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  1. It also has to do with the page ranking and fan involvement, which go into how much Facebook automatically suggests the page. If you have a bunch of people and none of them appear to give a poorly made socks about your page, you're going to see much growth of it organically.
  2. Very proud of the 4k posts are we? Also, you're supposed to be done with this conversation, remember?
  3. And no, Egypt, Pakistan, and India (where the votes were coming from) combined have 1.5 billion people vs. Europe+North America having 1.27 billion people. Even if they did have 6x more people, how is that relevant? Why would there be a significant source of votes from somewhere no one else had? Why does the source of those votes sync up with the votes that are very obviously botted?
  4. I like how you're wrong and shamelessly plugging at the same time. Flawless.
  5. I think you're missing the narrative I'm putting together. I'm suggesting that Mal cheated initially and this latest wave of like buying came from somewhere else. What Mal did would have been intelligent cheating. It wouldn't have single-handedly won her the contest, but was enough to make a difference without being insanely obvious. The vote buying that's coming now isn't stupid, it's just heavy handed. The objective is either forcing a disqualification or attempting to hide their own vote buying. They either bought votes for 3 people they wanted to see disqualified, or one of those 3 people bought votes for themselves and 2 other people who also had a chance to win. That or it's just complete non-sense trolling and someone just bought votes to custard with the integrity of the contest. Who knows? Either way, I'm not suggesting Mal bought herself up to 500 votes, nor do I think it horribly likely that either of the other 2 people who are up there did either. I do however think she bought votes initially given that of all the people with 75ish votes plus, she was the only one with 50+ likes from people in India/Pakistan who had a history of liking an insane variety of pages and products that seems indicative of a history of selling likes. Additionally, like I mentioned, one of the people who liked her photo literally had a page posted advertising a site that sold likes for specific images on Facebook. None of the other people at the same time had that same pattern of votes. There were some fakes spread across all the images, but most people had a majority representation of English speaking or European profiles. She was the only picture that had a large representation of Middle Eastern and India upvotes.
  6. what subreddit were they posted under? I haven't really seen any of the crowfall ones on major cosplay subreddits or the crowfall subreddit.
  7. And if I were in your position I'd probably insist upon that fact as well, whether I cheated or not. I don't really believe you, but that's pretty beside the point given no one here is making a decision. I sincerely hope the decision is just made to move into having the staff vote.
  8. I did speak up, I just didn't do so publicly. We're not the ones who can disqualify, what's the point? I'm only bringing it up now seeing as there's an active dialogue about it. The only reason I bring up Mal specifically is because she had the highest ratio of fakes to real likes that I saw.
  9. I am aware. However, she had many people from non-English speaking countries all like her vote very quickly after it was up. Obviously something like this is hard to prove, but this person had liked her 3 days ago, around the same time she posted, and their last account activity was a post advertising a vote buying service. Vote buying is pretty hard to prove, but I think that's pretty much as good as it would get.
  10. How? Mal has had pretty sketchy likes since the day her picture went up.
  11. I'm confused, do you think anonymous spamming is just part of a contest or are you just hoping for sarcasm to make your argument for you?
  12. I mean, I think I speak for most people when I say it's pretty obnoxious to spam out friend invites with the sole intention of just posting a "vote for me" on their wall. It's basically just spamming anonymously for votes.
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