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  1. I hope that VIP subscribers will also get a certain amount of crowns each time their wallet is tapped. At least the 500 crown amount. not demanding it. Would be nice though.
  2. Knowing me I'll still build the shop and vendor bc I think they would look cool in my EKs, but...yea.
  3. Oh, no you guys are fine. You don't have a big enough team to fulfill everything that is needed in so short a time. You guys are doing an amazing job with the size of team that you have. I just feel without the ability to keep EKs open, you guys won't get proper feedback on how the vendors are performing. And it kind of discourages me now of trying to set up a shop now that I know for the time being I am going to have to sit staring blankly at the spawn point for people to shop anyway. So it does sound like a waste of resources and money.
  4. Ah ok. I always imagined ACE would let us craft personal storage chests. Like what they have currently in the campaigns.
  5. Why would anyone use Vendors as personal storage? You are charged for every single item you put in there, unless your talking about crafting thralls then I am not sure about that. but shop vendors? No way I would use it for that!
  6. Does anyone know if, once we install our shop and vendors (since they will be needing to deduct currency in the background) that our EKs would remain online so they can function? I know that they said they didn't anticipate every EK needing to remain online so they currently have them shut down when no one is on it to save server space and cost, and not every Ek would need to be online since a lot of other people just use their friends EK's. Just wondering how they will handle this. Idk.
  7. Hopefully when vendors are set in EK's, they will allow our EK's to remain online so that you guys can drop by when I am offline. In fact, when I get my friends and other crafters to come in and place their shops in there, I may change the name of the EK to Mezcons Marketplace. Will see.
  8. **Under Contruction** Are you a fighter or harvester who needs the best Buff giving Potions? Or a Necromancer seeking the perfect Philosophers stone? Look no further than Mezcons Apothecary! Since Alchemy is still in its early days, I am still currently limited to the Pre-Alpha recipes. But as soon as Artcraft fleshes out the profession completely, then my shop will be in full swing! And as soon as vendors are added to the game, which was just announced, ill have the shop set up as soon as I can. Directions: The name of this thread is the same as my EK. Go to the list of available EK's. That is where you will find mine. Once you create your avatar, you will see a cottage in the distance. That is where the shop will be. Along with any other guildmates/merchants that agree to set up shop there. (Eventually)
  9. Massive Reveal Question: Because of the shift from Archetypes to Race/Class system, will the points we invested in those Archetype skill trees be returned to us so that we can put those points into the new Race/Class Skill Trees? Or will we just start from scratch again?
  10. I am also looking forward to seeing what Herbology will be like in the game.
  11. I think this should be an arm of the blacksmith tree. I know my friend, who wants to be my armor smith, wants to be an active part of keeping my gear repaired. And I agree that durability is a separate thing. eventually, your stuff falls apart with age. I get that. I think it would be cool if, for instance, your blacksmith could sharpen your sword, adding a damage buff to your sword for a certain amount of hits. Eventually, that blade will dull, and I would have to go back to that blacksmith to have it sharpened again for a fee.
  12. Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge. In the next playtest, I am going to try and again attempt with a friend to hack at a Motherlode to get the materials for the solutions that you mentioned Gradishar. Last time me and my friend tried getting at Mother lodes, it bugged out and didn't give us anything at all. So hopefully by the live version, they will have fixed this annoying bug. I really want to get a feel for making Philosophers stones as that will be a HUGE, and key part of Alchemy. Its interesting that you said that the Harvesting and crafting potions might not make it to the live game. I hope you mean, the potions as they are now. I hope that in the live version, since its still a few months out, that by then Alchemy will be more fleshed out, and we can start getting green, blue, purple, and orange quality potions and components, that we can get the same kind of potions. I am definitely excited to see where ACE wants to take Alchemy!! I was grinding out potions in Skyrim, and I couldn't help but daydream of what its going to be like...
  13. Hello my fellow Crows. I have always loved being an Alchemist in other games, and I cannot wait to be one in Crowfall, providing this great community with every thing they need to succeed in campaigns where what I create , like in SWG, actually matters, and that we all have a chance to become famous on our servers for what we provide! . In this thread, us Alchemy geeks can share information about what we know, and a space where we can freely theory craft about what we want to have. Is it just me, or are some Alchemical ingredients just plain missing from the game? I grounded a few materials the other night, and I just could not find some of these components. like Water flasks. I also noticed that right now, no matter what material you use, the potions come out the same with no difference in potency. So a fair warning to my fellow Alchemists, Do NOT use Blue, purple or higher quality materials for potions yet. You will WASTE them, so use it on something else right now and just spam harvest Slag.
  14. To answer your question if Alchemy will have a factory, that is a YES. Its the Alchemy Crafting Station. And you can appoint a thrall there to empower that process.
  15. Sort of. I mean, I don't really mind it, but it would be nice to only press it once, and have the avatar automatically keep harvesting with a channel mechanic. The only thing is that you can harvest only if you have the stamina. once you run out of Stamina, you can't harvest. So, when mining gold and slate, it takes three times as long because my stamina runs out so much. So idk how they would do it if you didn't have to press down F.
  16. Ok dude, what the hell. We are not wanting to "dictate" to others on how we want harvesting to be. This is an IDEA thread. Were just putting out what we think would be fun. So chill.
  17. Idk about Fire resistance, but I certainly see them putting in potions that act like Stims from SWTOR. Like stim potions for Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Spirit, and Intelligence. (I plan on being an Alchemist at Launch, so if you come across a vendor that says Mezotia Potions Shop, that would be me. stop by and check out my stock! ^_^)
  18. These are all fantastic ideas! And I can definitely envision a survey system being in the game, just like you had in SWG. It would make exploration more fun, because you have to uncover fog of war anyway. This would give explorers real importance to who can get to the good stuff first. I think every one can understand that what we have right now is just bare bones. I think ACE is more focused on the meat of Combat still, and what we have now is just the basic concept of crafting and harvesting, but I think overtime, when ACE feels that combat is where they want it to be, then they will focus on the rest of it. I mean, we have guys from both teams of Shadowbane and SWG. I think we can expect something amazing from them. I know they are trying to not disappoint. So, lets give them time and be patient. But your right, as it stands, just going up to nodes and bashing them with the tools like in WoW is extremely boring! The only fun part is seeing blue and purple materials pop out of the air at the last crit hit.
  19. Ya, that would be interesting. Extra abilities. Kind of like Engineering in WoW when you were able to toss dynamite that would explode in an area. Gosh, that kind of takes me back to playing as an alchemist in Pathfinder RPG. I loved making potions, and then throwing them in monsters faces. haha. XD
  20. So far, here is the list of potions you can make as of 3/5/2017, and its not much. this is bare bones. And most of the alchemy components are not even in the game yet, so ya. Here is what you can make as of yet: Harvesting potions: Beneficial harvest potion, Mother lode potion, critical chance potion, critical amount potion, dust locater potion, Plentiful harvest potion. Crafting Potions: Crafting Assembly - All potion, experiment points potion, Experiment amount potion. Other potions: Out of combat Healing potion. Imagine what other types of potions you could create in crowfall. How about stamina regen potions, and damage buff potions and mana regen potions and the like. a lot of potential with Alchemy!
  21. They uploaded an article about her yesterday. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product with her basic ability tray!
  22. I thought I replied to this thread....I like the idea!
  23. I like the idea. It could be similar to the druid, where you use your lute our drums to damage opponents, give them DoTs, debuffs, and all the rest, and then turn that around and use the same instruments for healing your teammates. I always liked the bard concept. I played one in a few Pathfinder RPG sessions.
  24. Ya ok, so I am not crazy! lol. There could certainly be some tweaks made to it. I agree, and that is something that I have started to do, is try to knock them down first and then put out Divine light. The animation sort of keeps me stuck there for a few seconds so, that helps with that.
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