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  1. Haha
    Groovin reacted to Ralathar44 in 6.520.0 Live Feedback for 4/28/2021   
    Feedback on Motherlode farming:

    To be blunt, it sucks.  The motherlode takes forever to kill with many stamina rests and the rewards are rather low % chance of what you actually need. Meanwhile despite hitting a "motherlode" you actually end up getting resources much more slowly than you would hitting the small nodes in the same zone.  Additionally the hoop of needing someone else to hit motherlodes with is a real impediment to doing them with any real frequency.  And to make it worse the ore drops and anyone can pick it up so if something valuable does drop someone can be a jerk and just instantly grab it every time.  It just feels bad from every conceivable angle pretty much.

    EDIT:  I should be clear that I'm aware of ranked differences in harvesting nodes and I harvested the same rank motherlodes next to the same rank small nodes for comparison.  I could completely eliminate the small nodes solo within a single stamina bar and consistently yielded high amounts of materials with several levels of plentiful drops active (blue exploration + food + potion buff).  The motherlode with someone else helping took many stamina bars and yielded, far less resources for the time spent even if it wasn't split between 2 people.

    What I'd like to see:

    - Motherlodes health/resistance dramatically lowered and can be done solo.  Anything beyond 3 times as long as a small node is simply too much time watching a stamina bar and makes the loop incredibly tedious. 
    - Non-motherlode exclusive resources drop in greater abundance.  A motherlodes should always be more efficient than harvesting small nodes even normal resources.
    - More players per motherlode increase the rare material drop rate significantly and normal resource abundance slightly.  So more players is more efficient, but you can still solo them if you need to. 
    - If multiple players are hitting the same motherlode each get their own instanced ore drops. 
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    Groovin got a reaction from Silkhe in [<3] Unparalleled is Recruiting   
    Good luck, have fun. Hope you find success
  3. Haha
    Groovin got a reaction from Charas in So why the hell can Elken not be Druids?   
    I hole-hardedly agree, but allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite. So I ask of you to mustard up all the strength you can because it is a doggy dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kids Nsync, and even though you are having a feel day with this I am here to bring you back into reality. I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your rhetoric. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what comes around is all around, and when supply and command fails you will be the first to go. Make my words, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn't take rocket appliances to get two birds stoned at once. It's clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and accept the facts. You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but I swear on my mother's mating name that when you put the petal to the medal you will pass with flying carpets like it’s a peach of cake.
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    Groovin got a reaction from Alot in So why the hell can Elken not be Druids?   
    I hole-hardedly agree, but allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite. So I ask of you to mustard up all the strength you can because it is a doggy dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kids Nsync, and even though you are having a feel day with this I am here to bring you back into reality. I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your rhetoric. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what comes around is all around, and when supply and command fails you will be the first to go. Make my words, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn't take rocket appliances to get two birds stoned at once. It's clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and accept the facts. You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but I swear on my mother's mating name that when you put the petal to the medal you will pass with flying carpets like it’s a peach of cake.
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    Groovin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in 6.500 TEST Patch Notes for 3/3/2021   
    Additional Patch notes
    Dodge powers have all been converted to use charges with cooldowns. 20 meter dodges have 1 charge with a 22 second cooldown and 10 meter dodges have 2 charges with a 11 second cooldown each. Each of the charges has an independent cooldown when there is more than 1 charge.  Powers that previously affected the dodge pips in any way will now affect the cooldown of the charges.
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    Groovin reacted to Tinnis in "ACE Q&A Livestream March 2nd" discussion   
    do i need to explain why locking the news thread is annoying?





  7. Haha
    Groovin reacted to srathor in The community of this game.   
    Man it took them 10 encounters to figure yall out.  I banned yall after like 15 seconds. 
  8. Thanks
    Groovin reacted to Nyurt in Nyurt's War story   
    02/27/2021                                   The Night the Sun and Moon Fell upon Earth     Character List: Sun: (Dissentient, Hax, YBR, Bear)Dissentient Alliance,  Moon:(Corvus Citadel, Skull guilds, Death guilds, Uxa (another skull guild)) Deathskull guild alliance, Valeria, Acolytes. Earth: Unparalleled, The Boys, Winterblades, House of Avernus, Cyber bullies, Vanguard    It's been over two weeks now since the crows have had a Dreggs to really stretch their legs in. Cramped inside the new infected Map came with some new dynamics to infected PVP. Every adventure from the temple begins with two long treks through some maps designed to support the new player experience with harder challenges as one makes their way to a place known as Skypoint, the final destination for any pvper. Even after entering Skypoint there's still more traveling to do to reach the far east of the map where the gem of skypoint await Castle Bron. There was a progression wipe only a short time ago and everyone's minds are on progression as we await a Dreggs announcement. People are recruiting, scrimming, gathering, farming, learning the conquest mechanics, and even still trying to figure out the best build or composition for their group. Usually Infected is nothing more than a limb to perch upon for rest, always looking towards the Dreggs competition. Two weeks in tensions are high, reputations are being made and politics are heated. It was only a matter of time till someone spent the 75,000 gold to plant a seed in Castle Bron. It became realized that expecting a Dreggs every day to be tomorrow was a waste of focus. The content is in Infected and we might as well make the most of it, or so a visionary might notice. Unparalleled had established themselves a place in Crowfall in the span of a month stealing the spotlight daily by topping the scoreboard and winning outnumbered fights and were the first to find interest in claiming the coveted Castle Bron. All of the public enemies in the community somehow found themselves all inside the Earth Faction, even CyberBullies notorious for being against Winterblades, but things had changed. Even Winterblades the OG Guild of the game has to earn it's reputation amidst so much new activity. Crowfall had just recently seeen a population spike with the release of version 6.4 The Transformation update. The days were like revolving doors, sometimes it was a Moon faction zerg, other times it was the Sun faction zerg, But with Winterblades focusing on progression and guild development, the Earth faction often found themselves outnumbered, and so THEY GREW STRONG. Sometimes the Sun faction would take all of the respawns and sit at the only untakeable spawn point camping it preventing anyone from spawning in Skypoint completely. The only option was to start back a map and travel back a good distance to where you wanted to be. Without numbers the earth faction was left with little hope against zergs twice or 3 times their number and so it came that Castle Bron would be seized in order to take a stand against, the tyrannical zergs.   -The Seige- Nobody knew what to expect; some thought the Moon and Sun were defeated by simply taking the castle. The castle is notorious for being untakable in dreggs. The situation is that this castle is level 1, and no one is going to upgrade it.  The walls, were erected about an hour before the seige went live. When I showed up it was, Winterblades, Vanguard, Unparalleled, House of Avernus, in largest attendance. You could tell people were taking this night seriously. I started to realize this is going to be a historical moment. All of the big names, all of the big guilds, people found themselves fighting next to people they despised in any other situation. A unifying event, transcending the toxic flows of general chat, that had previously divided them. The first signs of attack came from the event tab. Sun faction was securing the north respawn outpost and the moon had already secured the South. We were going to be attacked from both sides from Moon and Sun simultaneously. The battle was growing near, reports of forces massed to the west were coming in and some of us ventured out to see for ourselves just outside the walls. First I saw, the moon faction encroaching outside the walls they winded around the perimeter to find a crack in the wall to begin massing for a push and all those outside were now retreating inside the walls to get ready to hold the choke. Nearly at the same moment the Sun faction was making a similar move on the north perimeter. Surviving this initial push was critical for holding the castle. After a short stand off at the cracks, the sun faction rushed through, and made their way straight to the respawn statue. The respawn statue was under threat. Both Sun and Moon were now inside the walls and Earth was retreating to the respawn, knowing that if it fell all hope was lost. The struggle there could have easily gone either way if it weren't for Earth's awareness of the situation, minimizing losses and giving up ground to keep hope alive. Vanguard was running about 10 secutor guineaceans but they had scurried to the top floor of the tower above the respawn and things were looking bleak without any front liners. Somehow despite our front line tanks hiding inside a building enough people threw down their lives and the respawn was held and the attackers were retreating back to the holes they came through. A near wipe had taken place amidst the chaos and the first wave was pushed back outside the walls. Although we had overcome the first push, the second would likely be stronger after being able to more preparedly assess the situation inside the walls. We decided to play it safe, (considering being outnumbered easily 2:1) and resist going outside the walls to start destroying the 3 Bane trees, potentially spelling victory. It was far too much risk, the Sun and Moon faction were giving everything they had to take this keep and the second surge was lurking minutes away. This next push everyone knew much more what to expect, and the Earth faction stood even more at a disadvantage. A failed insurgence, gave the attackers new information to reform a much stronger plan, one that they could commit to with confidence, and just like before soon both zergs were massing at the cracks in the wall. We held for as long as we could at the cracks, but they had figured a strong tactic for breaking through. They coordinated burst, with Chaos Orbs, and all of their buffs to burst through both openings. Earth faction fell back doing everything they could to minimize casualties. A long struggle ensued from the cracks at the wall up the steps to the respawn outpost, the push came so strong that many of us weren't able to retreat into the keep before being swarmed from all sides. At this point I had returned to my crow form, and no one could have expected how the rest of the seige would go. I began hearing calls in comms that the wards were falling fast, and now our best last chance was to do our best to stall them inside the keep while anybody in position to attack the bane trees rushed outside to banish them and end the seige. So began what we call a base race in gaming where 100 people were watching the life bar of the tree after the wards were soon destroyed. Just as much focused was the health bars of the trees. Fate was in the hands of the All-Father and those he chose to champion this dying world. I can't express enough the energy held behind the decisive moments of the last 10 seconds. No one can argue that this was the most un-expected, historic PVP moment in Crowfall's memorable history. To those that were there and those that will one day hear of this legendary night the last two seconds were unrivaled in all of gaming history. The night that the Sun and Moon fell down to a knee in front of the legends of the Earth faction.
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    Groovin reacted to Tinnis in pinned news   
    congrats, you have finally managed to pin every post in the entire first page of the NEWS sub forum. bravo.
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    Groovin reacted to Parallel in Player Marking System   
    Please add group markers and target marker hotkeys or skills that can "mark" players in combat.
    Shield, Heart, Sword, markers indicate tank, healer, dps. These can be assigned to your team or your opponents.
    Make markers assigned by hotkey. 
    Couple this with the ability to turn off names of players in options so the shotcaller can mark a target in a group. This allows group coordination without having to yell targets in voice comms, this can help you promote the game with handicap access for deaf / mute people. 
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    Groovin reacted to Parallel in [<3] Unparalleled is Recruiting   
    Unparalleled is an NA PvP Focused Guild that was founded in Albion Online.
    Many of us come from games like Ultima Online, Shadowbane, Asheron's Call, Darkfall, Mortal Online, etc. 
    What sets our guild apart is our focus on economics, small scale combat and roaming. Many of us enjoy non-CTA (Call to Arms) combat, ganking, dueling, and whatever we can find that is close to Hellgating in this game. In-fact, we have been building and designing our own "Hellgate" in our EK that we would like to test with everyone when Live is online (we can't find the decorations we used for the first design on Test). 
    We intend to be outnumbered, we intend to always side with the underdog if we have to side with someone, but generally we will be the most hated guild in this game. Joining our guild is not recommended unless you want a challenge. 
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    Groovin reacted to PopeUrban in More Homebrew Major Disciplines   
    A quick note on minors:
    If the minor types I am using are gibberish to you, check out this post where I run down the four major "minor types"
    Okay cool, on with the show!
    Minor Set: Class Opportunity Discs
    As with my first minors post in this thread, this one is also a themed "set"
    The following minor disciplines are designed as opportunity cost buffs or replacements for the core powers on each crowfall class. The approach taken with these is to create vectors for situational superiority and playstyle changes at the cost of a minor slot. This includes the two "must take" nodes in each tree. You'll notice ranger is under-represented in this set. This is because rangers already have a fantastic selection of opportunity cost minors for concussive trap.
    Piercing Volley (Opportunity Cost Power, Ranger, Ranged Tray, Replaces Rapid Fire)
    Notch and fire up to three arrows while you hold down the power key. These arrows pierce through targets they hit, and ignore blocking. Each arrow can strike up to four targets beyond the first up to your maximum range. The Archer promotion adds one additional arrow to the volley, and grants a critical strike buff for each non-critical hit.
    Punt (Opportunity Cost Power, Ranger, Melee Tray, Replaces Twin Surge, Flash Cast)
    Kick a single target in melee range, dealing minor damage, knocking that target back 15 meters, and applying the "Punted" debuff for 4 seconds. Targets effected by "punted" have the duration of all effects applied to them by traps doubled.
    Chosen Few (Opportunity Cost Effect, Cleric, Modifies Holy Symbol)
    Your holy symbol now heals only two allies per tick (this includes you) but heals them for twice as much.
    Glorious (Opportunity Cost Effect, Cleric, Modifies Holy Symbol)
    Holy symbol is now a toggle, emanates from you, and ticks  at a slower rate of once per five seconds.
    Brilliant (Opportunity Cost Effect, Cleric, Modifies Illuminate)
    Illuminate no longer heals your party members. In stead, illuminate heals you for twice its normal value, twice over a five second period.
    Flash of Inspiration (Opportunity Cost Power, Cleric, Replaces Flash of Light)
    Flash of Inspiration removes Slow, Blindness, and Root from a single friendly target, and places the "inspired" buff on them for 5 seconds. Inspired targets pay no costs for their non-ultimate abilities.
    Distract (Opportunity Cost Power, Assassin, Stealth Tray, Replaces In The Zone)
    Throw a dart at a single target up to 20m away, removing their Perception buffs and revealing yourself for 2 seconds. If you take no damage within this window, you remain in stealth.
    Hustle (Opportunity Cost Power, Assassin, Any Tray, Replaces Blinkstep)
    Gain 20% combat and 50% stealth movement speed for ten seconds. 25 second recharge.
    Acrobat (Opportunity Cost Power, Assassin, Stealth Tray, Replaces Blinkstep, Flash Cast)
    Acrobat requires 5 pips to activate, and refills all of your dodge pips. 20 second recharge.
    Flanking Stab (Opportunity Cost Effect, Assassin, Modifies Backstab)
    Your backstab now also adds the Flanking buff to one ally within 30 meters for 2 seconds. Allies effected with Flanking deal 15% more damage. If you backstab the target from behind or from stealth, in stead apply Expert Flanking. Allies effected with Expert Flanking deal 20% increased damage and have 15% reduced power costs for 2 seconds.
    Heat Wave (Opportunity Cost Effect, Confessor, Modifies Hellfire Aura)
    Hellfire Aura now knocks back 5 enemies within its radius 20 meters when cast.
    Judgement Day (Opportunity Cost Effect, Confessor, Modifies Hellfire Blast)
    Hellfire blast no longer stuns its targets. Hellfire Blast now applies 5 stacks of sin to each target it hits.
    Congregation (Opportunity Cost Effect, Confessor, Modifies Hellfire Shield)
    Hellfire Shield is now applied to your entire group when cast. Your own hellfire shield may still be consumed by the rest of the combo if applicable.
    Arkon's Eye (Opportunity Cost Effect, Confessor, Modifies Fire Tornados)
    You now only cast two fire tornados. These tornados do not travel away from you, but in stead orbit your position 10m away for 10 seconds.
    Dervish (Opportunity Cost Power, Champion, Replaces Massive Cleave)
    Whirling Pain can now be instantly activated from the hotbar, but has 50% reduced duration. You lose access to the Massive Cleave power.
    Grandstanding (Opportunity Cost Effect, Champion, Modifies Leap)
    Leap no longer combos in to a second leap. In stead, Leap now combos in to Brazen Howl. Brazen Howl completely refills your rage and grants one point of dominance.
    Hurlbat Expert (Opportunity Cost Power, Champion, Replaces Leap)
    Leap is replaced with Hurlbat Volley. Throw up to four hurlbats in rapid succession. Each hurlbat slows its target and generates Rage. The final hurlbat inherits any enhancements for Leap if it hits.
    Paste Maker (Opportunity Cost Effect, Champion, Modifies Neckbreaker)
    Neckbreaker deals 50% more damage, but only hits one target.
    Full Spread (Opportunity Cost Effect, Duelist, Modifies Pepperbox Shot)
    Pepperbox Shot deals 25% less damage, but now hits up to 5 targets and has a wider cone.
    Low Blow (Opportunity Cost Effect, Duelist, Modifies Impale)
    Impale deals 25% less bleed damage, but now also slows its target until the target is fully healed or drops below the bleed threshold.
    Fancy Footwork (Opportunity Cost Effect, Duelist, Modifies Keen Guard)
    Keen Guard now grants 4% combat move speed per pip in stead of a barrier. Keen guard's duration is halved.
    Black Powder Shot (Opportunity Cost Power, Champion, Replaces Keen Guard)
    Blind a target plus one additional target for each pip spent, up to 5. Vanguard Scouts also root their targets. Dirges also gain a 50 barrier for each pip spent. Slayers gain 3% critical strike against all blinded targets for 10 seconds and 100 stamina for each pip spent.
    Brutalist (Opportunity Cost Effect, Knight, Modifies Brutal Strike)
    Brutal strike now applies a slow.
    Gong Show (Opportunity Cost Effect, Knight, Modifies Shockwave)
    Shockwave is now an AOE, and effects up to 5 targets.
    Proper Form (Opportunity Cost Effect, Knight, Modifies Twin Assault)
    Twin Assault now applies a barrier to you for each hit.
    Make Way (Opportunity Cost Effect, Knight, Modifies Obliterate)
    Obliterate now knocks back enemies it hits 10 meters on both strikes.
    Healing Ritual (Opportunity Cost Effect, Druid, Modifies Ritual Sacrifice)
    Ritual Sacrifice now heals your party for an amount equal to 8% of your max HP. The effects of Ritual minors stack.
    Confounding Ritual (Opportunity Cost Effect, Druid, Modifies Ritual Sacrifice)
    Ritual Sacrifice now stuns one hostile target up to 15m away for 5 seconds. The effects of Ritual minors stack.
    Ritual of Decay (Opportunity Cost Effect, Druid, Modifies Ritual Sacrifice)
    Ritual Sacrifice now afflicts up to 5 enemies within 30m with black mantle. The effects of Ritual minors stack.
    Ritual of Renewal (Opportunity Cost Effect, Druid, Modifies Ritual Sacrifice)
    Ritual Sacrifice now restores 1 pip or 8% resource to your group members. The effects of Ritual minors stack.
    Volatile (Opportunity Cost Effect, Frostweaver, Modifies Freezing Blast)
    Freezing blast now converts ice within the effect to Volatile Ice in stead of Freezing Ice.
    Cold Snap (Opportunity Cost Effect, Frostweaver, Modifies Shatter Storm)
    Shatter Storm now converts ice within the effect to Freezing Ice in stead of Volatile Ice.
    Comforting (Opportunity Cost Effect, Frostweaver, Modifies Cold Comfort)
    Cold Comfort now also applies Ice Armor to up to 3 group members, chosen at random.
    Cold Stare (Opportunity Cost Effect, Frostweaver, Modifies Ice Weave)
    Ice weave's range is reduced to 15m. Ice created by Ice Weave deals damage to up to 2 enemies within 10m when it is created. Your Stable Ice is visible to enemies.
    Finisher (Opportunity Cost Effect, Myrmidon, Modifies Raging Bull)
    Raging bull no longer knocks back targets it hits. Raging bull now deals Execute damage.
    Hatchet Job (Opportunity Cost Effect, Myrmidon, Modifies Neck Slash)
    Neck slash deals -50% damage. Neck slash is now a ranged attack, dealing its damage and effects up to 20m away with a throwing axe.
    Trample (Opportunity Cost Effect, Myrmidon, Modifies Colossus Smash)
    Colossus Smash deals 25% less damage. Colossus Smash now grants you 25% increased combat movement speed for 5 seconds if it hits a target in addition to its stun.
    Swat (Opportunity Cost Power, Myrmidon, Replaces Colossus Smash)
    You lose the Colossus Smash power. Swat knocks a single target back 20 meters and knocks them down for 3 seconds. Swat deals no damage.
    Battle Hymn (Opportunity Cost Effect, Templar, Modifies Brilliance)
    Brilliance no longer heals you. Brilliance increases your group's max HP for 20 seconds in addition to your own.
    Righteous Leap (Opportunity Cost Effect, Templar, Modifies Censure)
    Censure no longer stuns its target. Censure now generates 1 pip of Righteousness. Censure combos in to a second use of Censure.
    Beacon (Opportunity Cost Effect, Templar, Modifies Righteous Stand)
    Righteous Stand now re-centers your Divine Light on your position when used, but does not extend its duration.
    Righteous Advance (Opportunity Cost Power, Templar, Replaces Censure)
    You lose the Censure power. Righteous Advance grants you 25% increased movement speed for 15 seconds. You block all ranged damage while Righteous Advance is active and gain 1 pip of Righteousness for every third ranged attack blocked by this effect.
  13. Haha
    Groovin reacted to TommyTwoSocks in Being Different Will Push Success   
    Right now a lot of your builds are like some dude strapped a bunch of fireworks to a trashcan, got it to lift a couple meters off the ground, and started claiming it's a safe and expandable new method of air transport. Just go in the PVP zones at least homeboy. You sit in that trashcan and fly to Missouri without extra luggage fees and I'll respect it.
  14. Haha
    Groovin reacted to Chillmate in Frostguard Support Build   
    Don't listen to the haters man! Your build is revolutionary! I can tell because I graduated top of my class in GAMER SCHOOL!
    Lets show these haters who have been testing the game for approximately 5 years how REAL GAMERS make builds.
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    Groovin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in Dev Diary: The Attributes System   
    Welcome to our first Crowfall Dev Diary of 2021. We wanted to offer players a preview of some of the gameplay features we’re working on that we think our community will find interesting, coming in Update 6.400.  Click here to read the Dev Diary: The Attributes System
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    Groovin reacted to veeshan in Infected Ping   
    you shouldnt be having a problem on 150ping, targeting is super generous and i have no problems with 250ping that i get in campaigns
  17. Thanks
    Groovin reacted to doomstove in 6.3 Stealth Discussion Megathread   
    Hi everyone,
    I'm doomstove, an officer in a stealth doctrine guild called BAP, and I'd like to talk to you today about the stealth mechanic and sensical changes to improve the way that non-stealthers and stealthers interact with one another.  Many players erroneously think that we support a strong, undetectable stealth mechanic; however, that couldn't be further from the truth.  In this post, I will lay out three things for you to consider: areas where the current stealth implementation cheapens gameplay, ways to improve stealth gameplay for both parties in Crowfall, and bugs and poor design that negatively impact stealthers 
    First, I want to start by indicating some areas where the current implementation cheapens gameplay:
    Losing a kill target to a stealth ult with no way to detect them.  Since everyone has a VGS bank during harvesting activities, this means that getting a clean kill on a stealther is nigh impossible unless you're a very capable brigand or ganking a very dumb VGS.  Innate promo/skill based perception doing nothing without an unavailable domain locked activatable like Heads Up (Vandal, as an example). Assassin/duelist ult cleansing targeted Faerie Flames feels bad and makes targeted Faerie Fire almost useless.  This should not be the case with AOE methods of Faerie Fire (barbed stakes with Ranger talent. Stealther vs. Stealther matchups are absolutely stupid outside of Brigand, no way to detect one another without getting lucky with fan of knives or go for broke.   I'm sure other commenters will provide many other examples. Bugs and poor design that affect stealth that each stealther plays around daily:
    Design (but might be bug): DoT damage on thorns targets removing stealthers from stealth (video from a previous post.)  This issue has actually caused all of us to abandon VGS (due to Buckshot knockdown bleed on ult) and the bottom line of Duelist talents that make us bleed out of stealth.  Despite the fact that they're great talents we'd love to use, we are avoiding them like the plague due to the negative interactions with Blood Rose which every healer runs due to almost limitless value as only a minor discipline.   BUG: Desync on flares, making them invisible in large fights.   BUG: Faerie Fire still sometimes locks out the stealth cooldown for 40 seconds, much longer than the duration of the debuff. BUG: Assassin ult breaks when a targeted ability is "in flight" during an ult. BUG: Cheap shot/kidney shot are based on elevation, which means targets on a slight incline in melee range do not register the ability. BUG: Vanish does not break aggro against non-detecting mobs. BUG: Rat stealth dust cloud invisible for players who play on low graphics. Here are some ways I could see improving stealth gameplay for both parties:
    Set a perception value threshold for passive perception.  If someone invests in blue/epic perception eyes and has an alertness/heads up perception buff, they should be able to passively detect stealthers at minimum range. Alternatively, allow perception to be a toggleable stamina drain to allow others to detect at a minimum range with no perception modifier.   Allow Heads Up to be run on any class. This is definitely not an inclusive list of ideas, but I would like to spur the community to try to generate some ideas about how to improve stealth gameplay for both parties.  
  18. Haha
    Groovin reacted to SAM_BUKA in 6.300 LIVE Bug Reports for 12/29/2020   
    Harvesting bugs:
    1. While harvesting, the game performance drops dramatically. After 1 hours harvesting, hitching and lagging become so bad that I have to close Crowfall entirely and run it again. Then, after another hour, I have to repeat that again.
    The most interesting part is ahead though...
    2. When I do not relog for the loooong time and my FPS drops to 1 or even 0, then I can clone resources. Example: if I click on the plant while my fps is close to 0, I get the resources and dust from that plant but it does not disappear. So that it's unlimited.

    3. Moreover, when my FPS drops to close to 0, I am also able to jump to the sky. That way I am able to jump inside anything including enemy structures and the highest mountains.
    Thanks for reporting these bugs to my Russian comrade Crow @чебурахнут
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    Groovin reacted to Bzra in Merry Christmas! From: Hax   
    We just wanted to take a minute and wish the community a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
    It's been a fun year in Crowfall, we look forward to making more memories.
    Thank you for the fights and thank you for the fun!
    If you're looking for a guild be sure to check us out:
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    Groovin reacted to nihilsupernum in Can we please nerf Pitfighters?   
    Just linking some earlier threads where I complain about these issues: Balance in general with pitfighter as an example, and stealth vs anti-stealth gameplay.
    IMO, these problems have only gotten worse in the last few months, especially with stealth ults now clearing Faerie Fire.
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    Groovin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in Konveryn 2 - Campaign Rewards System   
    Hello Crows,
    First of all, we want to thank everyone for helping us test the Campaign Rewards system for the first time!  We learned a LOT about what works (and what doesn’t) in terms of campaign rewards, and we also identified a number of bugs and balance issues that need to be addressed for our future campaigns.

    Some example reward cards!
    Overall, in spite of the issues, we are happy with the results of the test.  As you can see from the sample “reward cards” above, this system offers a huge degree of variety and flexibility -- so it really shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that we would have a few issues the first time we subject it to real rewards in a real campaign.
    Let’s quickly talk through some of those issues, and how we are going to address them.
    One of the most apparent challenges wasn’t a bug -- it was an issue in making sure that players understand the difference between GUILD rewards (you get one of these reward bundles per guild) and PARTICIPANT rewards (every participant in an eligible guild gets 1 of these bundles). Unfortunately, to complicate the confusion between Guild and Player rewards, there was a bug that caused these token rewards to appear blank on the reward cards and, in some cases, caused them to be unclaimable as well.
    Here is how the design was intended to work:
    Guild Rewards were intended to be the primary source of rewards for campaigns because Player Rewards encourage the use of alts to multiply your rewards… which is obviously not the intended design.  A Guild Reward card could include, for instance, a limited number of rare items.  This scarcity also acts as a disincentive against packing too many guild members into one guild, or one alliance. 

    To that end, the initial set of Player Rewards for this first Campaign was limited to Export Tokens only (i.e. the ability to export more of your campaign winnings back to the rest of the game).   We’re already discussing this internally, and recognize that many players will want these rewards to be more substantial to make these cards more enticing.   We’ll take a look at this, in light of the issue with alt accounts that I noted earlier.
    In terms of this current campaign, however, the bugs mentioned above, we are granting an additional +25 Export Tokens to all players who were active in this round of campaign testing.  We also added a few test items to these bundles as well, to help us track down the issues so that we can fix them for future campaigns.
    The information about whether a given reward was a “one per guild” or “one per campaign” was included in the mouse-over text of each item -- but we can absolutely see how this was confusing.  To fix this in future campaigns, we will update the Campaign Reward Card interface to make it MUCH more clear whether a reward is “one per guild” or “one per player”:

    As a thank you for playing, we will be reviewing the “per guild” reward bundles and increasing the rewards for this last campaign, because we understand that a lot of players did not understand the distinction between these reward types.
    Additionally, we have reports that if a guild leader was not active in the campaign, they were not able to claim the guild rewards in some cases.  (In another case, we know that a Guild Leader did claim the guild reward -- but was unable to claim their own player reward, as a result.)   Gaining one reward in a given category also seems to have blocked other rewards in the same category -- for example, winning as the “Top Guild for Wealth” should not have blocked you from also getting the reward for being one of the “Top 20% of Guilds for Wealth”.
    We are looking into these issues one at a time, and we will make sure that all of the guilds get the rewards they deserve.  That said, please be patient and remember that it is the holidays for our team, too.  We expect to have these issues resolved before the end of the next campaign.
    Lastly, we want to thank everyone for helping us stress test this system -- Thanks for your patience while we work through this and complete the action plan above.
  22. Thanks
    Groovin reacted to PopeUrban in Player Retention   
    I approve this message, and I've been saying it for a while now.
    Your game is openly hostile to the majority of its player base in its current form. You need a working difficulty ramp. You need a reason for people to care about dregs divine favor beyond the top 3 scoring awards. You need to figure out how to engage the majority, not the minority of players with your core throne war systems. You need to decide if you're making a game about throne war or a game about grinding items for the majority of the time to engage in campaign goals the minority of the time. You need to decide if you're building a game around rapid resetting campaigns with minimal connective tissue or a sisyphean economic marathon.
    5 Buddy codes are good for nothing at this point as everyone I know is already in my guild, and the majority of them have quit until you, and I quote "un-f*ck" the game.
    Crowfall is somehow less fun than it has ever been. I have less desire to log in than ever. My guild scarcely plays together any more because they're all chasing individual advancement doing individual disparate activities, and interacting mostly through EK chests if they play at all.
    You said you axed passive training without really trying to meaningfully iterate on it because it "wasn't fun" and that is an excellent reason to make sweeping changes to core systems. I encourage you to look at every system in the game under this lens. And ask yourself who finds each system fun, and if that is enough people to justify its current state.
    I implore you to take a hard look not at individual systems but the entire closed loop of your game and ask yourself if it is fun. New players overwhelmingly don't think it is fun. Still. Even with the new active progression. Veterans in a growing ratio are telling you it isn't fun for one reason or another, and are telling you you're missing the mark with the fixes you are applying more often than not. Your insistence on over-complicated grind and a binary haves and have nots victory system is serving a miniscule portion of your player base. Those are the only players you are retaining. Everyone else is simply logging off and failing to log back in in ever larger numbers.
    The customers you are attempting to monetize don't care what the excuses are. Don't claim you're not trying to monetize them. You are. You're constantly running sales, promotions, sponsored streams, and giving away beta keys. You're putting new stuff in your cash shop. You are selling a product, and the only thing that is going to sell that product is making that product something people want to buy.
    That's it. No matter what the version number of label is, you're selling a product that people are only going to buy if it is fun.
    Your creative director is retweeting threads about how nobody truly understands the development process. He's right. Consumers don't. They also don't care how hard it is. They also aren't going to give you money on the basis of charity. You are selling a video game so they want a fun video game, and they don't care how hard it is or what the excuses are.
    You chose to open the gates to get data and the data you got told you your game was not ready. You are responsible for the current state of the game and how it affects your bottom line and release schedule. You are responsible for the fact that after five years you still can't push a significant version update without major game breaking bugs. You are responsible for your consistently low player numbers. Not your community not bug reporting enough. Not your pet influencers not hyping it enough. Not your backers not inviting enough friends.
    You currently have a game that only a few hundred people actually want to play. That is the state of the game.
    I really want to feel excited to log in again, and I really want to see worlds filled to the brim with adventure and rivalry and dynamic player interactions and harrowing fights. I believe everyone at ACE wants that too.
    Unlike some here I don't think you're just half arsing your way to the finish line so you can dump the game and become middleware providers. I think you've missed the forest for the trees with your noses to the grindstone and need to just take a moment, breathe, and honestly assess what you've made and what you're making and simply ask why it isn't getting the result you want.
    I have given my perspective, but your perspective on the matter is the only one that really matters so I implore you. Get some perspective.
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    Groovin reacted to Hud in 6.3: Workification of a game   
    They got rid of passive training because the dev team didn't think it was fun and replaced it with a less fun grind.
    Repetitive tasks of crafting/harvesting and hoping for RNG blessing followed by endless killing of mobs for gold.
    This is supposed to be a "throne war PvP game" and there are literally no rewards in terms of progression for participating in PvP. Can't even sell a skull for gold. No reason to go to campaign until you have finished your weeks or months of grinding. 
    I am all for a challenge to reach "full progression" but just making it a repetitive grind isn't exactly a challenge....it's a time sink. Hopefully this is just temporary because it is not good and certainly not fun. 
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    Groovin reacted to UnemployedBalloon in 6.300 LIVE Bug Reports for 12/17/2020   
    i don't know what i did. please enjoy.
  25. Haha
    Groovin reacted to Czar_Cain in 6.300 LIVE Bug Reports for 12/17/2020   
    Can't access my skill tree.
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