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    Groovin reacted to Herithius in Crowfall on Silicon Valley trailer   
    Not sure if this has been posted, but was watching the new trailer for Silicon Valley season 6 on HBO and they had some Crowfall footage in the opening 10 seconds.
    Thought that was kinda neat.
    Silicon Valley Season 6 Trailer
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    Groovin reacted to XeXeeD in Saga: Satayn Campaign: Fighting outside Chaos Keep   
    Long fight against the forces of chaos outside their keep.    
    Do you want to join Vanguard? Apply here!: https://forms.gle/FF4WBSoWjzTMMu5r5
    Want to talk to us? Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64
    Do you want to see our recruitment thread?:
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    Groovin reacted to Caballah in New Player- Map and Inventory+Paperdoll concerns   
    new player here...just some feedback.
    1- Map.
    I use the map alot in MMOs, especially PVP centric games. i noticed when i map in, it takes a significant amount of time for the map to render (5-10 seconds). while this may not seem like alot of time, in a PVP game, that could be life or death.  is there a way to speed this up?
    2- Inventory and Paperdoll when looting
    when i hit F to loot, half my screen is taken up by my paperdoll, my inventory, the mob's loot box, my tray bars, and the left side menu icons. if i forgot to X a previous window, i think that also pops up in the background.  why so many things when i loot?
    i'm not sure if any of these things have already been addressed/discussed....is there a NPE  thread somewhere?
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    Groovin got a reaction from Lightsig in Passives and minor discs.   
    I hope they can keep advantages and disadvantages separate from minors, having it at character creation like initially intended.
    I do like the idea of humans and half elves being able to nullify one, or it could even be as simple as just giving them more points to take advantages at creation.

    I also like the idea of stacking minors for new effects, but share the same concern.
    However his second idea of minor utility buffs works too, although it's a bit more boring.
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    Groovin got a reaction from Staff in [ByZ] Byzantine Empire is searching!   
    You going to team up with ROME, or stay split?
    Watch out for those Huns.
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    Groovin reacted to KDSProm in First Day, First Siege - Good Job Chaos   
    The timer is closing in and the siege is upon us. The Balance enemy is looking for a fight. He is strong, he is looking for a challenge - they always like to fight outnumbered - yet they try to recruit everyone, their mothers and the livestock.
    We have our troupes in the keep. We also have the crafters as they really want to keep their playground.
    We might survive this one but looking around it's not looking great. Not enough fighters to keep a breach. Not enough people to man the walls...
    Still we prevailed - a heroic defense - against an enemy much better prepared and with more numbers.
    Today is ours though - we wanted to defend and so we did.
    We might not hold it next siege or if they invite their NA friends over the week-end - then our chances are looking even worse. But we will be there and give them the fight we can now with what we have.
    Let the crows fly!
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    Groovin reacted to ZYBAK in Crowfall October Developer Q&A - Edited Version   
    Crowfall is going to be a bit slow while the developers go "heads down" working on the huge update coming next year. Updates are going to be infrequent/nonexistent on the LIVE service of the game while they smash out the next big patch. Lots of exciting stuff on the way though!
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    Groovin reacted to Ekoji in [ByZ] Byzantine Empire is searching!   
    Adjustment: https://discord.gg/fkNtuJp
    (Use this discord link instead if interested.)
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    Groovin reacted to Deernado in Passives and minor discs.   
    The dev's announced in a future build, passives will no longer need slots. All your available passives will be active for their appropriate trays (survival, melee, etc).
    The dev's also mentioned wanting to create a system similiar to D&D feats.
    My suggestions are:
    1) Give a bonus passive or stat based on the combination of minor discs selected.
    For example, if I slotted Sturdy, Overwhelming Odds and Matching Plate, I'd get a new bonus called "Defender" and could choose between a raw stat increase or a passive bonus to mitigation or barriers, etc.
    It would be nice if we could be given options to choose from as some specs and vessels may need some benefits over others.
    This would help prevent people from picking the same minors, by giving different outcomes based on the combos of 3 slotted.
    2) Add more utility passives from minor discs
    For example:
    A minor disc which has a passive that increases range by 5m.
    A minor disc which increases barriers by 100.
    A minor disc which increases group members mitigations when they are within 20 meters.
    A minor disc that grants a healing class, a ranged damage ability.
    A minor disc that grants a non healer class a minor heal. 
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    Groovin reacted to Archaos in 🦅 ROME | NA Order Guild | NOW RECRUITING!   
    🚨 Please click the image below to view the static infographic. 🚨

    If you have any questions regarding the ROME application process
    please reply to this thread or feel free to send the OP a direct message. 
    Information regarding other inquiries:
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    Groovin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in [Livestream Edit] HUGE Crowfall Info Drops! September Q&A   
    I like how Todd was talking about Disc overhauls at about 10 minutes in. Glad he's thinking about it, and interested in what they might do.
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    Groovin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in #Warstory - The Longest Siege   
    The longest and best siege was in the campaign with no reward or anything on the line?
    Makes me glad to see.
    Very cool video
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    Groovin reacted to soulein in #Warstory - The Longest Siege   
    The forces of House Avari and The Winterblades defend Umbressa Keep from the combined forces of Order and Chaos in an hour long siege. The Balance will prevail!
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    Groovin reacted to ZYBAK in [Livestream Edit] HUGE Crowfall Info Drops! September Q&A   
    ABSOLUTELY HUGE Crowfall news drops coming from the September Q&A. We're getting a ton of new stuff in the next milestone including the dregs, city building, caravans, mounts, new win conditions, new god daily objectives, and much more!
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    Groovin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    If you're going to wipe, no half measures.
    Skill wipe will still leave a power gap between those with prior gear and training and those without
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    Groovin reacted to Jah in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    A passive skill wipe that left the existing vessels and loot in place would not help. While the passive skills would be equalized, nobody would be able to make vessels and gear to match those held by existing vets, so you are left with the same (or worse) level of demotivation for new players.
    If you want to take the step of wiping because it is an easy bone to throw the LIVE service while you are heads-down on the next build, I would suggest:
    1) Full wipe of passive skills, vessels, banks.
    2) Carrot of a long Trial campaign to compete over as part of the start-over process. I would suggest 2 months.
    A fresh start with a long Trial campaign could be a good way to hold over the players while we wait for the next build.
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    Groovin reacted to Yumx in Vanguard visiting the NA campaign   
    Vanguard visited the NA campaign in Trial of Yaga, we attended a few sieges with a few people - but the picture says it all.

    Thank you for the fun - please don't take this too serious 😂
    We love all the NA guilds, they all have an awesome fighting spirit!
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    Groovin got a reaction from Navystylz in ACE's August QA communication failure   
    Crowfall Classic?
    Crowfall: Battle Royale?
    Crowfall - Patreon Exclusive Edition?
    I hope they are just building up to another massive reveal.
    I suspect that the only reveal they could do at this point is release or alpha/beta.
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    Groovin reacted to soulein in House Avari - Campaign Battles   
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    Groovin reacted to Durenthal in State of the Knight 5.100   
    It's been a while since we did one of these, mostly because nothing has really changed - all the problems we've mentioned over the past few years are still present.
    Knight remains the worst solo class in the game, primarily due to a lack of self-sustain.
    Knight remains a decent contributor to group play, primarily due to the chain pull and dodge pip steal abilities that let a group isolate an enemy target and burn him down.
    With the change to 3m melee range (from 5m), melee characters are suffering more whiffs and misses than ever before, which tilts the playing field towards ranged at the moment, too.  Edit to add: The loss of surging spirit, demon's pact, and expansive mind really hurt knight as well.
    Knight's toolkit and playstyle are fun, more fun than many of the more effective classes out there, and so people still play knight quite a bit, despite the fact that it mostly sucks.  Knight has been my main since the early greybox days of hunger dome.
    There are three knight specs:  Swordsman (nominally the dps spec), Secutor (nominally the tankiest spec) and Sentinel (the CC-heavy spec).
    Swordsman - the swordsman gets more AP than the other promotion classes, but only a little.  It generally has less AP than a similarly geared DPS Myrmidon or Champion, for instance, because it gets less AP from the talent tree.  The swordsman's primary dmg boost comes from the mighty surge power, which can be triggered by using a non-shield non-ranged attack power.  There are a few issues with this - it's not predictable when you're going to get it, as it doesn't trigger off every instance that it could; it has a pretty long internal cooldown; and it is only triggerable by one native knight power (the onslaught combo).  So you get a dps increase for LMB (only) attacks that can't be triggered on command and that leans on only a few powers granted by disciplines to trigger, which limits your discipline choices.   Other features of swordsman include a reduced cooldown time on the pursuit (charge) power, guaranteed critical hits on bleed ticks, and an increased critical hit chance.  
    Secutor - the secutor is the shield spec for the knight. It has better anti-CC than the other specs (meaningless, really, with the ease of retaliate in the past few builds), more health than the other knight specs (1500 more), and more damage on shield attacks.  Given that most native knight powers are shield attacks, this holds promise.   It also introduces a different playstyle for knight, as the best damage on secutor comes from shield bash crits.  Shield bash is activated after using another shield power or 3 LMBs in a row, and is guaranteed to crit if it's been used in the past 5 seconds already.   So the playstyle for secutor is shield power - shield bash - shield power - shield bash - 3 LMBs - shield bash - shield power - shield bash etc.  If your target is willing to stand in front of you and let you constantly shield bash them (like, say, a target dummy), the damage is quite strong for a knight.   Secutor also takes reduced stamina drain from blocking, so they can last longer than the other specs when focused, although they still can't do anything but block while they block.
    Sentinel - the CC spec.  With the current state of retaliate (everyone has all the retaliates they could ever want, really), CC builds are weak in general.  That said, the Sentinel does have some nice features.  They get an increased power efficient cap which lets them use maces (maces are too heavy and inefficient for the other specs).  Their chain pull has a slow, their charge gives them a stun, their shield slam adds a suppress, etc.  And they get a 15% dmg increase for a few seconds after stunning or knocking down an opponent.  Unlike the swordsman's mighty surge, this gives the knight a consistent way to trigger a dmg increase on demand.   It's not a big dmg increase, but it's consistent.
    Now let's look at damage mitigation.   The knight wears plate, and with training and good gear can easily reach the mitigation cap of 65% to physical attacks.  They can generally also get about 50% resistance to the non-physical dmg types.   When a knight uses block, he can further reduce the dmg he takes by 50%.  So a knight blocking will take about 25% dmg from non-physical attacks and about 17% dmg from physical attacks.  But he can't do jack whilst blocking (compare this to the myrmidon and champion mitigations where they can continue to attack whilst enjoying their extra mitigation powers).    The knight has no self-sustain beyond a passive that grants a 16% heal once (4 4% ticks) when the knight falls below 20% health.  The lack of self-sustain is what is most crippling about knight.   With a pocket healer, a well-geared knight can do very well.  Without a healer, nope.  Compared to the other tanky classes, knight is pretty poor at overall damage mitigation.  The knight takes dmg slightly more slowly than the other tank classes (assuming he blocks and deals out no dmg of his own as a consequence), but can't recover any health.  Myrm has much better dmg mitigation from vengeance and berserk, and can still attack whilst using those.  Champion gets ridiculously good self-heals (especially pitfighter).  Templar healing (paladin in particular) is very strong.  All those classes will last longer in a real fight than a knight due to the self-sustain.  Healing beats armor in every case.
    Ok, so what about damage?   More bad news here.  Knight dmg output is lower than the other "tanky" classes - myrmidon, champion, and templar, and by a significant margin.  The swordsman spec, which is nominally the dps spec for knight, does significantly less damage than the dps specs of those classes, with same quality gear.  And the same down the line for tank and cc specs.  
    Knight is very gear-dependent.  With top end gear (epic or legendary everything) and end-game training, a knight can do quite well.  The gap between it and the other classes I'm comparing it to here is closer at end-game than it is earlier on in the game.  But it's definitely still a gap.
    After all this negativity, why does anyone play knight?  Why do I play knight as my main?   Because knight is fun.  It feels good to play, if you ignore the constantly dying while solo part.  In a group, knight has a clear role (pull an opponent, steal its dodge pips, and help your group burn it down).  I honestly don't like that isolating and burning down a target is the be-all and end-all of Crowfall group combat, but as long as it is, the knight has a place in groups.
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    Groovin got a reaction from Marth in ACE's August QA communication failure   
    Crowfall Classic?
    Crowfall: Battle Royale?
    Crowfall - Patreon Exclusive Edition?
    I hope they are just building up to another massive reveal.
    I suspect that the only reveal they could do at this point is release or alpha/beta.
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    Groovin reacted to ZYBAK in Crowfall Changes I'd Like To See Made - Daily Objectives   
    Some changes or ideas I'd like to see implemented into to Crowfall. I feel like daily ojbectives, keep and fort maintenance, and more outpost utility would go a long way in sparking more organic PvP.
  24. Sad
    Groovin reacted to srathor in ACE's August QA communication failure   
    Hell I can't even think of a snide remark. 

    No wait I got a couple. but damn took me much longer than normal. 

    I am more excited to hear about and pay and play a release of a 15 year old rehash than Crowfall. 
    I am even more excited to pay and play a rehash of a 5 year old game as well, that I had to quit originally because it turned into a pay to win nightmare, than to listen to more crickets about Crowfall. 

    They are not dropping the ball, the ball got dropped about 21ish months ago. They dribbled it a bit, and now it sits in a forgotten corner, as they try and think up something to explain why they have turned into just another Meh MMO company. 

    They have burned through any hope, hype, or faith I had, and I was a skeptical/grumpy bastard from the beginning. 

    Now I am just waiting for the bad news, and the rest of the disappointment to come home to roost, so to speak, in the crows nest. 
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    Groovin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in ACE's August QA communication failure   
    Crowfall Classic?
    Crowfall: Battle Royale?
    Crowfall - Patreon Exclusive Edition?
    I hope they are just building up to another massive reveal.
    I suspect that the only reveal they could do at this point is release or alpha/beta.
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