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    Groovin got a reaction from inflames21 in alts as party members?   
    I also remember reading a while ago a game called Age of Wushu had a thing where when you log out your character remains in the world doing his own thing. This could be wandering around or doing jobs or whatever. I never played it so I don't have any experience with it, but it sounds cool. I believe you could also be kidnapped, which added risk to logging out in the middle of nowhere.
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    Groovin got a reaction from inflames21 in alts as party members?   
    Pretty sure Guild Wars did this with Mercenary Heroes. Was pretty cool roaming around with your alts.
    Want to also add that Heroes were pretty micromanagement intensive, although they were self sufficient for the most part, having to control positioning, specific spell casting and watching their energy in addition to managing your own character could get pretty overwhelming.
    Mind you, Guild Wars was designed with player grouping and I believe Heroes and Mercenaries were added quite a bit later to allow solo play.
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    Groovin got a reaction from Tipsy in alts as party members?   
    I also remember reading a while ago a game called Age of Wushu had a thing where when you log out your character remains in the world doing his own thing. This could be wandering around or doing jobs or whatever. I never played it so I don't have any experience with it, but it sounds cool. I believe you could also be kidnapped, which added risk to logging out in the middle of nowhere.
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    Groovin got a reaction from bahamutkaiser in Reserving Character Names   
    You can't stop unoriginality

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    Groovin got a reaction from Heartstopper in The Dregs....exploits For Large Guilds?   
    Can't try to fearmonger if you have facts! We need baseless assumptions! I think this community needs to take a rest until the first build is released.
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    Groovin got a reaction from Berengar in The Dregs....exploits For Large Guilds?   
    Can't try to fearmonger if you have facts! We need baseless assumptions! I think this community needs to take a rest until the first build is released.
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    Groovin got a reaction from Anhasia in The Dregs....exploits For Large Guilds?   
    Can't try to fearmonger if you have facts! We need baseless assumptions! I think this community needs to take a rest until the first build is released.
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    Groovin reacted to oberon in Would You Still Play If Voxels Flops?   
    Sure, I've enjoyed certain mmorpgs without digging/destroying so far. Nothing would be different
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    Groovin reacted to Jah in Remark & Questions About The Lore   
    I think each back-story should be considered the story of just one individual member of that archetype.  They are just examples to establish the theme.  Not all champions know Lord Barstow, not all Fae Assassins had twin brothers, and so on.
    We won't be playing those individuals.  The back stories provided don't really apply to our characters. We presumably have our own stories to tell.
    This contrasts with the "Champions" in a MOBA like LoL, where you pick a named individual to play.  Crowfall archetypes don't work that way.
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    Groovin reacted to RolexSweep in Crowfall: What To Avoid!   
    Remember when Wildstar warplots were going to be esports? How about Planetside 2 at MLG? Have you all been keeping up to date on the GW2 ESL series?
    Esports and MMOs is just lame. Worry about making the game actually good for the majority of people playing it and not the 0.01% wannabe e-sports heroes who can't compete in actual esport games.
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    Groovin reacted to sheen in Crowfall: What To Avoid!   
    GW2 isn't a good competitive mmorpg.  One of the best?  Maybe only because there's not much out there in that department. 
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    Groovin reacted to wargasmo in What Are Your Hopes For Pve In Crowfall?   
    Also for all the people saying "NO PVE EVER!"
    Players will often need to fight NPC monsters near resource nodes, gain access to points of interest, scavenge for food and equipment, and often to simply survive. Many of these creatures are powerful enough that they will be very challenging to defeat – even for groups players working together.
    Some activities will require players to seek out monsters – some recipes will require reagents that can only be found by defeating certain monsters, or require the use of rare Thralls (“ghosts” NPCs that must be captured) to bind into an enchantment. Also, remember that the monsters will also become more deadly as Winter approaches, and the Hunger bleeds the warmth from each World.
    Directly from the FAQ btw.
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    Groovin reacted to Jihan in Why The Title Crowfall?   
    Crows are carrion birds. We, the gods' champions, descend on worlds about to die and scavenge for souls and bloodstones, like crows fighting over a dying man's eyeball.
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    Groovin reacted to Homun in Top 10 Reasons Mmorpg's Fail   
    You what's the MMORPG problem? The people. The community. YOU
    There is a custard enormous quantity of mmorpg players, yet, we think we are all the same. 
    This is like if you were trying to make a pie. And, because you have a little bit of experience, and, lets say, cranberries pies are your favorites, you decide to do sell them for the people.
    And then people start approaching and tasting " mmyeah, not bad" , " tastes like cranberries, I like cranberries I like this ", " I like pie, I like this "
    And then, there's the custard kid who goes with " I don't like cranberries " On which the normal response would be:  then don't eat it, you piece of s..
    But, what happens? You try to please every one, so you decide that, to please the little kid that doesn't likes cranberries, you will make strawberries pies. 
    Then, of course, pie lovers are still around, those who like strawberries are pleased, and those who prefered cranberries are let down, but they are still hungry and there isn't much more on the table so they eat it.
    What happens? than there is another kid that say " I don't like strawberries. I want chocolate "
    But, man you know there are a lot of red fruits and berries lovers. You want to sell, so you do a strawberries-chocolate pie. 
    But then you see a group of banana lovers.
    Strawberry banana chocolate pie!
    What? there are people who are saying the flavour starts to feel cloying. Lets add kiwi for some refreshing acidity!
    strawberry-banana-chocolate-kiwi pie!
    And after months of wimps, you get the same as when you blended all the colours to make an awesome new color when you were little: excrement brown
    And in the same way, we have had gw2, with a pve system totally free of pvp to please the gonzos, a world vs world to please the hardcore pvpers, and arena to please competition.
    Or archeage, with safe zones for gonzos, pvp zone hardcore players ( but you can play the game without stepping on them ), and labor point system to limit the time you can spend on the time to please those who have a life. But then those who don't, want lp potions, and to please them they put p2w potions, and etc
    Or tera, with an amazing combat system to please everyone... and nothing else.
    And you can blame the producers all you want. How many gonzos/hardcore players have we seen in this forum?  Why don't we finally got some balls to say, we are not the same, we don't like the same things, we are not the same kind of gamers
    And, most important: WE DON'T NEED EACH OTHER
    Really, i'm tired of seeing a game, that seems, lets say, hardcore, and hear people braging it's too hardcore* THEN  WHY DO YOU COME HERE
    Or people in this forum, forum of a game that is suposed to be diferent, yet make suggestions to have the same thing other games have. THEN WHY DO YOU COME HERE
    * The same applies to pve games like gw2 who are almost only pve, and yet we hear problems with not enough pvp. THEN  WHY DO YOU COME HERE
    Or people who like progresion going to an arcade, or people who doesn't like progression, yet enters a game and blames it is too hard to level up. Or those who comes to a pvp game, and say they want to farm without being ganked....
    Really, stop it. We people are destroying the mmorpg industry only by fear. Fear of failing, fear of diversity, fear of changes....
    The best game that existed until now ( eve, lineage2, wow, uo, more i don't know/remember ) where games that weren't created following the community opinions. They were created by a group of friends, who wanted to share something.
    The genuinity of their creation is based on their talents AND their taste and criteria. If you follow the taste and criteria of the average, you will have an average game. You will have a mediocre game.
    And btw, if you really think mmorpg are failing, you are clearly blind. They make a lot of money. And they are making a lot of money from us.
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    Groovin reacted to courant101 in Top 10 Reasons Mmorpg's Fail   
    Yea I agree that #4, 2 and 1 are relevant to Crowfall too.
    I would say all 10 probably are actually.
    #10 Time Investment : MMORPG require a lot of players' gaming time
    - players have to feel they're progressing and have a meaningful experience online even if they only spend 3-5 hours per week in Crowfall (passive training)
    #9 Over Hype & Under Deliver : Developers that fail to deliver promised features
    - first impression is important and should meet players' expectations to ensure attraction & retention of a large players base (realistic promises)
    #8 Bugs, Exploits, Hackers : Game economy and players' experience can be ruined, frustration over unpunished exploiters
    - features and mechanics have to offer low chances of being exploitable (server-side operations, aimed attacks)
    #7 Free to Play & Pay to Win : Publishers selling items that give players a distinct advantage in-game
    - microtransactions should have low impact on gameplay (cosmetics, account services)
    #6 Over Saturation : The number of players who pay for MMOG is not large enough to support the number of games
    - attracting and retaining players from other games (marketing, gaming experience)
    #5 Losing Touch with the Community : Core audience can be lost if the developers are neglecting what the community finds appealing in the game
    - keeping the right balance between what the developers/publishers want and what is good for the community (long-term vision, community liaison)
    #4 Lack of Creativity : Many developers created WoW copies because it was successful, but players tend to return to the original
    - taking risk to develop a game, like EVE Online, brings high reward when successful (destructible environment, multiple worlds/rulesets, PvP oriented)
    #3 Poor Launch Experience : Publisher are often unprepared to welcome the large amount of players for the launch
    - the launch being one of the most crucial phase for the game, important effort should be put in it (additional servers, over preparedness)
    #2 Lack of Content (Endgame) : Players usually dislike the leveling process and want to reach level cap as fast as possible
    - players should always be enjoying their gaming experience which is often associated to the endgame phase (no level, no grind, crafted items, PvP oriented)
    #1 World of Warcraft : Many players end up going back to WoW for different reasons : friends, time invested, tons of content, etc.
    - MMORPG could strongly differentiate themselves from WoW (action combats, players driven economy, ever changing worlds)
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    Groovin reacted to nehemia in What Are You Excited For The Most?   
    The disappointed posts of Alpha 1 backers once they realize Alpha tests are just focused few hours tests that happen weekly, tops.
    "But we paid for access" It's going to be just too much fun.
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    Groovin reacted to Hi. in Top 10 Reasons Mmorpg's Fail   
    The Eternal Kingdoms also has a lot of potential to be *EXTREMELY* attractive to roleplayers, too. The game could potentially steal people from all sorts of places. Tons of people play online games to do nothing but socialize or RP, with actual 'gameplay' being a secondary concern (See: Second Life, IMVU, SWG Cantinas/Housing, Almost any MMO RP Server).
    Crowfall has the potential to be a fantastic game for a ton of people you wouldn't expect. The market is totally there. The question is can they create Todd and Gordon's Crazy Idea with the time and money they have, or failing that, attract enough additional cashola during development to get there.
    Or not. Who knows.
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    Groovin got a reaction from inflames21 in Advantage By Time Zone   
    So, what? Australian guild aren't going to be competing with each other?
    US guilds aren't going to recruit Australian players?
    There are going to be people from all over the world playing and you're going to have to either recruit people from all over the world or deal with the fact that you might lose out sometimes.
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    Groovin reacted to theDoctor in A Natural Anti-Zerg Mechanic   
    So, I've been waiting for a topic to turn up around zergs so I could make this post, but I decided it would work better to just illustrate the point anyways.  So here's some interesting learning materials: hopefully people can see what I stumbled onto, or correct any issues I've missed so that if a further suggestion needs to be made, we can make it.
    I actually was talking about zergs with a buddy the other day and I realized something:
    There's already a major anti-zerg mechanic built into the game design!
    What's that?  Did they reveal something about objective types or combat?  Is this just the friendly fire argument?
    Actually, no, there's something much simpler that as far as I can tell hasn't been caught.
    Think about the two large-scale PvP games that most people reference: Guild Wars 2(specifically their WvW) and Planetside 2.  In both of these games, despite everything the developers have done to reward smaller-scale objectives, the zerg still tends to rule supreme.  No matter what you do, it seems to be but a matter of time before you end up face to face with a large horde of enemies.
    Let me walk you through a scenario or two to illustrate a major reason this happens, and why this is already improved in Crowfall.
    What happens when you are part of the zerg in Guild Wars 2?  You follow this big group, it takes you to a fort, or some larger keep depending on size, and you wear down the gates.  You kill some players along the way, and anyone who did damage loots their bodies for some side change (and technically a really small chance at good loot).  Everyone in range got experience.  You kill some guards - everyone who did some damage loots the bodies, again for side change and loot, and everyone in range gets experience.  You get in and kill the big boss, and then stand in the circle with everyone to take the keep: you get a reward of Experience, Gold, Karma, and a loot bag all based on having been involved.
    What about Planetside 2?  You follow a big group into a major base.  You kill some people, get some exp, keep going.  Any kills near a terminal give bonus XP.  When the objectives are blown up, you get bonus XP for contributing.  When the base gets captured, you get a huge chunk of bonus XP, again for contributing.
    What do these scenarios have in common?  Participation rewards.  This is like in 7th grade when you joined the local soccer team and at the end you got a reward for participation.  Everyone got one, so you joined up.
    What about a similar scenario in Crowfall?  We don't know a lot of details, but we do know some things for sure, so let me paint the best picture I can.  You and 50 other people are heading for a castle.  You kill a group of 10 people defending.  You don't get XP, because the game doesn't have that.  You could've gotten loot, but 10 other people closer already looted the bodies.  You've gotten nothing.  You break into the base, start killing more people.  Maybe you get some loot off of one or two people who you are nearest to when they die.  Maybe.  You take down their resource store, and now their resources are vulnerable: and look, they had 30 gold bars.  Oh crap, but there are 50 of you in the zerg...well I guess 20 people aren't getting a gold bar, and guess what: you're one of them.
    A contrast: You and your 4 buddies go hunting down a Pack pig that you heard was being transported by 3 rivals of yours.  You get there, and due to your well-planned ambush, you win!  You kill 2 of rivals, one gets away, and it turns out that pack pig had 15 gold bars being delivered.  Lucky you, since you're working with friends you can split up the loot from the 2 enemies you downed, as well as each of you getting 3 gold bars each.
    You can see in these examples that having finite resources, and removing participation rewards like experience, or loot-currency, actually does a lot inherently to discourage zergs.  Are you really going to run with 50 people when you might not even see the rewards from your efforts?
    Now, some counterpoints I foresee:
    But what about a well organized 50 person group, like say, a big guild?
    Well sure, at that point the 10 man group is less effective than the 50, but wouldn't that be true no matter what?  If someone can actually organize 50 people to achieve cooperation, mobility, and flexibility to match a 10 man group, then kudos to them.  That's not a zerg, that's an army. Hey, I like running with that big group.  I don't need loot, I know we're winning the big objectives!
    Very true, and I'm glad you feel that way, because we're going to still need people working together on whatever objectives are important.  We don't want everyone running around solo or in small groups, but luckily I think there's a natural urge to be in that zerg rolling over enemies, so I don't think we'll be missing that. What if we need people to work together? Are you saying we should all split up for loot?
    See the last point, I think that'll still happen.  I just made this its own bullet point because I think people would have missed it. Are you saying that we shouldn't worry about zergs?
    No, of course not.  I think it's still extremely important that they make sure there is a proper place and role for groups of different sizes, and that some objectives will reward small groups and others will reward large.  However, I hope next time you think "I hope they do something to prevent zergs," you'll realize that a part of the mechanics actually does that already.  
    Thoughts?  Questions?  Discussion?  Personally, I thought this was fascinating.  Maybe I'm giving this too much credit, but I can't think of a game of this scale any time recently which hasn't basically given everyone rewards just for participating.  I think this will have a really great impact on the way the game is played, and that "Risk vs Reward" value that ACE keeps mentioning.
    Edit: Forgot a trusty TL;DR:
    TL;DR: Zerging is less valuable when not everyone gets a reward just for participating
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    Groovin reacted to macavity in Ban On The Forums = Ban In Game   
    That sounds like a terrible place. People who need comforting hugboxes are weird.
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    Groovin reacted to kairus in Ban On The Forums = Ban In Game   
    If a ban on the forums can get your paid game taken away then maybe they should hire professionals instead of random members of the community.
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    Groovin reacted to kairus in Mana   
    They are certainly not the same. Rage already starts empty for one thing. Energy is something that places limitations on how quickly you can chain skills together, not how long you can continue sustained fighting. It doesn't do the same thing because you need to manage it differently and it places different constraints on what you do in the fight. Just because "hurdur both are resources" doesn't mean they're all the same.
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    Groovin reacted to Angier in There Are Better Ways To Deal With Stagnation   
    GW2 is a very, very bad example as it made several errors that Crowfall already circumvents:
    There is a limit on what you can bring to your campaign, giving everyone more or less equal footing. GW2 has this up to a certain point, whereas many, MANY players aren't even in fully decked exotics which HAS a bearance on their performance. In Crowfall, itemization is even less important than it already is in GW2. The layout in GW2 is nearly always the same thus the side with better "training" in the maps has an immediate advantage. In Crowfall, every campaign has unique terrain (although the amount of different basic probs is of course somehow limited). GW2-Servers are not each on equal footing regarding the competiveness of servers. Players tend to flock to the servers with more 'hardcore' WvW-guilds. In Crowfall, the type of competition you want to participate is split up more filigrane (via the rulesets) and attracts thus likeminded competition. GW2 has no FF, has no collision detection and the metagame is really, really shallow in comparison as it's either the zerker meta (currently) or a bunker build. Only recently this has been expanded via changes in celestial gear and how conditions apply. GW2 does not encourage entrenchment and roaming zergs are the norm. This is a totally different game experience then what Crowfall seemingly aims for and does attract an audience that is less about 'rewards' and more about 'competition' which alleviates the flocking to perceived Uncle Bobs. Most players in Crowfall will likely tend to try to butcher the Bob and to dance on his corpse instead of kneeling (as a last resort).
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    Groovin got a reaction from bairloch in There Are Better Ways To Deal With Stagnation   
    I know! They could call it hunger or warmth! You stop hunger damage by eating food and you fill your warmth to stop cold/freezing damage by making fires and warm clothes/armour.
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    Groovin got a reaction from chancellor in There Are Better Ways To Deal With Stagnation   
    Very well said. You put my exact thoughts into words I could never articulate well.
    You'll never have a great success if you just alienate new players.
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