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  1. One thing to note about flight and pvp: archers on the ground can simply shoot you down. Flight can help scouts explore and map out enemy territory, and vice versa, but the risk is very great and if a castle has a good amount of archers they can shoot down any flyers.
  2. I think tracking should not be so much a magical arrow as a system used similar to Zelda: The Twilight Princess. Like a glowing line that you follow, left behind by the player that you are tracking. So if someone set's up a bounty or something, then they must specify the last seen location of said player, and you can start tracking from there. However, tracking, much like in real life, becomes harder the longer the person tracked has been absent. The trail could fade, spot out, or completely vanish at points like rivers or patches of dense grass. Depending on how high your tracking level is, maybe you can track someone who's passed through the same place a you within the last hour, all the way to the last day. This would make things much more interesting pvp wise as you can make false trails and lead those chasing you into a potential ambush. This would also separate the good trackers from the bad -aka: those who follow a trail blindly, and those who remain aware of their own surroundings while tracking. It also makes a difference as to what race you are. If you were human, you'd track using sight, so the trail would be much more spotty (broken branches, trampled grass) and the animal-based races might be able to use scent as well to buff their tracking ability.
  3. Hi -uh- well I'm Keit (Pronounced: Kate) andI'mnewsodon'tkillmeeek and I happen to be a graphic design student in college at the moment. I play League of Legends mostly but I follow one of your guys's concept artists on Deviantart and have been peeking around at this game for a while. It reminds me so much of games i love, (RIP Kitsu Saga) and I have taken an immense interest in it, though as a student I currently don't exactly have much money to throw around heh... ^^' But I thought I might make some art just to show how much i hope this game goes out as well as spread some of my random ideas around. You might also see some of my writing around here too so.... Yeah. Great introductory post. *bolts* First time doing fur digitally and this guy is my current WIP who I've dubbed Illudes. He's based on a kind of creature i call a Quirrin (Keer-in) which has bird-like feet and feathers, but for a roleplay I am in i adapted him into an albino Felpuur (anthro cat race). I am currently training to draw in multiple styles but a lot of my work is going into logo design atm (save meeeee) but in my free time i explore my own style. Here's a couple finished ones where i was learning how to draw dragons: My fire dragon Feral from another roleplay. The spikes on the back of her head are actually quills ^^ And now for Kraeg -a big lummox of an earth dragon i had "fun" learning to draw cracked earthy-scales with: Clearly i need a butt-ton more practice but the style of the art done on this site reminded me of my own which made me happy and want to try drawing something for Crowfall. If I ever get the time ^^'
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