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  1. Vydel

    Shadowbane 2.0

    The only thing really right now is in game. I mean, I guess you could say on the forums as well.
  2. Vydel

    Shadowbane 2.0

    What are you playing right now that is squashing them? I haven't been around in a while. Are you solo'ing them or are you grouped? Winterblades seem like a pretty cool group when I ran with them a few weeks back, but again, haven't been around in a while. I don't think I have played or "checked in" since the Templar was released.
  3. Vydel

    Shadowbane 2.0

    So VN, let's say I am not going to sit here and argue with you about who's better at what and what did or did not happen, or what game is or is not high skill ceiling, or whether or not you are the top 1% of all the pro gamers ever, or if I can twitch with the best of them. If we do not discuss these things, could we be friends?
  4. While I just played with a few of them this past weekend, I would like to give these guys a solid thumbs up. I was only able to play with them for a few hours, and we found no real fight, but we sparred with each other and I had a blast. Although I fat fingered my way through the entire thing, they were kind, courteous and always had a word of advice. If you are looking for a good group that know when to shut up on coms because it is fight time, take training seriously and play to crush, put in an application. Can't wait to test the Templar with you all next Sunday after I get back from a short, end of week trip to Florida!
  5. Thank you Wabice! I am sending you a PM here shortly.
  6. Thanks Jared! I am in a good spot with it so far, just looking for some guiding hands. This weekend I am going to dig into it and work on it. Started some initial documentation a few weeks ago but classes just started again and I am feeling reinvigorated to really dig into it. I have taken all the base level classes so far just none of my classes have shown me how to tie it all together yet. I stated that I want to use it for my "capstone" class and show potential employers, but that is like a year plus down the line. I am not in a hurry or under any kind of deadline, however it might be quite an ambitious thing I have in mind. Thank you though for your encouraging words!
  7. So I am study Web Design and Development, only through entry level classes so far. I want to start a project that I can use for my "capstone" class at the end of the program and something to show potential employers. It will be gaming related and involve databases and such. I am looking to do the work myself, just want to put together some people that can help point me in the right directions and give me some advice. PM me here if you are interested. If not, I wish you a good day anyway so suck on that!
  8. Anytime my friend! I am not sure I have read through them, loading the page now.
  9. For... oh what was that deities name... Grahllokur! or something like that. We picked a less well known deity from the SB pantheon. We were RP'ers...
  10. Hello my friends. My name is Vydel. I am a SB vet and an old school UO player. I appreciate you all taking the time to read this post. I thought it would be wise to post it here instead of PM'ing as it would give all of the Winterblades a chance to read it. It may be long as I am freestyling it but I want to get everything across upfront. Let's start with a brief history in gaming. I started playing UO right after Trammel was released. I enjoyed my time on Lake Superior until I found PvP and spent some time in Felucia. That was short lived as a friend of mine told me about Siege Perilous. I was a roleplayer and still enjoy a good RP session so I joined the Undead (UND). I loved it. We hung out with Shadowclan, were semi-allies, and just enjoyed the spirit of it. We hindered ourselves by usually not using mounts and fighting on foot. I hope some that read this are aware of SC and UND on Siege. This was back during like patch 1.6 era, though I did play with them for years before and after said patch. I quit UO shortly after Age of Shadows. I went by the name Magnus on Siege. The game second in my heart after UO was Shadowbane. Before release a friend of mine from UND, Nethru (Nethru, if you are out there somewhere, I miss you buddy!) and I started a really small guild named the Minions of Kharne and we subbed to a group, at the time, named Morlochs Horde. We were graciously given an aearly access pass by MH to try out the game a week or so before release and I remember playing an Irekei Mage that week. HOOKED I say! I took a week off work on release of Shadowbane, made a Shade Mage Assassin and we farmed all but non stop until we were able to buy a seed of life. There is some arguments I have heard over the years over which ToL was planted first between what was later known as Mordekessel or the Covenant of Swords ToL, but I was there for the planting of Mordekessel. I wish I still had the screenshots of it, but what feels like 7 computers later I do not have them anymore. If I recall CoS was ran by Herog and I remember running around with him and his guild on Siege a few times. His alliance on UO was... UDT or something having to do with the Undead, I am sure of it. Not UDL, ran around with them some as well. I went by the name Magnus, or my later persona Maktis (Irekei Mage Assassin when you could proc off of 44% throwing daggers without actually landing a hit on your target. Tried to make the name sound more Irekei, heh.) I played through the free to play servers with the damn PC advertisement when you opened the game, mostly solo at that point on a thief just trying to gib people. I think I quit a little bit before they shut down the servers for good. I have tried a few MMOs since, but I really liked the old school feel, no quests, just grind up levels and such. I played a Human Rogue to lvl 40 back in Burning Crusade in WoW and quit after I received my mount. Came back and played a Blood Elf Paladin to like lvl 80 or something in Cataclysm and quit. Never once did I play the end game raids and such. I am not a WoW hater, I just couldn't get into it. Played SWtOR for a while, Wildstar when it was released for a month or so. Nothing else that really stands out to me. OH! Guild Wars 2 for about a month. Nothing could really suck me in like UO and SB did. Here I will say that I am a soldier type. (Loved spec groups, so my 3rd archetype slot can be for a spec character if the alliance, or the game for that matters, allows such a strategy.) I can lead and enjoy it when I have the time but I am not really well known. I used to post on the forums but I wasn't a troll. That came to me later after SB in a browser game called Travian. I really came into my own there. Now it has been many years since I have played that game and just recently returned to those forums and it is dead, unfortunately. That "game" is where I am most known as I was regularly on top accounts and trolled the living gigi out of people. Some of the old timers, after not posting in over 2 years, celebrated my return to the forums. Some of my old alliance mates, as soon as they saw me post, sent me PMs begging me to come dual on their accounts but I turned them down as I do not have the time to commit to that game that it needs. I will not play on a subpar account! If anyone knows of Travian reading this post, you know the amount of time that game can demand. For those that don't, it is a empire sim game before empire sim games were a thing, it is quite old. And as I type this I just realized, Travian is providing servers for the Eu for Crowfall! Man, sometimes, my brain, I am telling you. I laughed when I read who was providing the EU servers. it is not a bad thing as Travian Games is not that bad of a company and I hope this partnership works out well. (I played mostly on US server 1.) Now for some Crowfall musings. I pledged Amber level support in the Kickstarter. I have been following the news of the game everyday. I am very anxious for this game, but in my old age (35) I have learned from getting TOO hyped. I have yet to actually log into the game and play yet, and that was mostly due to the old combat system, it had me worried. But I hear good things about the new combat. I am more the type to wait for a more fully formed game and try it out than I am a tester type. I have watched some videos about the crafting system and I enjoy some of hte highlight vids posted in this very thread of skirmishes. I would be very interested in running with the WBlades soon, if you would allow it. It may not be for sometime as I will explain in the hopefully short, section about myself. As for IN Crowfall, I have many years of VIP due to my early contributions so my 3 archetypes are NOT set in stone but I am looking to have either Knight or Templar as my first archetype in training, my second WILL BE a Myrmidon, because Minotaur and finally a Ranger or another stealth/explorer type character. My "main", for lack of a better term would be the Knight/Templar as I am a melee dps/tank type player. I am liking the Knight for his utility in a fight. I would not be seeking the killing blow but more chain pulling people back and soaking damage. However, I do like the Templars front line-ness. The Myrm for when we need more DPS in a larger scale battle and the Ranger as a semi-solo explorer type. Of course there are a few archetypes not released yet that I am anxiously awaiting and the 3rd spot is still open, just right now that is what is occupying it. (Or as stated above, a spec character.) I want to set up my general skills in resource gathering. I would like to focus on one, be it ores, gems, whatever that only spawn in the Dregs. Also, I want to play in the Dregs! I enjoy resource gathering and would like to set up weekly parties that venture forth and gather supplies for the guild. Since the Dregs has the rarest of the rare materials, if and when we win the rounds I want to be able to pull a lot of that resource out of the campaign, for the guild of course, and sell it on the market or whatever. Short, and hopefully final, paragraph about myself. I am 35, in my 3rd semester of online courses through our "local" community college studying Web Development and Design, and work just short of full time. I am a gamer and my steam list of games to play is like 30+ games. I am a chill dude, easy to get along with and always willing to offer a smile or a laugh. A months back at work, I work in a factory that makes empty caulk tubes for DAP, I lost my head because the damn printer was jamming and jamming and jamming. Now I take pride in my work, I have a very strong work ethic and I take pride in doing a job well, but I lose my mind sometimes because the machinery is from WW2 and it runs 24/7/365 and no one WORKS ON IT AND YOU CAN'T EXPECT..... but I digress, I lost it one day and I said to myself, it is not worth it mate, you are going to have a heart attack over this place and you are already working towards a better job by going to school. Since that day I have woken up with a smile and nothing can bring me down. Not even the recent elections and such. Life is a garden, dig it. My daughter recently moved in with me and she just started her first semester at the same community college. Life is awesome. So.... yeah, there you have it. I might have been able to go on fora little bit longer but I have to finish some school work here this morning. I hope to hear back from you all as WB is my first choice as I recognize so many names from SB and I want to be with my SB brothers and sisters. Adios!
  11. This game also has no NDA from Alpha 1 til release so do some research before you make your character on the live servers.
  12. I was big into WoT then heard Robert Jordan passed and was sad. I then looked into the guy who was to write the ending, Brandon Sanderson, and read the Mistborn trilogy. I immediately gobbled up every book he had written at the time. He is now my favorite author, currently reading Words of Radiance and never actually finished the WoT series. It's on my to do list, I promise!
  13. The only one I ever actually did myself was at one point you could kill yourself and never res, server restart and you had dupe items. I cant remember exactly how it was done off the top of my head but I think it involved putting your stuff in the bank then dying and leaving yourself dead, logged on til server restart....
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