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  1. Hey and welcome to the forum! If you bought the "2017 Bronze Bundle" and activated your rewards then you should be allowed to play Crowfall! As I see on your forum title: Testers, it seems like you are allowed and ready to go. You can download Crowfall here: https://crowfall.com/en/client/ Following the page, you've to log in and it will also tell you if you're allowed to play the game (which you will be obviously). Just download the client, update it and we'll see you ingame! Wish you an awesome stay here with Crowfall and us peeps.
  2. A really loyal - fair and great publisher with an helpfully support, that's what I've experienced so far! However I'm not sure if they're able to handle a big community like Crowfall will have (if everything goes alright) but we'll find out. My feelings are great and I'm sure they picked the best choice and I wish Travian best of luck!! I'm sure they'll do a great job and I'm looking forward working together with them to make Crowfall awesome! Travian: loyal, fair, awesome, helpfully, and exciting prublisher with a lot of communication between devs/pub and the playerbase.
  3. Hey there! As you can see on the following picture: Invitations will be sent to backers with the Pre-Alpha, Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 Rewards! This means, as I've understood, all backers with those rewards, starting from Pre-Alpha to Alpha 2 will be able to join the next combat test. Where you can find out the pledge which you need: https://backers.crowfall.com/#/pledge To get into the combat test, you need at least the Crowfall Collector's Edition or the 2015 (Kickstarter) Gold Bundle. You can find out your current status in which beta/alpha queue you are in, at your "Account Detai
  4. The new Crowfall website looks god damnit amazing. Who ever made it, he did a great job! I love it! It also looks inviting, friendly and welcome which is perfect to gather new awesome players. The artworks are simple amazing, as usually, awesome! Keep up the great work and news ACE!
  5. I totally agree with you guys here, I also love the idea and I hope we'll be able to decorate our Eternal Kingdoms. It would be super neat for the playerbase since you can make a lot of these things obtainable through the content but ACE can also sell some stuff on the shop. It would be a sweet addition for Crowfall.
  6. Thanks for the heads up guys, greatly appreciate it and a typical great Q&A! Keep up the good work!
  7. Sick video, really enjoyable to watch! Thanks for sharing it!
  8. Well, as far as I'm aware of, there will be a new Pre-Alpha Combat test again so you might see some super smart new gameplay videos, made by the community soon!
  9. Totally agree with you! I would donate ACE much more money but to be honest I can't find anything which is worth to buy yet. I would like to buy some "cosmetic" stuff like unique weapon skin/armor and all those other great ideas which are flying around! ACE make it happen, please!
  10. Vielen lieben Dank, dass du dieses Video mit uns teilst, da wir sehr viele Informationen raushören können.
  11. They've never seen other publisher like GamersFirst then who doesn't tell any news, information or updates for months, ACE is doing an absolutely amazing job and I hope they're going ahead like this!
  12. Kann ich nur zustimmen mit Halbblut-Assassine, finde der Name ist besser zugeschnitten auf Crowfall.
  13. Most important aspect for a great MMORPG are: Atmosphere Combat System Landscape I want to feel welcome also I would like to spend a lot of time in the game and I'm sure I'll do that when these points aren't missing. Looking forward to find it out on my adventure!
  14. Oh my god damnit god, how cute is that please!!
  15. Nur her damit, kann es kaum mehr abwarten!
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