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  1. These movies can be quite entertaining to watch... Also in addition with the debunk videos especially for the first one! ^^
  2. James Goblin re-visited this thread today. He did not like a single post. James Goblin is sad.
  3. @mal: In that case, I apologize to every volunteer that actually *has* experience in moderating. I didn't want to over-simplify things by saying no one of the volunteers has any experience whatsoever. To be fair, I don't know. But maybe that's actually part of the problem here. While some of them might be good - them being anonymous and locking down and deleting threads without any interaction is not something that builds a lot of trust or respect. I totally agree with you, showing personality and interacting with the community would help A LOT. Maybe the whole system needs to be revis
  4. ...hit the magical sweet spot between the two policies that I believe only trained community managers or insanely good volunteers can.
  5. @Angier: I absolutely respect your opinion but I humbly disagree. I am absolutely on the same page with ACE spending their resources in development instead of anything else first - however, I personally think that this argumentation is flawed. First off, nobody suggested to hire an "army of professionals". One or two might do the trick if Pann has too much on her table to do the work alone. Also I don't expect volunteers to handle the community but on the other hand, a community has to be handled. Also, I personally think that a lengthy process of "sorting out bad apples" can do more harm
  6. I really don't want to be mean here and I sincerely hope that you understand what I am writing as constructive. But in my opinion this is what you get when you let inexperienced volunteers do the job of a trained community manager. As you guys announced your concept of "Anonymods" one of the first posts in the thread was Adall saying something like "Um, well, let's see how this plays out". This is how it played out. I honestly don't want to offend you with this, but please think about that for a minute. The dilemma that action caused was kinda obvious. On the one hand you have your Rules o
  7. I absolutely agree. I don't read like every post that is written here on the board (also several of them are deleted like... real quick) so indeed, it is just a perception. But a more or less common bad perception is actually... part of the problem, don't you think?
  8. Well, I sincerely hope that what I will write here is perceived as constructive and not as an open, unwanted criticism. But during the last weeks I felt that the forums have been heavily over-moderated of some sorts and I rarely post anything because of that. Maybe an experienced community manager like Pann can answer that - but in my opinion just because something is written down in the Rules of Conduct it doesn't necessarily mean that it absolutely has to be enforced all the time. I personally think that locking and deleting threads, suspending or banning members of the community should be u
  9. Usually I am very open to any sort of PvP sandbox game but this one didn't strike me as something for me. That's just me, I play neither Diablo, Path of Exile nor do I like any MOBA or shooter gameplay. So I am just not their initial target audience I suppose. But that's also some part of the reason why I didn't back their game because whether it's awesome or not (I haven't tried it, I believe you though that it is awesome) they absolutely failed to strike my interest. I personally think they have a bunch of good ideas and might be capable game designers/engineers but they are horrible at
  10. Hmmm... Doesn't look too appealing to me to be honest.
  11. He got probably backers-only filtered by now anyway... ^^
  12. Why are we having two threads about this insulting cash-grab mechanic now? -> http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/6908-labor/
  13. It wasn't even Anime. It was a Manga... ^^
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