposts are small outposts.  These are awarded the least amount of conquest points in the game. 1, 2, 3, 4 conquest points. These will keep the same chest contents as previously done.  The road outposts are always large double wide outposts. These are awarded the most conquest points for an outpost. 3, 4, 5, 6 conquest points. These should change to spawn much larger loot chests than what the wilderness outposts use. The God and respawn outposts will use the small outpost values.  Increase the range that players can see the event notifications for capturing outposts.  Introduce Group Boss Parcels
    Small groups of players cannot compete with Daemons or Raid Bosses. Instead, let's introduce some group bosses in a similar fashion to give them some additional PvE as well as PvP moments
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    Groovin reacted to PopeUrban in Campaign Rules and Modifications   
    I have no feedback other than perhaps finish balancing combat, economy, and siege play to fix the basic problems with your core gameplay before applying mutators to it.

    I'm a big fan of getting campaign variants working but right now you have a game nobody wants to play because of baseline stuff like the state of the crafting grind or general combat balance. No number of mutators and weird campaign rules is going to convince people to stick around if they still find the core of your gameplay experience frustrating to interact with.

    As a design there's nothing much to say here as its is broadly just tech requests for features you sold us in kickstarter that are missing from the current game.
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    Groovin reacted to MurphyAKL in Where did everyone go?   
    To be fair I didn't vote because it was a terrible poll, but I don't disagree with your overall opinion.
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    Groovin reacted to ZYBAK in ZYBAK 6: Curtain Call - Crowfall Multi-Class Montage   
    This one has a different vibe but I still think it's a fun watch.
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    Groovin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in Campaign Rules and Modifications   
    Design can create packages of “rules” via the CampaignConfigurator tab in the Campaign Data table. These Campaign Rules drive the specifics of a particular campaign. Design wants to leverage these to influence the metagame and keep the game fun and fresh.
    This document outlines several tech requests for new rule types.
    After each tech request section, some specific use cases for the new campaign rules are listed. These could be used alone or combined with other rules. 
    These campaign modifiers are messaged on the Enter Campaign UI screen in a section called Campaign Rules & Restrictions. This doc concludes with some requests for UI and Art support for this initiative.
    New Tech Requests
    Location Adjectives and Global Adjectives
    There are a large number of systems that can be driven by or react to the presence of adjectives. Having the ability to apply these to parcels and/or globally will give us a large amount of flexibility. Out of all the Tech Requests in this document, these are the most important as they open up a wide swath of functionality we can leverage.
    Zone Adjective Rule Type
    The Campaign Configurator should allow us to apply location and/or global adjectives as discussed below. At the end of the day we want to be able to do these two things:
    Apply adjectives globally to the entire campaign, e.g. every player gets XYZ adjectives Apply adjectives to specific areas (via location adjectives) Below is an example of what the data for this may look like. It is essentially just a rule name linked to a location adjective foreign key. We should be able to specify the number of these per rule.

    Potential Use Cases
    Apply the effects of a particular discipline to every character. This doesn’t take a discipline slot and is a free bonus. Archer World: Everyone starts with Archery, Bow Slot, Ammo Slot. All players have ranged attacks. True Sight: Everyone starts with Head Up. All players detect stealth. Quick and Brutal: Everyone starts with Glass Cannon, Pound of Flesh, and Last Resort. Players deal and take more damage generally. They also cause more damage at low and high health. It’s a DPS fiesta in a fine china shop. Stat effects: Critalicious: +35% Crit and Heal crit chance. Tons of crits. Flatlander: -100% crit chance. Even guaranteed crits may not crit. Famine: -2000 Max Health for all players. Crafting Dangerously: +20 Assembly and Experimentation when on Outpost, Castle and Keep parcels. Superior Masonry: Wall health is doubled. New Unique Passive Effects Berserker: Players don’t immediately die at 1 HP. Instead, they enter a Berserker mode for 15 seconds during which time they cannot be healed and after which they die. They can fight and act normally during that time. Corpse Blossom: When players die they cause AOE damage to friendlies and an AOE heal to enemies. Vampirism: Players can become a Vampire who is more powerful at night. At night gain life steal, max health, perception, and damage bonus. Vampire Hunter: Gain a single target Stake power and AOE Holy Water power which do high damage versus Vampires only. You cannot be a Vampire. Elemental Form: Players can turn into one of three elementals with unique elemental combat packages. Quickening: Players get a full heal, resource restore, and a damage/healing buff when they behead an enemy. Gaea Connection: Gain randomly applied stacking combat buffs from harvesting. For example Health, crit chance, crit damage, and damage bonus. Characters become extremely powerful if they can harvest for a long period of time. New Equipment Slots Trinket: All players get a new “trinket” slot which can equip a no-export activatable item that can have any ability effect/passive (such as the ones above or any other). We could leverage the quest system to start players with a quest to earn the trinket for that campaign for example or use many other methods to allow access to the special trinket. Guild Members Allowed and Alliance Cap Sizes 
    We want to address super guilds/alliances who monopolize and crush the smaller ones. To address this we’d like the ability to restrict a few different aspects of guilds/alliance player campaigns/zone concurrency. The changes mainly deal with how many guild players are in the Campaign “right now” as opposed to a max potentially defined by inactive and less active players.
    Guild level Changes:
    Cap total Guild Members Allowed at the Campaign level!
    Campaign Limit Value - This value defines the total number of people from a single guild who can concurrently be in a campaign at a time. Defined in a campaign configurator rule. (Dregs rulesets only) Once the limit is reached no more players from that guild are allowed to log into the Campaign, until a player from that guild logs out.  This should leverage the current world queue system using the number of players currently logged in as a filter on top of it. This means messaging can be added to the existing queue popup, about the guild having too many players logged into the current campaign. Alliance level Changes:
    Alliance Cap -  How this currently works:
    This value is hardcoded in a template (set at campaign creation time in the OPs tool) that defines the max size of an alliance (currently 500). A guild's “size” is based on the total number of players fetched from the web. (if the web says your guild has 200 people in it, that is the value used for the guild) The sum of all the guild’s players never exceeds the Alliance Cap template value (or the guild going over the limit is kicked from the Alliance).
    What we would like Changed:
    The “size” of a guild as counted in the Alliance is based on the number of guild accounts that enter the Campaign. This allows the same account to not count multiple times against the guild. (people don’t like being charged multiple times) For example, I have 2 characters on my account I locked to this Campaign, since they are on the same account, my guild's contribution to the Alliance Cap is 1. If the same account has characters in multiple guilds, then both guilds are charged 1. Guild “size” is also capped at the max guild concurrency value. Zone Limit Value - Limits the total number of people from a single alliance/faction who can concurrently be in a zone at a time.
    Defined in a configurator rule based on zone type. (Dregs + Shadow rulesets) Ie adventure zones get one value, keep siege zones get another value. (Zone type is already defined based on zone adjectives) Once the limit is reached no more players from that alliance/faction are allowed to log into that zone, until a player from that alliance/faction leaves the zone. This should leverage the current zone queues with a filter on top of it. This means messaging can be added to the existing queue popup, about the alliance/faction having too many players logged into the current zone. If a player in an alliance/faction attempts to log into a “full zone” from the lobby and the zone is full, they should be given an option to instead log into their Temple zone.  
    Allowed Races
    We’d like the ability to restrict what types of races are allowed to be created or imported into the game. The data could be represented similarly to the adjectiveDefinitions table with rows corresponding to every race with a boolean indicating whether the race is allowed.

    Potential Use Cases
    Elf World: Only Elves allowed. Players must be Wood Elf, High Elf, Fae, or Half Elf. Monster Mash: Only Monstrous races allowed. Players must be Minotaur, Centaur, Guinecean, and Elken. Oh the Humanity: Players must be Human, Half Elf, or Half Giant. Monster Template Alias
    A monster template alias allows us to swap one monster template with another. The data could have columns for a group name, before template, and after template. A group is specified in the campaign configurator and all templates in that group are swapped.
    Potential Use Cases
    This will allow us to easily amp up or modify certain classes of NPCs and do so from the campaign configurator. Since we’re choosing what is swapped and what is not, rather than automated, this preserves any quest or special NPCs. Here are some ways we could use this.
    Wartribe Boss Rush: All minion ranked Wartribes NPCs are now elites. All elites NPCs are now bosses. All bosses are now raid bosses. Spider Infestation: Wolves, cats, and aurochs are replaced with spiders. Holiday Town: Swap out neutral NPCs with versions in holiday themed clothing. Gryphon Power: All Gryphons are bosses, group bosses, or raid bosses. Loot Multiplier/Adder
    Things along the lines of “Double Loot Weekend” are go-to promotions that MMO teams leverage strategically. We need a sane way of doing this. Currently doing this requires duplicating thousands of rows in multiple tabs, which is the opposite of that.
    It seems the most straightforward way of doing this is to allow us to apply a mod to the num_rolls column of the “Goody Chest” tab in the “Item Data - Goody Chest” google sheet. We should have support to do both a scalar, which acts as a multiplier to that number, or an adder that just adds the value.
    The data can be represented by the name, type of modifier (scalar, adder), and value.

    Potential Use Cases
    Double Loot: Double the rolls on all loot! Loot Boost: One additional roll on all types of loot! Modified XP
    Double XP falls into the same category as the double loot as a tasty treat to include from time to time.
    This tech would modify XP granted from killing NPCs, sacrificing items, and crafting items (if possible). The XP for killing NPCs and sacrifice comes from a single place in data. This tech might apply a scalar to both of those.
    It’s desirable to also include crafting XP in this package but crafting XP is heavily derived so there isn’t a single good place to apply a scalar from the design data side. The XP calculations for crafting XP are fairly complicated so this would need to be applied as a final scalar somewhere in code.
    Sacrifice XP is from the “sacrifice_value” column in the Item Templates tab of the Item Data google sheet. Monster XP comes from the “xp_value” column in monsterTemplateStatGroupsData tab of the NPC Data google sheet.

    Potential Use Cases
    Level Land: Double experience awards for NPC kills, sacrificing items, and crafting! No Noobs: No experience is awarded NPC kills, sacrificing items, and crafting! UI Support
    On the Enter Campaign UI, we show a Campaign Rules & Restrictions box with icons indicating the types of modifiers being used during that Campaign. This is shown below.

    We’d like to request some new icons to help message new types of mechanics. Here are the new rule types or mechanics being proposed that could use new icons.
    Bonus Discipline Unique Mechanic Stat Adjustment Special Equipment Race Restrictions Guild/Alliance Size Restrictions NPC Modifications Bonus Loot Drops Experience Modifiers UI Functionality
    If you hover over an icon it will give you a blurb indicating what the modifier does. A major improvement would be to allow the player to do something along the lines of “Hold CTRL for all details” similar to what can be done with power descriptions for example. This should offer an exploded sort of view that gives something like a bulleted list of every campaign modifier.

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    Groovin reacted to BarriaKarl in Just a Dregs story....   
    lol Imagine abandoning a friend cuz he wrecks you at games.
    git gud
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    Groovin reacted to Pyetrek in Crowfall Resource Tracking (crowfallresources.com)   
    Greetings! Looking for a way to track resources for your guild? Have a donation channel in discord but unsure of how to actually count them? Do you love data and want to track your own in-game resources? Checkout https://crowfallresources.com/!
    This is a small application that will scrape your screenshot you take in-game and count them for you. The primary use case for my gaming community is to easily track member donations. When members make a donation to the guild, they take a screenshot and post it in a donations channel in discord. A guild quartermaster takes those screenshots, runs them through this app and puts the data in a shared excel sheet, to keep guild resource usage transparent.
    If you have ideas or questions do not hesitate to reach out support@crowfallresources.com!

    I have worked on other apps and websites for many games. The most known is shadowbane calc @ https://pyetrek.redlem.com/. These small projects give me an opportunity to delve into app development, which I find useful to learn as I am a backend engineer by day. Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to chat or have ideas you want to bounce off of someone.
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    Groovin reacted to Vaunont in Suggestions for the Devs.   
    Speaking of FFXIV, let me just leave these here.

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    Groovin reacted to Dorizzdt in Winterblades Alliance Dominates the First NA Launch Campaign   
    When you came on my stream the other night I was like "wtf  is this guy and whats with the attitude" ..

    Its all clear now  
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    Groovin reacted to Dardanthian in Worst feature in the game.   
    The lack of information available about the game in crowfall is the worst feature. I don’t know how to truly progress unless I make friends and try to get information from them. 
    One of the worst things for this game is endgame progression. Like I am a jewelcrafter. 
    To become the best I need to make a guinea, and get 3 rings with 4.5 difficulty reduction, and 1 necklace with 2+ experimental points and 4+ difficulty reduction.
    I can’t use the human who gets the jewelcraft bonus because it’s worse than running a guineapig with the extra ring slot. 
    This information was gated by the large guilds, and not explained by anyone fully, because we have no one making guides.
    So even people who want to get into the game and stick around long enough for end game get cucked because the hoarding of information.
    How to fix this? Three things. A clear explanation in game, and a wiki. Get rid of guineas for everything. Currently they are used for crafting/and gathering because of their third ring slot. Simply buff the racial bonuses for gathering and crafting so those races are actually viable in the craft. The buff could be giving them +5 difficulty reduction in that craft. This would make sense since they are supposed to be better anyways, and also give them a 5% buff on rolls or something. Gunieas shouldn't be the only viable end game crafters and gatherers. You can boost the gatherers by giving a %harvest efficiency like 4% to that harvesting profession, and like 2% to beneficial harvest. They then would at least compete with the gunieas. 
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    Groovin reacted to ZYBAK in Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread   
  20. Haha
    Groovin reacted to Yoink in Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread   
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    Groovin reacted to IceBolt in Faction Swapping - Dev Justification?   
    they dont care about factions , they just want to Funnel everyone to dregs.But dregs is garbage as a base game with incomplete and terrible sytems.So dont expect any fixes for a game mode they dont even consider their core game. xd
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    Groovin reacted to macavity in State of the Game livestreams   
    Here's the stream summed up:
    Alliance scoring coming. No castles in the campaigns on purpose, all keeps instead.  New map has 4 adventure zones around temples that then splinter off into region(real world region) specific siege zones. New hot zones and boss raid parcels. They didn't really expand on what this meant. Free city removed, replaced with market parcels near temples where you can put down vendors. No word on numbers/limit/etc. Optimization of client and servers. No concrete information. Then they showed the same old short/mid/long term roadmap pictures.
    Yellow = 7,100. White = coming up next in 7.200 and/or 7.300.

    The "Resources/Rewards Scaling to Campaign duration" means that there will be a PvP currency where you can decide yourself what you want to buy from vendors. No mention of what exactly you will be able to buy.
    Hungerdome is mid-term. Gordon Walton wants to bring back Hungerdome as a feature that people can host themselves in their EK, but mentions that it's not a "core game feature" so it's something that's nice to have, but not a need, so it's in the back of the line of things in mid-term.
    Q&A part:
    1) They would like to try campaigns that only allow ~50 man guilds, but they also don't want to alienate anyone and make people feel like they can't play with their own guild. 2) Ability to swap disciplines in safe areas and EKs will most likely be coming soon. 3) AoE caps are a knob. They might try a campaign or two with higher/no AoE caps to see what it's like. 4) Guild bank logs and roles are something they want to do, but it's not near-term at all. 5) Planetside 2 lattice-like system - Gordon Walton said he likes it and would like to see it - Blair said he would like it because he enjoyed it in PS2 while working at SOE, but there's so many other things they have in mind first that it's not even on the horizon, definitely not short or mid term. 6) They don't want to spend much time reviewing/revisiting starter zones in GR because it's just a training ground. They want people to be pushed into real campaigns ASAP instead. 7) Blair hopes that the infamous "knobs" will be in action ASAP so they can experiment with "whacky" stuff. He mentions group size for example. 8) Plans to help small guilds vs zergs? Nothing concrete mentioned, Blair made it sound like he thinks most if it it will solve itself when they decide on hard caps for guilds/alliances/etc. but they still have to keep collusions and attempts at gaming the system in mind. 9) They want to offer trinkets that give the same stats as the KS exclusive trinkets, but they want them to be different from the KS exclusive ones so those still have "value". 10) They don't want auction houses. They want people to continue visiting people's EKs because they think it's an "awesome" experience to see people's different builds. They want to narrow searching down so you can identify which vendors are in which EKs, but no real searching of what vendors actually have or what their prices are. They admit they need "better sign posting" whatever that means. "We're working on 7.200 and 7.300" - No real time frames or ETAs given, but they want to try to have a 5 week development cycle per patch.
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    Groovin reacted to Galiswyn_TaKier in 7.100 Live Bug Reports for 8/31/2021   
    Polishing is not working as it used to, it either fixes only 2 failures or it is applying the 3rd in a way I cannot understand. ( pics included)
    PRE polish
    AFTER polish, notice only 2 of the 4 Failures were repaired
    sorry for using lightshot here, i usually use windows snipping etc, but your forums dont seem to like it
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    Groovin reacted to Dorizzdt in Twitch Drops only if you're awake?   
    I managed to get the Unicorn drop because I work for a Danish company based in Australia - hence my work hours are abnormal. The twich stream happend at 2AM Australian time, now given most of my fellow aussies would have been asleep on a school/work night - as such their penalty for living normal lives is no drop right?
    When RUST run their drop campaigns they nominate several streamers who have given back to the community and you watch them for 2hrs you get the drop etc. I think nearly every other game does this as well.

    I get ACE you live in Austin Texas but if you open a map there are a lot more land masses on this blobby blue globe looking object called the planet. If you watch how the earth rotates around that bright thing in the sky called a Sun, you will make note that when its day time on one side, the other side its dark - we call that "night time".
    Just take it as feedback.
  25. Need More Information
    Groovin reacted to IceBite in What's the point of holy warrior?   
    Guiding light gives you 10% fire and 10% holy damage increase. However it is only accessible to templars, and the only templar that really wants damage increases is the vindicator. And the vindicator caps on fire and holy damage without the aura. So what is the point of this useless aura?

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