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  1. These movies can be quite entertaining to watch... Also in addition with the debunk videos especially for the first one! ^^
  2. James Goblin re-visited this thread today. He did not like a single post. James Goblin is sad.
  3. @mal: In that case, I apologize to every volunteer that actually *has* experience in moderating. I didn't want to over-simplify things by saying no one of the volunteers has any experience whatsoever. To be fair, I don't know. But maybe that's actually part of the problem here. While some of them might be good - them being anonymous and locking down and deleting threads without any interaction is not something that builds a lot of trust or respect. I totally agree with you, showing personality and interacting with the community would help A LOT. Maybe the whole system needs to be revised regarding that.
  4. ...hit the magical sweet spot between the two policies that I believe only trained community managers or insanely good volunteers can.
  5. @Angier: I absolutely respect your opinion but I humbly disagree. I am absolutely on the same page with ACE spending their resources in development instead of anything else first - however, I personally think that this argumentation is flawed. First off, nobody suggested to hire an "army of professionals". One or two might do the trick if Pann has too much on her table to do the work alone. Also I don't expect volunteers to handle the community but on the other hand, a community has to be handled. Also, I personally think that a lengthy process of "sorting out bad apples" can do more harm over time than it helps by saving some money. The pure existence of a thread like this (and actually countless others) is sort of proof for that. This is the first gaming community I have been part of that chose this approach. While there might have been a chance that it could have worked - it apparently didn't very well. Maybe volunteers can be utilized only to bring certain threads on Pann's table without actually interfering by themselves. Because with great power comes great responsibility. Which is nothing everybody can handle.
  6. I really don't want to be mean here and I sincerely hope that you understand what I am writing as constructive. But in my opinion this is what you get when you let inexperienced volunteers do the job of a trained community manager. As you guys announced your concept of "Anonymods" one of the first posts in the thread was Adall saying something like "Um, well, let's see how this plays out". This is how it played out. I honestly don't want to offend you with this, but please think about that for a minute. The dilemma that action caused was kinda obvious. On the one hand you have your Rules of Conduct. These absolutely have to be some kind of bullet proof, covering every possible violation that *can* result in a moderation or even a ban. As I stated in cannibal man's thread (sorry for repeating myself here, but since this is the official thread now, here you go) in my opinion locking/deleting a thread and suspending/banning a member of the community should be used as a measure of last resort and not as a preemptive strike. Since I would consider myself compared to several others here more on the carebear side I actually can't believe that I am writing this... but this is hands down one of the - if not the - most strict moderated communities I have ever been part of in my two decade long gaming history. The amount of locked and deleted threads during the last couple of days is borderline ridiculous and I hardly post anything because of that. To pick up the bar analogy, sure you can throw people out if they are behaving against your house rules. Since you are in Texas you can probably shoot them. But does this make it a good idea? No. Does it give your bar a good reputation? Probably not. Sometimes being a "rule lawyer" causes more harm than it helps in my opinion. Good moderation especially in a hardcore PvP game can be a true art form. Now, some of your Anonymods are apparently perceived as being "jerks" by some members of the community. I personally don't think they are jerks at all. But this is just basic human psychology, they have been selected to do this job and they want to be good at it - unfortunately without exactly knowing how to do so. So instead of maybe watching a thread for a while and writing some posts by themselves to deescalate or bring the thread back on track they have the tendency to lock it right away for review. Several I have read way before they even derail at all. Since you asked for possible solutions to the situation... please don't get me wrong... I don't know how to write this without sounding snarky, but... here's one. Hire trained and experienced moderators to... moderate. That might help. EDIT: I don't want to attack Pann with this - especially not with the last paragraph. All I am saying is that if you need help to do the work - then you might want to get help from professionals in that case.
  7. I absolutely agree. I don't read like every post that is written here on the board (also several of them are deleted like... real quick) so indeed, it is just a perception. But a more or less common bad perception is actually... part of the problem, don't you think?
  8. Well, I sincerely hope that what I will write here is perceived as constructive and not as an open, unwanted criticism. But during the last weeks I felt that the forums have been heavily over-moderated of some sorts and I rarely post anything because of that. Maybe an experienced community manager like Pann can answer that - but in my opinion just because something is written down in the Rules of Conduct it doesn't necessarily mean that it absolutely has to be enforced all the time. I personally think that locking and deleting threads, suspending or banning members of the community should be used as a measure of last resort and not as a preemptive strike. With all those new moderators that may or may not have any experience in moderating a forum on the internet whatsoever I have the feeling that things got a little bit too trigger-happy around here. I understand that everybody wants to do a great job as a Moderator but in my opinion actually moderating demands a little more sensibility than enforcing every single paragraph of the RoC waaay before anything derails at all.
  9. Usually I am very open to any sort of PvP sandbox game but this one didn't strike me as something for me. That's just me, I play neither Diablo, Path of Exile nor do I like any MOBA or shooter gameplay. So I am just not their initial target audience I suppose. But that's also some part of the reason why I didn't back their game because whether it's awesome or not (I haven't tried it, I believe you though that it is awesome) they absolutely failed to strike my interest. I personally think they have a bunch of good ideas and might be capable game designers/engineers but they are horrible at marketing their game and themselves. If you compare it to the Crowfall campaign for a minute... Besides that ACE managed to hype the game up before the actual Kickstarter (I heard about "Das Tal" more or less by accident and at that time they had a super crappy website) with their campaign video they got my instant trust that they have a very specific vision about their game and that they absolutely are able to deliver that. I did not care so much that J. Todd Coleman created the legendary "Shadowbane" or Raph Koster seems to be some sort of crafting systems designer Demi God, but they absolutely sold the game to me in those seven minutes. The video from "Das Tal" did not do that. They seemed to be some cool guys looking for some money. Which would be totally fine if it wasn't an online game. The one thing that any online hosted game needs to some extent is longevity. They have a not very well thought out business model for their game. They are going for buy to play which they consider as the fairest for the customer but they are putting a price tag of $50 on the game. Compared to any other game out there this is insanely high. I assume that this is what their numbers said because they need to pay their servers after all. But this game format almost needs a cosmetic cash shop for the simple opportunity to whale out. MOBAs and Path of Exile chose this business model for a reason. If they want to go B2B only they need to do some quick recalculations with around $20 box price because otherwise just not enough people will buy it which is counter productive to the incentive of having a long living healthy online game. Also their stretch goals are mostly uninspired for a Kickstarter campaign. I could go on and on but I won't. I am just saying they might be able to create an awesome game but I don't believe that they are able to *produce* one. An experienced game producer/PR manager or at least one guy who knows how the industry works would have helped them a lot. I hope that they finish their game successfully nevertheless.
  10. Hmmm... Doesn't look too appealing to me to be honest.
  11. He got probably backers-only filtered by now anyway... ^^
  12. Why are we having two threads about this insulting cash-grab mechanic now? -> http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/6908-labor/
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